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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 29 Recap

Although Yang Huini is ill, she knows all about the wine that Uncle Yao hides at home. Uncle Yao sometimes thinks that Yang Huini is not ill. Liu Shilan went to see Huang Lizhen, and tried to persuade Huang Lizhen with Uncle Yao’s experience of going to the hospital in the city. Huang Lizhen was also persuaded by her and asked Liu Shilan to tell herself carefully about the new rural cooperative medical system.

When Liu Shilan came back from get off work and saw her mother was cooking for herself, she quickly took the kitchen knife far away for fear of her mother’s bump. She bought a smart bracelet for her mother, which can monitor blood pressure and heart rate at any time, and Yang Huini obediently asked her daughter to wear the bracelet for herself.

Yang Huini made a worksheet for herself. The third is to let her daughter fall in love quickly. As soon as Liu Shilan heard the words of love, she took the notebook over. She didn’t have time to fall in love. Yang Huini’s starting point is good, but Liu Shilan is not eager to fall in love and get married. Haiyang went to talk about the blueberry remedy, and reminded Liu Shilan to remember to discuss with herself about the Yunshang Village Doctor pilot. This can obviously be said on WeChat or the phone. Haiyang has to come over, and Yang Huini can see it at a glance. His thoughts about his daughter made Haiyang come to the house for dinner at night.

Before eating, Yang Huini said that she would report to Haiyang and entrust Liu Shilan to him by the way. Liu Shilan felt very embarrassed, and Haiyang also understood what Yang Huini meant, and felt very embarrassed. The next day, Haiyang ran in the morning as usual. He saw a fire in the villager’s home. He rushed in with water to fight the fire at all costs. As a result, he fainted in the house and was carried to the health clinic.

Liu Shilan gave him an emergency rescue, and for a while, she didn’t care about the differences between men and women. She immediately gave Haiyang artificial respiration, and Haiyang quickly resumed his spontaneous breathing. While taking care of Haiyang, Liu Shilan told him to put his life first and leave the fire fighting to professional people.

Yang Huini quickly heard that Brother Zhu said that Liu Shilan was kissing Haiyang in full view. Liu Shilan said that it was artificial respiration, and Yang Huini suddenly realized. That night, Haiyang came to Liu Shilan. In addition to thanking her for saving himself, he also said that he was responsible to Liu Shilan. Liu Shilan felt whether he had burned his brain today. Haiyang couldn’t make sense with her, so he chatted with Yang Huini.

The two of them talked about secrets behind their backs, which made Liu Shilan very upset, and pulled her mother away under the pretext of taking medicine. Feifei hesitated in front of the health clinic. Liu Shilan asked her what was wrong. Feifei bluntly said that Huang Lizhen had lost a lot of weight recently and had lumps in her breasts.

After that, Yang Huini and Liu Shilan came to persuade Huang Lizhen to go to the hospital for an examination. She assured them that they would go to the hospital. In the evening Liu Shilan washed her mother’s feet, and her mother couldn’t help but talk about her childhood. Now her only wish is that Liu Shilan can find someone she loves.

Haiyang has a stupid energy. Seeing that her mother was about to talk about love again, Liu Shilan quickly changed the subject. After the busy days, Liu Shilan would still take time to take her mother to the city hospital for review. Grandma Wang had a cough for several days. She went to the health clinic to see Liu Shilan. Liu Shilan only knew that it was not a simple pharyngitis or an upper respiratory tract infection.

Liu Shilan took Grandma Wang to the hospital for an X-ray examination and brought her mother back by the way. She transferred Grandma Wang’s granddaughter to Haiyang to take care of her, and Haiyang took care of the children while working. Grandma Wang’s test result was inactive tuberculosis, not a serious disease, so she reassures Grandma Wang not to worry too much. Shi Lan went to pick up her mother. Her mother’s condition got worse, and she no longer remembered Shi Lan.

As soon as he returned to the village, Haiyang took the child and hurriedly said that the child had a fever. Yang Huini recognized the child as Shi Lan when she was a child, and her expression was very nervous. Shi Lan treated the child to a doctor. Haiyang pulled the old lady out at Shi Lan’s sign. He chatted with Yang Huini, and unexpectedly learned that Shi Lan was adopted by Yang Huini.

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