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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 28 Recap

When Shi Lan went to work in the hospital, Xiao Yu asked a few words about Yang Huini. Yang Huini remembered to send her daughter a WeChat message to inform her of her situation. Shi Lan was relieved after seeing the information and called her mother, but Yang Huini did not answer, Shi Lan couldn’t help but worry again.

Yang Huini cleaned up the house, took the rubbish to throw away, did not go out with her mobile phone. Shi Lan made a lot of calls to her mother, and they showed that no one answered them. Liu Shilan was very worried. At this moment, after Yang Huini went downstairs, she didn’t know where the trash was thrown, and in a blink of an eye she forgot which building her home was. She stood in the community and looked at a loss.

When night fell, Liu Shilan got off work. When she came back, she saw her mother sitting on the stairs. She tremblingly explained that she could not find a home. Shi Lan was very distressed, so why could she bear to blame her mother. That night, Shi Lan called the dean. Her future plans were adjusted because of her mother.

After many thoughts, she decided to resign and take her mother back to Gaoyao Village. The next day, Liu Shilan took her mother to the hospital for a review. The doctor said that Alzheimer’s disease is relatively small to the patient, but it is a difficult challenge for the people taking care of her. Shi Lan was already ready. On the same day, she took Uncle Yao and her mother back to Gaoyao Village.

Yang Huini felt that when she returned to the village, her breathing became much smoother. Liu Shilan told Haiyang that she was now an official village doctor in Gaoyao Village. Yang Huini learned that her daughter was going to be a village doctor in the village, and she refused to say anything. Haiyang persuaded the mother and daughter to stop arguing.

Liu Shilan and Haiyang put forward the idea of ​​Yunshang Village Doctor. They used Gaoyao Village as a pilot village. Generally speaking, they filed the villagers’ data, uploaded to the cloud, and established designated medical assistance with the Zhouli hospital. Haiyang also thought about this idea, and the two reached an agreement that one manages the village’s economy and the other manages the village’s health.

Liu Shilan handed over her formal transfer letter to Haiyang. After Haiyang left, Yang Huini said that she did not agree to her daughter’s return to the village to be a village doctor. Liu Shilan smiled and said that this was decided by the organization. Yang Huini tried hard to persuade that she offered Shi Lan to study so that she could go out of the mountains and realize her own greater value, to help more patients, not to make her come back to be a village doctor. Liu Shilan reasoned with her, and Yang Huini’s opposition was not as firm as before. The staff mismixed the fertilizer, which caused problems with the blueberries. The villagers sought Haiyang to ask for an explanation. Haiyang was said to be impulsive, and he ran to the field to pull out the blueberries.

Yang Huini bitterly persuaded the booing villagers, and then went to the field to stop Haiyang. Haiyang was moved by her and couldn’t help crying. Haiyang’s hand was injured when he was pulling blueberries. Liu Shilan applied medicine to Haiyang’s wounds, hoping that he would not take today’s matter to heart, and the villagers did not have any ill intentions.

She also sent Haiyang the food she cooked by herself. . The next day, Haiyang went to the health clinic. He said that there were still a few households in the village who had not paid for the new rural cooperative medical system. After Liu Shilan and Yang Huini were busy in the health clinic, they went to Huang Lizhen’s house to check on her mother-in-law and persuaded Huang Lizhen to pay. money.

Huang Lizhen felt that it was useless to pay the new rural cooperative medical system, and she refused to pay for anything, and even kicked the mother and daughter out of the house. Yang Huini was not angry either. Instead, she felt that Huang Lizhen was a big challenge for her daughter after she became a village doctor. Liu Shilan looked for time to bring Huang Lizhen information about the new rural cooperative medical system.

Faced with Huang Lizhen’s bitter sarcasm, Liu Shilan did not take it seriously. Yang Huini told her daughter of her first experience as a village doctor and hoped that she could also be a good village doctor. Sanitizing all the medical conditions of many villagers, Liu Shilan realized that being a village doctor is no easier than being an emergency doctor in a hospital. The mother and daughter went door-to-door to check the blood pressure of the villagers. Yang Huini poured out the wine in Uncle Yao’s house and did not allow Uncle Yao to drink any more.

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