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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 27 Recap

Liu Shilan’s advice to the village women was to go to the big hospital for a detailed examination, and the village women were very embarrassed. Tomorrow the city hospital will come to Gaoyao Village for a free consultation. Xiaoyu called Liu Shilan and told her to get all the equipment she could think of, because Gaoyao Village is really poor and white. After get off work that night, Liu Shilan went to Haiyang and offered to allocate funds to the clinic to buy a convenient B-ultrasound machine.

The village is currently working on a long-term economic plan, and funding is tight, but Haiyang still said he would think of a way. The next day, Haiyang took Liu Shilan to the village. They saw the blueberry plantation, as well as the planting medicines and golden pheasant breeding under the long-term economic development plan. Liu Shilan’s impression of Haiyang has changed a lot. He did not expect Haiyang to do so many practical things in Gaoyao Village.

As night fell, Haiyang and Liu Shilan looked at Gaoyao Village from the hillside. After the electricity was turned on, Gaoyao Village was brightly lit, with fireworks, and it was no longer the poor and deserted look in Liu Shilan’s memory. In the slow contact, Haiyang and Liu Shilan gradually got to know each other and talked about each other without hesitation. The next day, the city hospital came to a doctor for a free consultation.

Yang Huini went door-to-door to persuade the villagers to go to the square for an inspection. Liu Shilan persuaded the women in the village to go for an inspection, but they all thought that the gynecological inspection was embarrassing and refused to do it. Liu Shilan and Zhang Zhenning did their own work and taught the women to check on their own. Grandma Long was in a bad condition, and Liu Shilan decided to call an ambulance to send Grandma Long to the hospital for treatment.

That night, Yang Huini learned that Liu Shilan had sent Grandma Long to the hospital without her consent, and had an angry quarrel with her daughter. She went to the hospital to see Grandma Long when she came back, and was angry with Liu Shilan, but the mother and daughter did not speak. Grandma Long woke up, and she kept stressing with Yang Huini that she wanted to go home. Yang Huini went home to boil chicken soup for Grandma Long to prepare to deliver it.

Liu Shilan received a call and learned that Grandma Long had passed away. She told her mother the bad news, and Yang Huini instantly blushed her eyes. Later, Director Wang told Shi Lan that when Yang Huini wanted to go to the health school, her family did not agree. Grandma Long persuaded her family and led the villagers to donate money from the health school to Yang Huini. This gave the village a good place like Yang Huini. Doctors.

Liu Shilan didn’t think she was wrong to send Grandma Long to the hospital. She told her mother that she just wanted to treat the illness and save people. Yang Huini didn’t accept her daughter’s grand truth, and Liu Shilan didn’t know the favor she insisted on. The mother and daughter were making a lot of trouble, and Liu Shilan immediately went home to pack up and prepare to return to the provincial capital. Yang Huini found out that teacher Li in the kindergarten passed out with a high fever, Haiyang helped her to the clinic.

After Teacher Li’s fever subsided, Haiyang persuaded Yang Huini and Liu Shilan to return to the provincial capital, but Yang Huini did not make a statement. After persuading to no avail, Haiyang called Liu Shilan. He said that Grandma Long’s wish was to die at home. Liu Shilan finally understood why her mother said she didn’t understand the village and the human relationship.

Yang Huini’s condition became more serious. She passed out while working in the clinic. Liu Shilan and Haiyang immediately called an ambulance to take Yang Huini to the hospital. After the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, Yang Huini’s condition has developed to the middle stage. With the further development of this condition, Yang Huini’s brain will be damaged. The doctor advised Liu Shilan to ensure that the patient lives in a safe place, stay away from sharp weapons, and avoid bumps. Liu Shilan took her mother home and made a detailed schedule for her. She went to work only after a thousand warnings.

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