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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 25 Recap

Mu Qing was angry for Ou Kexin secretly kissing herself. Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing if there was someone in his heart. Mu Qing did not want to answer and left angrily. Afterwards, Ou Kexin murmured to herself that if she was still Rong Yu, then she should be able to kiss Mu Qing.

Late at night, Zheng Ke was still working in the police station. Glory noticed that Zheng Ke’s condition was not right. After Zheng Ke left, Glory discovered that Zheng Ke had searched the web for information on finding the source of the kidney. The next day, Glory took all the members of Team 84 to the hospital to visit Zheng Yixiao. They played with Zheng Yixiao happily.

Glory they raised a sum of money for Zheng Ke, and Li Yimeng also entrusted his father to help find the source of the kidneys across the country. Zheng Ke is very grateful for the actions of the 84 group. But at the same time, the hand of the glasses came down to the hospital to buy Zheng Yixiao’s case from the nurse. He also sent photos of 84 members playing with Zheng Yixiao to the glasses.

Tie Guanyin told Mr. Ou that Mu Qing and Ou Kexin had reunited, but Mr. Ou thought Huang Boyuan was pretty good, and he asked Tie Guanyin to invite Huang Boyuan to the house for dinner. Tie Guanyin reminded Huang Boyuan to behave well, but Huang Boyuan was still worried about Mu Qing’s problem, and Tie Guanyin said that Mu Qing would leave it to her to deal with.

Mr. Ou invited Huang Boyuan to eat at home. Although Ou Kexin showed that he did not like Huang Boyuan very much, Mr. Ou insisted on staying with Huang Boyuan for dinner. Mr. Ou has been matching Ou Kexin and Huang Boyuan, but Ou Kexin was very disgusted. She got up and left. Mr. Ou asked Kexin to lock up the glasses, but Ou Kexin said that this was not France and left with determination. Although Huang Boyuan looked embarrassed, he still told Mr. Ou that he liked Kexin’s character very much.

On the other hand, Tie Guanyin told Mu Qing that Mr. Ou wanted a son-in-law with an innocent family, so Mu Qing and Ou Kexin were not suitable at all, but Mu Qing said that Huang Boyuan was not necessarily innocent, and he also hinted that Tie Guanyin used less. Trick, don’t be fat in one bite. Tie Guanyin said angrily that Mu Qing should not mix things up.

Mu Qing said that he had already investigated Huang Baiyuan, including the jute grass that was covered five years ago. Mu Qing told Tie Guanyin that Kexin was the girl he liked, and if Tie Guanyin insisted on pushing Kexin to others, he would not be polite to Tie Guanyin. Ou Kexin said that it was dangerous for Mu Qing to have a direct showdown with Tie Guanyin, but Mu Qing said that Tie Guanyin would soon not be their stumbling block.

In the police station, Liu Bureau told Glory that for Tieguanyin and Oniontou, no matter which one is played first, the other will be in position. The police decided to arrest Latte Guanyin first and broke the blood pump of Group K. Liu Ju told Mu Qing to start the action, and Mu Qing immediately called Li Ruosheng to start the layout. Mr. Ou’s family has all the information of 84 members, and the glasses indicate that Zheng Ke has arranged it.

Tie Guanyin received an order for 300 pieces on the dark web, and she asked Linda to go out to verify the authenticity. After that, Linda received the full payment from the other party and said that there was no problem with the funds. But the person who gave Linda the money was the one arranged by Li Ruosheng. Tie Guanyin asked his men to increase the production of drugs and said that he would find a way to solve the problem of drug raw materials.

Tie Guanyin called Onion Tou to buy raw materials for drugs. Li Ruosheng wondered why Tieguanyin didn’t use Huang Baiyuan’s raw materials. The onion said that once Tieguanyin used Huang’s raw materials, Tieguanyin’s backwaters were solidified. In the evening, Onion Tou transported his real raw materials away, and he put a pile of fake materials in the warehouse and set them on fire. Later, he sent Tie Guanyin a video of the fake fire, and said that he could not help Tie Guanyin now. Helpless Tieguanyin asked Mu Qing to help him, and Mu Qing pretended to agree.

Li Ruosheng was staring at the real raw material of the onion. At this time, Mu Qing came. Together, they intercepted the real onion, and Mu Qing secretly installed the locator on the raw material truck when everyone was not paying attention. After everything was done, Mu Qing told Tie Guanyin’s people to get the raw materials. Tieguanyin sent Linda to fetch the fodder. After Linda checked the fodder, she transported the fodder away.

The police have been monitoring the direction of the locator, and they finally found Tieguanyin’s drug manufacturing factory. Subsequently, the police launched a thunder operation and fought fiercely with the people in the drug factory.

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