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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 20 Recap

At the beginning of the game, online nursery rhymes have been targeted by the DQ team, but the excessive catching one way means that the other roads will not have much advantage. The smooth development of Lu Sicheng relied on super high technology to sign on the base. Four kills, in the end, the ZGDX team advanced all the way and won.

After the game, the nursery rhyme who was calling outside was stopped by Xu Tailun. After the unhelpful nursery rhyme bit Xu Tailun, he left quickly. Before the next game started, Lu Sicheng noticed that there was something wrong with the nursery rhyme and Xu Tailun, perhaps because of jealousy. Lu Sicheng coldly questioned the nursery rhyme.

At the beginning of the game, Xu Tailun continued to target the mid lane. Lu Sicheng in the bottom lane also discovered the situation. He caught Xu Tailun who was against the wild in the wild area. Not long after that, Lu Sicheng’s bottom lane combination continued to capture Xu Tailun’s intentions, and then he was arrested and killed Xu Tailun. .

Finally, the ZGDX team also successfully pushed to the high ground of the DQ.five team, but Lu Sicheng, who was in a bad mood, did not continue to push the tower, but chose to go to the spring to kill Xu Tailun. Xu Tailun, who was forced to be replaced, was extremely upset, but helpless.

The nursery rhyme after the victory pointed to Xu Tailun’s date in the interview. Lu Sicheng watched the nursery rhyme and Ma was about to say something wrong, and immediately guarded the nursery rhyme.

Back at the base, Lu Sicheng stopped the nursery rhymes. After learning of the causes and consequences, Lu Sicheng raised his hand to play nursery rhymes, but he simply frightened him. Then he shut the nursery rhymes behind the door and left. After coming in, Lu Sicheng warned everyone and went upstairs angry. At night, when the nursery rhymes were threatened to be sold out, Lu Sicheng finally put the nursery rhymes into the base. After the nursery rhyme confessed his mistake, Lu Sicheng finally agreed to the nursery rhyme to eat at the table. The group of ZGDX has become accustomed to the behavior of the two, smiling and not talking.

The next day, the nursery rhyme took the cat out, and at this time, Lu Sicheng didn’t know what he thought of, so he got up and left the sofa. After a while, Lu Sicheng, who was driving, caught up with the nursery rhyme. After sending the nursery rhyme to the pet shop, Lu Sicheng left. In the pet shop, the nursery rhyme saw the girl Xu Tailun took with him last time. The girl also recognized the nursery rhyme. After a brief exchange, the girl pretended to leave. Not long after, Lu Sicheng drove to the pet shop. When he saw the familiar kitten, Lu Sicheng asked briefly about the situation. Later, the girl who had just left came back and took the kitten away.

The nursery rhyme returned to the base opened Xu Tailun’s live broadcast again, and when he saw that Xu Tailun started to talk nonsense again, the nursery rhyme became so angry that he began to spit out loudly. The affected ZGDX people also turned their heads to look at the nursery rhyme. Listening to the nursery rhymes, Lu Sicheng began to defend himself a few words, then put his hand on the nursery rhymes and verbally hinted at the nursery rhymes, but the slow-reacting nursery rhymes did not react.

Lu Sicheng, who felt wanting to face, withdrew his hand and returned to an indifferent expression. The unfavorable Lu Sicheng walked to the refrigerator to drink water depressed.

After the episode, everyone at ZGDX discovered on the Internet that Xu Tailun was hit by a real hammer. The bad influence gradually affected Han Yuanda’s body, and a group of ZGDX began to discuss it. On the other side, Guoguo, who was packing up by himself, began to recall all kinds of things with Xu Tailun. On the Internet, Xu Tailun’s fans also criticized Guoguo. The discouraged Guoguo stopped thinking and left the house.

The nursery rhyme who came to the competition venue noticed that Guoguo was soaking in the rain by herself. Faced with Guoguo’s inquiry, the nursery rhyme gave a more neutral reply to Guoguo and gave the umbrella to Guoguo and left herself in the rain. Returning to the interview waiting room, Lu Sicheng saw the wet nursery rhyme and hurriedly handed over the towel, and at the same time simply asked the ins and outs of the matter. Faced with the perplexity and perplexity of the nursery rhymes, Lu Sicheng began to persuade patiently, and at the same time once again expressed his intentions to the nursery rhymes.

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