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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 16 Recap

After Lin Hao left, Zhao Xiaolei returned to the room. Xia Yan said to Zhao Xiaolei. Don’t help Lin Hao. If Liu Yiming went to find her to reconcile Zhao Xiaolei, would Zhao Xiaolei look back? Zhao Xiaolei apologized to Xia Yan. She just looked at the seniors’ pitifulness, and she also agreed to help Lin Hao for the last time. Xia Yan told Zhao Xiaolei not to apologize, they didn’t need to be so polite.

Huo Kai apologized to everyone after he came to the stage. The band members can’t go there anymore. Now he is the only one to perform for everyone, but many customers do not buy the bill and have to refund the tickets. At this time, Ma Xiangnan came on stage and picked up the drums and started banging. Ask Huo Kai to sing on stage.

After that, Huo Kai thanked Ma Xiangnan for his help and solved his urgent needs. Ma Xiangnan told Huo Kai that his father told her to learn it before. Huo Kai watched Ma Xiangnan play drums well and he could organize a band, but Ma Xiangnan learning drums was just a hobby. However, Huo Kai asked Ma Xiangnan to go to charity performances in the future, and they often performed in nursing homes. After Ma Xiangnan left, several band buddies told Huo Kai to chase Ma Xiangnan, but Huo Kai told them that he was not in love.

Mark went to the store to look for Han Shuang, and when he saw Han Shuang lying in bed while he was working, he quietly took out the phone to amplify the sound and woke her up. Mark felt that Han Shuang was too distracted, and he didn’t care about anything, but Han Shuang told Mark that he would like him if he adjusted Ma Xiangnan, and asked Mark to correct himself before talking.

Huo Kai went to Ma Xiangnan’s house to find her, thinking about making dumplings at her house. Ma Xiangnan told Huo Kai that she must keep her drumming a secret and not tell her mother.

A company is very optimistic about Han Shuang, even if she has already met her many unreasonable requests, Han Shuang has nothing to do this time, so she has to say that she doesn’t like their company, and then leaves. The people in the company think Han Shuang is too good, but the applicants say that Han Shuang is very good and can sell a lot of orders as long as he does it.

After Huo Kai had dinner at Ma Xiangnan’s house, Ma Xiangnan sent her out, thanking Huo Kai for helping him keep the secret of drumming. Before, my mother was excited as long as he heard Ma Xiangnan’s drumming, but Huo Kai felt that Ma Xiangnan’s attitude would have passed for many years. What changed, asked Ma Xiangnan to find an opportunity to talk to her mother about supporting her hobby.

Zhao Xiaojun went to Zhao Xiaolei and asked how Lin Hao was. Zhao Xiaolei told the senior Zhao Xiaojun that he was like a male god in the eyes of their students. Zhao Xiaolei said more and more vigorously, she respected Lin Hao very much. After that, Zhao Xiaojun hoped that Zhao Xiaolei could be with Lin Hao, and Lin Hao would develop very well in the future. When Zhao Xiaolei heard it, she told Zhao Xiaojun not to talk nonsense, she just respected the senior.

Xia Yan and Amy were picked up after a meeting. Xu Chengyi went to Xia Yan and Amy told him that he was picked up. Xu Chengyi thought it might be Lin Hao, but Xia Yan was picked up by Yan Changjun. Yan Changjun took Xia Yan away because he wanted to poach her to New Key Technology. The Heavenly Sword Xia Yan gave was very generous, but Xia Yan refused.

After Xia Yan went back to the company, Xu Chengyi was told by Xu Chengyi that Xu Chengyi was jealous to Xia Yan, but Xia Yan told Xu Chengyi that she was about to leave work and wanted to invite Xu Chengyi to dinner and talk about personal matters. During the meal, Xia Yan told Xu Chengyi that she had gone out to meet Yan Changjun. Xu Chengyi felt that Xia Yan should not go to see Yan Changjun.

It is inappropriate to see him about the planet of girlfriends. But Xia Yan told Xu Chengyi that Yan Changjun was looking for her at Xinyao Technology, which made Xu Chengyi angry enough. At this moment, Yan Changjun called Xia Yan. When Xu Chengyi saw that it was Yan Changjun, he took the phone and told Yan Changjun that the project would not be discussed for the time being. And Xia Yan will not go to their company. Yan Changjun asked Xu Chengyi if he liked Xia Yan, Xu Chengyi also admitted, this sentence choked Xia Yan, Xu Chengyi asked Yan Changjun not to disturb Xia Yan in the future.

After the two of them had eaten, Xu Chengyi drove Xia Yan home and gave Xia Yan a gift, which was Xia Yan’s bracelet. The reason why I kept the bracelet in the wine cabinet before was because Xu Chengyi would have power as long as he saw the bracelet, perhaps because Xia Yan’s smile was contagious, as long as Xu Chengyi saw the bracelet when it was difficult, he would have confidence.

Han Shuang asked Ma Xiangnan to tell Mark not to call her. They had agreed to skip the attendance check. Xia Yan felt that Mark must like Han Shuang, but Han Shuang asked Xia Yan to say that the relationship between her and Xu Chengyi It’s not already very ambiguous. I often think of Xu Chengyi driving her home. Han Shuang’s words made Xia Yan’s heart ripples. Thinking of what Xu Chengyi had said, it seemed that he really had ideas about himself.

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