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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 15 Recap

Xia Yan went to Mr. Yan and wanted him to participate in a golf competition. It would be a pity if a master like him didn’t go to the competition. But Mr. Yan told Xia Yan not to flatter, he was not Xu Chengyi’s kind of flattery guy. Xia Yan felt that Yan was always a master. She didn’t flatter her, and it would be a pity if Mr. Yang didn’t go. But Mr. Yan told Xia Yan not to waste his words, and went back and told Xu Chengyi that he wanted to cooperate and asked him to go to Mr. Yan.

After Xia Yan went home, she told her girlfriends that she knew that Xu Chengyi was a guy who didn’t make money, but now it looks like Mr. Yan is more difficult to deal with than Xu Chengyi. Xia Yan asked everyone to quickly give her attention to deal with Mr. Yan, only their company is the most suitable development for her current project. Ma Xiangnan felt that Mr. Yan and Xu Chengyi had a holiday before, so he still asked Xu Chengyi to go to Mr. Yan to solve it.

Xia Yan was always worried for Mr. Yan. Amy told Xia Yan to stop frowning and relax after playing with the phone for a while. I didn’t expect Xia Yan to pick up the phone and see the opportunity. Director Xue Xue Ning asked Xu Chengyi to replace Xia Yan to find Mr. Yan, but Xu Chengyi called Xue Ning and didn’t look for him because Mr. Yan and Xu Chengyi had a festival, even if she went there, but Xue Ning didn’t understand why Xu Chengyi was called. Xia Yan went, and Xu Chengyi told Xue Ning that it was just a chance for Xia Yan to exercise. Xue Ning knew that Xu Chengyi had issued a military order at the headquarters, not a joke. Is he thinking about putting his future on Xia Yan? Xu Chengyi acquiesced.

Xia Yan ran to Yan Changjun’s lecture, but the lecture had already begun. Xia Yan had to sneak to the back door to enter the scene. Just ten minutes before the lecture began, Xia Yan chased after Yan Changjun was about to go to the toilet. Go up and call Yan Changjun to listen to her project. Yan Changjun tells Xia Yan that Xu Chengyi had a partner called Ling Wei before.

Xia Yan no matter how many partners Xu Chengyi had before, he only cares about the things that can work with Yan Changjun. If the two of them can’t join forces, they will be given meals by foreign companies, but Yan Changjun told Xia Yan that omission is too common. Xu Chengyi had sold an app abroad before.

After Xia Yan knew what Yan Changjun was talking about, she went to check out Xu Chengyi’s purchase of software at night. When Xia Yan saw Xu Chengyi, she asked him why he wanted to sell the software, but Xia Yan felt that Xu Chengyi must not have sold it. It was sold by Ling Wei, which made Xu Chengyi feel that Xia Yan had really made progress and could not hide anything from her. Xia Yan felt that Xu Chengyi and Yan Changjun must have liked the same girl Lingwei before, but Xu Chengyi told Xia Yan to leave it alone.

Zhao Xiaojun went to Lin Hao and asked him if the company was in crisis. Lin Hao told Zhao Xiaojun not to worry. He would get the investment soon. He asked Zhao Xiaojun to do his business first. If Zhao Xiaojun wants to leave, he can do it at any time. But Zhao Xiaojun felt that Lin Hao would surely be able to escape the difficulties. If he couldn’t give up his thigh, he would just say that he believed Lin Hao and would always do things for Lin Hao.

Xu Chengyi went to Yan Changjun personally to clear up his suspicion. Yan Changjun and Xu Chengyi said that he had never regarded SG as an opponent. They were injured companies, and Xinyao Technology was just a humble company. Xu Chengyi heard that Newkey Technology was about to go public, and Yan Changjun told Xu Chengyi that it was just gossip. Yan Changjun felt that the reason they didn’t discuss the project with Xia Yan was that Xu Chengyi had no sincerity, otherwise they wouldn’t ask a newly hired Xia Yan to find him, at least it was an elite like Director Xue Xue Ning.

But Xu Chengyi told Yan Changjun that Xia Yan was very powerful, not what Yan Changjun saw, but Yan Changjun felt that Xu Chengyi must be interesting to Xia Yan, otherwise he would not treat Xia Yan like that. But Yan Changjun would not tell Xia Yan about Xu Chengyi and Lingwei. Xu Chengyi told Yan Changjun that his past events have no connection with the present. Yan Changjun felt that Xu Chengyi had not changed at all, but was not frank enough to cooperate with Xu Chengyi. Xu Chengyi told Yan Changjun that their cooperation would be on the agenda soon.

Zhao Xiaolei saw Lin Hao and wanted to give him some psychological comfort, telling him not to be discouraged when encountering problems. In her eyes, seniors are very good talents who can solve any problems. Lin Hao asked Zhao Xiaolei to go to Xia Yan to help him speak good things, people will make mistakes, but he really wants to repent and make peace with Xia Yan, Zhao Xiaolei promised Lin Hao would go to Xia Yan to talk.

Xu Chengyi and Xia Yan said that he and Yan Changjun had privately gambled with Xu Chengyi before. As long as whoever wins the game, they can associate with Lingwei. Afterwards, they both won the championship, so they both had the opportunity to chase Lingwei. But then Lingwei Wei chose Xu Chengyi, so Yan Changjun was separated from him. Later, Ling Wei went abroad.

The time Xu Chengyi met Xia Yan at the airport three years ago was to pick Ling Wei from the airport, but the people Xu Chengyi was waiting for did not go, and the people Xia Yan wanted to send did not return. Therefore, Xu Chengyi was very impressed with Xia Yan at the airport that day, and what made Xu Chengyi most memorable was the smile on Xia Yan’s face. Maybe Xu Chengyi met the right person at the wrong time. If he went to find Lingwei back then, the ending may be different now.

When Xia Yan went home, she saw candles in the room, and songs that the singer and Lin Hao both loved to listen to were also on the TV. Lin Hao walked out of the room and talked to Xia Yan about the songs they loved to listen to before, but Xia Yan told Lin Hao that they started with that song, took the remote control and turned off the TV and said that they would also go from there. Let’s end the song. Lin Hao told Xia Yan that he only had Xia Yan in his heart, and asked Xia Yan to give him a chance. However, Xia Yan told Lin Hao that she had framed her and Xu Chengyi without any evidence, and left without listening to Xia Yan’s explanation. Now that you are breaking up with Hao Jie, are you also deceiving Hao Jie’s feelings?

Xia Yan felt that Lin Hao and the senior he had met were really not alone anymore. Lin Hao was willing to support Xia Yan’s pursuit, but now Lin Hao couldn’t give Xia Yan what he wanted. Lin Hao was willing to change for Xia Yan, but he was unwilling to return the company Hao Jie gave to Hao Jie, so Xia Yan felt that Lin Hao still had no real repentance in his heart, and it would be impossible for them to reunite anymore.

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