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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 43 Recap

Bai Ju took away the memories after the ancient Jiuyou, and didn’t want the ancients to know the robbery of the chaos, and hoped that the ancients would live a safe life. On the other side of the palace, Wuhuan came to see Twilight. Twilight asked about the reason for the Killing God Flower. Wuhuan did not deny that the Killing God Flower was brought out from Jiuyou.

The reason she brought out the Killing God Flower She wanted to kill Apocalypse, and Yue Mi was indeed killed by her back then. She kept this secret for 60,000 years. Twilight was shocked by Wu Huan’s words. Wu Huan argued that she was the manslaughter Yuemi, not deliberately, and she has been provoking fairy-monster wars these years to protect this secret. The reason she didn’t tell Twilight I don’t want to get involved to Twilight.

The two married for 60,000 years. How could Twilight bear to see Wuhuan being punished, even if killing the gods is a big crime, but Twilight thinks that Wuhuan was not deliberate. I hope Wuhuan can have kind thoughts in his heart and reform. As everyone knows, Wu Huan didn’t have any regrets in her heart, she just wanted to continue to cultivate demon energy and become the master of the Three Realms.

Apocalypse came to see Bai Jue. Bai Jue informed Apocalypse about everything. The two took turns to act as a villain for the ancients. Now Bai Jue has trained into the power of Chaos. He believes that he is a mortal man. That’s why she was indifferent to Houchi, unwilling to give her extra hope. In addition, Bai Jue and Tianqi also knew about Wuhuan’s falling demon, but Wuhuan had been in the palace for 60,000 years. She had deep roots, and the two of them were unwilling to startling the grass and scaring snakes, and only secretly guarded against Wuhuan.

For the sake of Yuan Qi’s safety, Bai Ju asked Yuan Qi to stay in Qingchi Palace with Tian Qi. In a blink of an eye, a hundred years have passed. Apocalypse has grown into a little boy. After all, the children brought up by Apocalypse are more mischievous, and the ancient times have also regained. Yuan Qi dismantled several pieces of research.

After sixty thousand years, the ancient times came to life, but the memory stayed in Jiuyou. She asked Tianqi about Bai Jue. Tianqi lifted the chaos and told the ancient times that the God Realm was closed. He kept Yuemi and Gu. The death of Jun only means that they stayed in the gods to help Zhiyang take care of their affairs, while Yuan Qi was the child of Bai Jue and the Fanxian woman, but Bai Jue abandoned the child and married Wu Huan’s daughter Jing Zhao. . Everything changed so quickly that the ancients were at a loss.

Yuan Qi negotiated with Tian Qi for a weapon, Tian Qi spoiled Yuan Qi, but did not agree to him on this matter, can only say that for a few years, Yuan Qi will have a unique magic weapon that belongs to him, making everyone jealous. This made Yuan Qi coax happy. Seeing Yuan Qi’s greedy appearance, Tian Qi also got up helplessly, ready to make candied haws for Yuan Qi.

Wuhuan has been absorbing evil spirits for a hundred years, and her magic power has increased a lot. Fengnu still collects evil spirits for Wuhuan. It’s only a hundred years since many young phoenixes of the Feng clan descended from their shells. Fengnu wanted to return to Wutong forest to cook and rebuild Feng. Regarding the family matter, although Wu Huan promised the Phoenix girl, she invaded her body when she was unprepared. Everyone who fell into a demon, regardless of life or death, was ordered by her.

It’s been some time since the ancients woke up, and she wanted to see Bai Jue. On this day, she reached a consensus with the ghost spirit Yuan Qi. The two explored the realm of the sky in the middle of the night. Yuan Qi hid his chaotic power according to the instructions of the sky. , The ancients brought Yuan Qi to come to peep Bai Jue.

When the two were peeping at Bai Jue’s bath from the eaves, Yuan Qi deliberately pushed the antiquity in front of Bai Jue. They met at the end of 60,000 years, but they revealed their sense of life. After coming out of the bath, the ancients asked about Yuan Qi. Bai Jue only disregarded Yuan Qizuo’s appearance, which caused the ancients to be quite dissatisfied.

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