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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 42 Recap

Tianqi returned to the demon world holding the unconscious Houchi, and asked Zihan to go to find Fengran. After Houchi woke up, she felt that the child in her belly was about to come to the world. She entrusted the child to Tianqi. Tianqi wanted to save Houchi. He used Ziyue on Houchi. For a while, she had consumed too much divine power. hair.

In the Raksha realm, the people of the demon race were all reduced in their cultivation base because of Ziyue’s harvest. At this time, Jingyang also brought heavy soldiers to the Raksha realm. Sen Yu and Chang Qin were not able to defend Raksha, but Sen Yu stepped forward to block Jing Yang and let Chang Qin leave first. Chang Qin refused to leave Sen Yu, and only blew the demon pill to protect Sen Yu and the soldiers of the demon clan. At this moment, Jing Jian came to stop Jing Yang, he frankly said that he beat the bell and drum, only let Jing Yang retreat, don’t force him to attack Jing Yang.

Wu Huan returned to the hall and lost her temper. She became increasingly unable to control her magical powers, and even more hated Twilight for benevolence and morality. Now that the ancients have not fully awakened, and the power of the true god of the apocalypse has not been restored, she decided to take this time to kill the two. The vitality in the demon world was greatly injured, and Sen Jian died because of Ziyue’s sudden withdrawal.

Sen Yu attributed all his faults to Tian Qi, and wanted to reverse Tian Qi. Chang Qin hopes that Mori Yu will be calm. Apocalypse is the foundation of the demon clan. If they fight in the same room here, they will be taken advantage of by the immortal clan. Xiao Li encourages Sen Yu to turn against the apocalypse, she provokes the divorce, Sen Yu listens to Xiao Li’s words, ignore Chang Qin’s persuasion, angrily comes to Ziyuequan.

Zihan stayed outside Ziyuequan. He learned that Sen Jian had died because of the loss of Ziyue’s power. He thought that there must be something strange, and that Apocalypse would give everyone an explanation in the future. All the demons had loosened their expressions, Xiao Li once again provoked the discord, Zi Han was angry and confronted Xiao Li, Sen Yu therefore led the crowd to desire apocalypse and seize Ziyue.

When Houchi woke up, she gave the child to Tianqi. Tianqi named the child Yuanqi. Looking at the child in front of him, Houchi only said that if the child in the future asked about his biological parents, he would say that his father was Junqing Beihai.

Mu, sticks to his love and justice all his life, his mother Houchi is happy all his life, has three or five confidant friends, is favored by God the Father and her husband, and has a carefree life. When the words fell, the origin of Houchi gradually dissipated. She knew that she was about to cease to exist and could be the awakened body of the ancients. Although she had grievances, she also felt that Sansheng was fortunate to live up to the gods whom Gu Jun fought for her The name.

Zihan guarantees with the strength of his own origin that the Apocalypse will be able to restore the cultivation of the demons within a hundred years, and everyone is willing to give up. Unexpectedly, Jing Yang came to the demon world at this time. He was originally a fairy prince and didn’t need to put it in Jue Li, but Jing Yang had the Demon Clan’s Demon Flower in his hands.

Killing the God Flower greatly hurt the people of the Yao Clan, and Xiao Li was injured by the killing of the God Flower. Sen Yu wanted to take the inner alchemy to save Xiao Li, but Xiao Li died first. At this moment, Tianqi went out to protect the monster clan, only he could defeat the monster clan, and there was no way for others. As soon as Tianqi rescued Houchi, his divine power was empty.

Seeing that Tianqi couldn’t stop the Killing Flower, Bai Jun arrived in time and saved the Yaozu. Although the Yaozu was rescued, Zihan was poisoned too deeply. He lived a short time ago, but in his heart he was deeply worried that Tianqi would not be taken care of in the future, and asked Tianqi to complete the hundred-year agreement he had just made for him. It was Yuemi first, and Zihan now. Tianqi saw the death of his beloved one by one. He promised Zihan aloud that he would never act arrogantly in the future.

Feng Ran wanted to take Houchi away, but met Fengnv on the way. Seeing that Feng Nu was embarrassing the two of them, the three fire dragons came out to solve the two of them, saying that he is now loyal to Bai Jue, and this time it was Bai Jue who instructed him to come and relieve the siege. Feng Ran didn’t appreciate Bai Ju’s move, and only left with Houchi alone.

In the main hall, Bai Jue said that the demon clan will be subordinate to the realm of the sky in the future. He asked Twilight to help Mori to restore the demon clan’s strength for a hundred years. Twilight has no objection. Shocked, asked Jingyang where he came to kill the gods. The God Killing Flower in Jing Yang’s hand was obtained from Wu Huan. He wanted to confess Wu Huan, but Twilight deliberately hid it for Hu Wu Huan, begging Bai Jun not to kill Jing Yang. All the immortals pleaded for Jingyang’s help, and Bai Jue only fined Jingyang twenty sky thunders, and kept him in confinement for a hundred years.

In Qingchi Palace, Houchi fell into a deep sleep. Feng Ran wanted to know what Bai Jue’s words and deeds meant. The apocalypse only said that Bai Jue’s everything was also for the ancients. In the realm of the sky, Jing Zhao and Bai Jue confessed that she knew that Bai Jue’s promise of marriage was for the ancients or the back pond. She didn’t ask for anything else. She only wanted to show honor and honor. Seeing Jing Zhao frankly, Bai Jue also agreed to Jing Zhao, she only wanted Keeping his own peace, he will not drive the scenery out of the sky.

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