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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 41 Recap

Jing Jian told Feng Ran that he had known Feng Ran’s life experience as early as in Wutong Forest. He thought he was far enough away from Feng Ran and Wu Huan would not harm Feng Ran, but now he only regrets not telling Twilight earlier. Seeing that Feng Ran couldn’t support it anymore, Jing Jian only tried his best to break the Hunyuan formation and hugged Feng Ran tightly. Feng Ran stayed in Hunyuan’s formation for too long. Even though she was out of Hunyuan’s formation, she couldn’t hold it anymore.

When Houchi came to the realm of the sky, he saw fireflies in the sky surrounding Bai Jue. Bai Jue knew that Houchi had come, and only secretly passed a message to the ancient monarch. In the future of Gu Jun, Houchi has already arrived in front of Bai Jue. She wants to know if Qingmu is still there. Bai Jue said coldly to Houchi again. Jing Zhao also laughed.

Now Hochi can also taste the taste of being abandoned by her beloved. It is just right to marry a loved one. Listening to Jing Zhao’s beloved, Houchi only sneered. I was afraid that Jing Zhao didn’t love it at all, but didn’t want to lose to someone who could never win. Jing Zhao’s words angered Jing Zhao. Jing Zhao slapped Houchi with a slap.

Wuhuan shot Houchi even more. The hairpin of Houchi fell. Bai Yue remembered the past between Qingmu and Houchi. Wuhuan clung to the back pond, Bai Jue couldn’t see that the back pond suffered, but because of Wu Huan’s temptation, he could only bear it again and again. Fortunately, Gu Jun arrived in time. Gu Jun wanted to fight Wuhuan for the back pond. Jue stopped him and asked Gu Jun to take Houchi back to Qingchi Palace.

Hou Chi didn’t want to return to Qingchi Palace. She was married to Qing Mu at the beginning, but now Bai Jue wants to marry someone else, she wants to get a letter of divorce from Bai Jue’s hands. Bai Jue was unwilling to write the divorce letter, but had to write the divorce letter against his will for the sake of Houchi, and broke the relationship between him and Houchi. With this resignation, Houchi was also discouraged and decided to follow the ancient king back to Qingchi Palace.

The matter was over, but Wuhuan refused to give up. Tiangong heavily surrounded the back pond. Tianqi came to protect the back pond. He asked Bai Jue to cancel today’s marriage and reminded Wu Huan of Yuemi’s death. The accounts between Wuhuan will be calculated in the future. Today, Bai Ju marries Jing Zhao and humiliates Hou Chi. In the future, the ancients will not be able to forgive Bai Ju when they know this. Apocalypse will not see Hou Chi and the humiliation of the ancients.

Bai Jue wants to conceal the resurrection of the ancients, and only calls the Apocalypse nonsense. Hand in hand. Apocalypse has always turned the power of the original source into a purple moon for the people of the demon race to practice. If today Qi suddenly took back the purple moon, the training of the demon race was severely damaged, but the apocalypse did not care about other things, only annihilated the immortal family, for the ancients Win back face.

When the two met, Houchi stepped forward and stopped them, but Wuhuan secretly injured Houchi. She was injured so that Houchi’s spiritual veins were broken, and even the ancestor god was still alive. It would be difficult to reverse her life and death. Tianqi wanted to do everything possible to protect the back pond. Today, Wuhuan injured the back pond. If there is something good or bad in the back pond, he will wash the palace with blood and let Wuhuan pay for his life.

The ancient king knew that Houchi’s spiritual veins were now broken, and Tianqi could not save Houchi, so he told Houchi’s real life experience, how he knew how Jiaolong was the godfather of Houchi. After embracing Houchi, Gu Jun, in front of all the immortals and gods, performed the ritual of the true god kneeling before Houchi. On the day of the Chaos Tribulation, he received a trace of the original power of the ancients. He has spent thousands of years nourishing him.

Even Bai Ju didn’t know this. Today, he returned this original power and honor to the ancients, only to properly place his daughter Houchi and treat the children in his stomach after the ancients awakened. When the words fell, Gu Jun took out the original power in his body, and Hou Chi Shengsheng begged Gu Jun not to do this. She has no Qing Mu, and must not lose Gu Jun again, but Gu Jun insisted on saving Hou Chi and only took out the original source. The power fell in front of the back pond.

Gu Jun exchanged his life for the life of the back pond. The ancient chaos origin awakened. Bai Jue and Tianqi knew that the body of the back pond could not carry the origin of chaos, so she only forced her out of the origin of chaos. Houchi cried, she watched Bai Jue say every word, Bai Jue killed Qing Mu and Bai Xuan for her own benefit, even if Tiangong breaks her spiritual veins, she will definitely personally face all the hatred of the heavens. Jue recovered. She wanted to be only one woman, one wife, and one mother all her life, but she didn’t want Tiangong and Bai Jue to force her to this day.

Since the Three Realms didn’t allow her, she rebelled against these Three Realms. When the words fell, Houchi summoned the power of the source, she recalled the ancient emperor sword that originally belonged to her, and personally pierced the sword into Bai Jue’s body. When retrieving the ancient emperor sword, Hou Chi told Bai Jue that today’s grievances had been written off, and the two of them will have no bondage ever since.

Jing Jian knew that something was wrong in the sky, and he alone could not stop the heavy soldiers of the Heavenly Palace. He only came to the Raksha area to give a false military order to lead the heavy soldiers from the Heavenly Palace to the land of Rakshasa. Within the firmament, Wuhuan wanted to kill the back pond. Twilight stopped Wuhuan. At that moment, the drum of Rakshasa land was sounded. Twilight sent Jing Zhao to garrison at the Rakshasa site, and he also asked Wuhuan about it. Wu Huan didn’t explain much about Yuemi, and just broke up with Twilight.

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