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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 39 Recap

Tianqi told Hou Chi that Bai Jue had awakened, and the relationship between Houchi and Qingmu had no meaning to Bai Jue. Houchi didn’t believe Tianqi’s words, she always believed that Bai Jue was Qingmu. At this time Feng Ran had already woke up, and she also frankly told Hou Chi that Bai Jue was no longer the qingmu she used to be, and that she would end up in this look as bestowed by Bai Jue.

Bai Jue has now rebuilt the Changyuan Temple in the realm of the sky. He is called the Three Realms of the Imperial Order as the true god. Houchi came up with the enchantment and saw Bai Jue. Apocalypse blocked the latter. He repeatedly warned him that Bai Jue is not only Qingmu, I can’t even remember what happened between Qing Mu and her.

Qing Mu is just a trace of spiritual consciousness. The spiritual consciousness shattered by the power of the true god cannot even be rebuilt by the ancestor gods, and Qing Mu will never come back. Hou Chi was worried about Qing Mu. She didn’t believe what Tianqi said, and insisted on seeing Bai Jue. Apocalypse couldn’t, so he had to help Houchi out of the enchantment. He hoped that Houchi could accept the reality and bid farewell to Qingmu.

Wuhuan was completely reduced to a demon. She wanted to kill Bai Jue and Apocalypse and restore her name as a god, so she asked Fengnu to help her conceal the fall of the demon. After leaving Jiuyou, Jingyang came to pick Wuhuan back to Tiangong, and told Wuhuan about the Feng Clan’s accident and Bai Jue’s awakening. Wu Huan pretended not to know about this, she was delighted and decided to visit Bai Jue.

Now that Jing Zhao is serving around Bai Jue, Wu Huan came to visit Bai Jue. She first met with Jing Zhao. Seeing that Jing Zhao had different thoughts on Bai Jue, Wu Huan taught Jing Zhao so that Jing Zhao managed to win Bai Jue’s favor. Being a real heroine in the realm of the sky is the most beneficial to Jing Zhao. After this incident, Jing Zhao also understood the dignity of the true God, and even more admired Bai Jue.

Houchi came to the realm of the sky, and she heard a few Xian’e chewing their tongues and Bai Jue’s love for Jing Zhao, and she was full of taste in her heart. After standing up, Hou Chi found out that Bai Jue was in Taolin.

She came to look for Bai Jue. Looking at the man in black, Hou Chi couldn’t help but miss Qing Mu deeply. A hundred years later, Qing Mu was still there. Come and take her home. Later, Houji called Qingmu’s name to Bai Jue, trying to awaken Qingmu, but looking at Bai Jue’s cold expression, she realized that Qingmu could not come back, and Jing Zhao also ridiculed Houchi from the side. ,

Let Houchi know himself. The Houchi in front of him is very similar to the ancient times. Bai Jue speaks out but knows that she is not the ancient times. Seeing that Houchi has been asking for Qingmu’s spiritual knowledge, Bai Jue ordered a cloaked mound for Qingmu in the realm of North Sea. , But no one can trespass into the sky in the name of Qing Mu in the future.

Wuhuan came to see Bai Jue, who brought up the Feng Clan’s devilish energy, and asked Wuhuan to find out about the Feng Clan as soon as possible. Wuhuan responded and she mentioned the Awakening of Apocalypse. She wanted to know why the Apocalypse left a trace of spiritual knowledge in the war that year. Bai Jue only covered the past on the grounds that his soul was badly injured, and she heard that Wuhuan took it. Compared with the ancient times, Chi tried to test him, and he was even more furious. How can a mere mortal compare with the ancient times completely dispelled Wu Huan’s suspicion.

When Houchi returned from the realm of the sky, her spiritual power was damaged. She fell weakly by the river. Fortunately, Gu Jun found out that Houchi was saved in time. After Hou Chi woke up, he cried into tears. Looking at the painful appearance of Hou Chi, Gu Jun was quite self-blame. He said to comfort Hou Chi. As long as he was there, the sky would not collapse. He would take care of the Qing Mu. Houchi figured out a way, and now Houchi is happy, she should take good care of herself.

Wu Huan had the desire to get rid of Houchi. Now she has detected that Bai Jue’s divine power is weak. She must strengthen her cultivation as soon as possible. At that time, even the gods will not be able to help her with the spiritual power of the same body as the gods. After that, Wuhuan asked Feng Nu to look for Elder Danfeng, and as long as Elder Danfeng was there, she would sleep restlessly.

The ancient king came to see Bai Jue and asked Bai Jue if he remembered the chaos catastrophe 60,000 years ago. It was Bai Jue who gave birth to the ancient divine consciousness for 40,000 years, and Bai Jue spent half of his divine power before drawing it. Yes, and the ancients were reincarnated the day before the God-turning Curse expired, which is now Houchi. Back then, Bai Jue sealed the power of Houchi, and only hoped that she could live a safe and worry-free life.

Even the name of Houchi was taken by Bai Jue, and Bai Jue was incarnate to guard the back pond for Bai Xuan. The resurrection of the ancients means that there is no news of the Chaos Tribulation. Therefore, Bai Jue does not hesitate to endure the pain of tearing apart the origin, and also separates a body to absorb the demon energy of heaven and earth.

Thousands of years ago, he went to Beihai to prepare to compare his immortal power with the demon power. Rong, ready to practice the power of Chaos, so he wanted to know whether Bai Jue would still sacrifice himself for the sake of the ancients and the common people of the Three Realms this time. If Bai Jue’s original intention has not changed, why did he ruin Qingmu and pretend to have amnesia, making Houchi painful and sad.

Bai Jue frankly told Gu Jun that he did not expect Qingmu to produce spiritual consciousness. When the two merged, Qingmu even swallowed him. When he regained consciousness, he realized that the body had fallen in love with the back pond. The reason why he pretended The amnesia is for the sake of Houchi. He is already a dying person.

Only when Houchi is blinded and the marriage is over, can he end well. Even if the ancients regained consciousness in the future and learned that he was not only harsh, but also hated him when he went to the catastrophe, he would have no regrets or regrets. Speaking of Houchi, Bai Jue also blamed Gu Jun for not stopping the two of them from falling in love. Not only that, but also let Houchi exile from Shenyin Mountain for a hundred years, leaving the two who originally loved each other for decades.

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