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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 38 Recap

Qing Mu believed that Feng Ran was transformed by a demon, Feng Ran defended her, and Qing Mu confirmed Feng Ran’s identity after some inquiries. It turned out that the evil spirit in the world suddenly became strong today. He discovered that the source of the evil spirit was the land of the Feng clan, so he wanted to come to Elder Danfeng to ask what happened. There is devilish energy in the phoenix tree forest, and the three of them had to be vigilant, so they decided to find Jing Zhao and the devilish energy separately, and if they were in danger, they would use Lingyu to spread the letter.

Qing Mu heard Jing Zhao’s cry for help in the Wutong Forest, and saw that Jing Zhao was trapped by the evil spirit. Qing Mu stepped forward to rescue Jing Zhao, but was trapped by the evil spirit. When Qing Mu resisted the demon energy, Bai Xuan awakened. Bai Xuan sensed the danger of Qing Mu and came to resist the demon energy with Qing Mu. When Qing Mu was casting the spell, he was shocked to discover that his origin was actually demon power.

Bai Xuan stood in front of Qing Mu. He took too much spear. Qing Mu knew that Bai Xuan was Bai Ju. He couldn’t resist his fate, but he hadn’t returned for a hundred years, and he was unwilling to take Houchi home. Facing Qing Mu’s unwillingness, Bai Xuan only had his consciousness entered into Qing Mu’s body. Qing Mu knew that he was about to disappear into the Three Realms. He recalled the bit by bit with Hou Chi, and couldn’t help crying, he begged Bai Jue is sure to live well in the back pond. At the same time, in the Shenyin Mountain, Hou Chi was very uncomfortable. He only felt that something major had happened tonight. Tian Qi came to comfort Hou Chi, but Hou Chi still felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Bai Jue had already awakened, but Qing Mu’s voice still rang in his body. Qing Mu told Bai Jue to stay in the back pool well. Bai Jue had a headache. He was only to blame for his hasty fusion, and his divine power was only restored by 40%. The Wutong forest thing was done by Wuhuan. Wuhuan saw everything that happened in the Wutong forest.

It turned out that Qingmu was actually separated from the origin of Baiju. Today, she wants to kill the Feng family when her spiritual power is greatly increased. , But unexpectedly awakened Bai Jue. She guessed that Bai Jue often lived in Qingchi Palace, and that the appearance of Houchi was similar to that of the ancients, and the two must have a connection. Bai Jue did not find Wuhuan, but Wuhuan carelessly let Elder Danfeng escape tonight. She must find Elder Danfeng as soon as possible to avoid more troubles.

Jing Jian and Feng Ran stumbled and fell into the forbidden area of ​​the Feng Clan. Jing Jian saw two broken pieces of jade with the names of Wu Xi and Feng Yan engraved on them. He combined the two pieces of jade into one and turned into a fire phoenix. .

The Feng clan had never been out of Huofeng. Jing Jian thought about the reason why Feng Ran came to Wutong Forest. For a while, he was shocked to guess the identity of Feng Ran, she was the Phoenix Emperor of the Feng Clan.

Bai Ju fainted in the phoenix tree forest. Jing Zhao rescued Bai Ju. Bai Ju realized that Jing Zhao was of the golden dragon body, and learned from her that she was the daughter of Twilight and Wuhuan. At this moment, Gu Jun came to see Bai Jue. He asked Bai Jue to move to Qingchi Palace. Bai Jue was very surprised that the God Realm had been closed. He had been sleeping for many years. He had forgotten many things, including who Qingmu was. Love, so let the two go on first, he wants to rest alone for a while. Twilight brought Xianjun to see Bai Jue. Bai Jue only saw Twilight alone. He has a lack of memory now, and he is no different from Bai Jue back then.

Bai Jue entered the Lord’s Palace. Jing Zhao said that she saw Feng Ran in the forest sucking the Feng Clan’s spiritual power by magic. However, he ordered Feng Ran to be taken to the sky prison and tortured severely. As for Qingmu’s name, he asked Twilight to order that this name would not be mentioned in the Three Realms in the future. Later, Bai Jue talked with Twilight about the Demon Race, saying that he knew that the Feng Clan was not the work of Feng Ran.

He was only afraid that it would be scheming for the grass and startling the snake. After a few days, the Twilight will release Feng Ran. The fierce man Bai Ju had a little judgment in his heart. He originally ordered Yu to be the root of the fairy. He wanted to know whether Twilight could infer the identity of the fierce man after he took charge of the palace for 60,000 years. Twilight couldn’t figure it out.

Bai Ju mentioned Wuhuan, and Twilight said that Wuhuan would never fall into the magic way. Bai Ju did not suspect Wu Huan either. He left the affairs of the heavenly palace to Twilight and prepared to go to the realm of the sky. Jing Zhao asked himself to accompany Bai Ju by his side. Bai Yue thought that Jing Zhao saved his life. This time, he accepted Jing Zhao’s love and let Jing Zhao stay with him. After leaving the Nine Heavens, Bai Jue met Jing Jian, Jing Jian asked Qing Mu, and Bai Ju frankly told Jing Jian that he had awakened, and there was no Qing Mu in the world. Qing Mu’s immortal body was insignificant to him.

Twilight ordered Wuhuan to come out of Jiuyou. Wuhuan is now only a lower-level divine power. She is ready to imitate the Xuanyi of the year and transform all the divine powers into magical powers. On the other side, Jing Jian came to release Feng Ran privately. He blocked the Heavenly Soldier and General and asked Feng Ran to go to Shenyin Mountain to search for the back pond. In Shenyin Mountain, Tianqi already knew that Bai Jue had awakened, but Bai Jue awakened at this time, I am afraid that the ancients knew that she would blame Bai Jue ruthlessly.

Houchi is now pregnant, and she hasn’t heard of Qingmu for a long time, so she only begged Tianqi to go out to find Qingmu. At this moment, the barrier was shaking, and Houchi and Tianqi went to the barrier to rescue Feng Ran. Even though the world’s humane phoenix blood-washed the phoenix tree forest and harmed the Feng clan, Houchi still believed in Feng Ran, and she also learned about Bai Jue has awakened, and she knows that Bai Jue is Qingmu, and that Bai Jue has awakened, there is no such thing as Qingmu in the world.

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