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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 26 Recap

Liu Shilan tried to persuade Haiyang to issue a dismissal letter to her mother, but Haiyang said that he must apply for the dismissal letter. If Shi Lan can bring medical records or something, he can consider letting Yang Huini leave the village. Liu Shilan hurriedly went back and looked through the package, but her mother’s medical record was gone. She knew that her mother had taken the medical record, but she was helpless. Shi Lan stayed at the clinic to accompany her mother.

During this period, she took the time to call Xiaoyu and ask her to help take a picture of her mother’s medical records. When Shi Lan saw her mother using a small notebook to remember things, she couldn’t remember it, but Yang Huini still refused to admit it. Haiyang brought eggs to Yang Huini, and Shi Lan helped put the eggs in the cabinet, but found that there were still many eggs in the cabinet. Obviously, her mother had forgotten how many eggs were left.

Yang Huini went to the village to take the blood pressure of the villagers, and when she saw a father and daughter, she thought of her deceased in a daze. Shi Lan called Haiyang, and when Haiyang heard it, she also began to discover that Yang Huini had symptoms of short-term memory loss. Yang Huini helped Haiyang collect the money for the new rural cooperative medical system, but then she discovered that she had forgotten where to put the money.

Shi Lan received the medical record sheet from Xiao Yu, and quickly showed Haiyang the medical record sheet. Whether he believed it or not, his mother was indeed suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. When Shi Lan returned to the clinic, she found that her mother was lost, and the desk was turned upside down in a mess. After asking, she knew where she had forgotten to put the money for the new rural cooperative medical system. That was the hard-earned money of the folks, Yang Huini was crying anxiously, and Liu Shilan hurriedly comforted her mother.

After calming her mother, Liu Shilan called Haiyang to discuss how to resolve the matter. As a result, Yang Huini found the money for the New Rural Cooperative Medical Care System the next day, like a okay person. When Haiyang learned of this, he also believed that it was not suitable to work in a situation like Yang Huini’s. Liu Shilan and Haiyang went to tell Yang Huini that it was not suitable to work anymore. Yang Huini asked if she had found a village doctor for her.

Haiyang had to call the county health and health commission, but there is no village doctor available for secondment. Liu Shilan was determined to let her mother retire, so she took annual leave from the hospital and stayed in the village to help her mother work as a village doctor. Many patients saw that Liu Shilan was in the clinic, and they all expressed that they would see the doctor again when Yang Huini came back.

Liu Shilan sat in the health center for a day, and Yang Huini returned to the clinic again. At this time, a patient with intercostal pain came to see the doctor. Shi Lan was not sure what his disease was, and suggested that he go to a big hospital for filming, but before Shi Lan gave the order, Yang Huini diagnosed the patient and said that he had chronic appendicitis. She prescribed a Chinese medicine and took it for seven days. Take a look.

Liu Shilan felt that it was unscientific for her mother to treat patients with experience, but Yang Huini was a village doctor who had experienced many battles. The experience she had accumulated over the past ten years was enough to make her examination results comparable to instruments. Although Yang Huini had early dementia, she knew the condition of every recorded patient in the village, and Liu Shilan almost thought that her mother was not sick.

A son came to the clinic with his mother who was crying for pain. Yang Huini could see that Grandma Wang was not with her because her son was busy at work, so she came up with this trick. Yang Huini said a few words about that son, and soon asked him to carry the old man back. When the village doctor came that day, Liu Shilan was really exhausted.

In addition to being unfamiliar with the business here, Liu Shilan had too little experience. Hearing that Grandma Long vomited again after eating, Yang Huini hurried to see Grandma Long. The village woman came to see Liu Shilan to see her breasts, hiding her for fear of being seen. The mother-in-law was very resistant to her seeing the disease and felt ashamed and unhappy.

Liu Shilan sighed, sometimes the old people in the village made her feel very speechless. Liu Shilan checked the village woman and confirmed that her breasts did have lumps, but the specific cause still had to go to the hospital for B-ultrasound to be clear.

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