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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 24 Recap

Tie Guanyin didn’t understand why Mr. Ou asked her to take care of Mu Qing. Mu Qing said that Mr. Ou knew what he was doing with Tie Guanyin in private. Tie Guanyin wondered what should he do if Mr. Ou knew it? Mu Qing said that as long as he and Tie Guanyin couldn’t do well, Mr. Ou wouldn’t do anything to them. At this time, a younger brother reported that 15 shipments had been shipped. Mu Qing said that his dark web was absolutely safe, and he made Tie Guanyin believe in himself.

Tie Guanyin praised Mu Qing for being very powerful. Mu Qing tentatively said that he also wanted to see the drug manufacturing factory, but Tie Guanyin, who was very cautious, directly rejected Mu Qing. Tie Guanyin said that Mu Qing had to learn to be confused. It was enough to have Mr. Ou in the group as a smart person. Mu Qing wondered why Tie Guanyin had no worries about food and clothing, so why did he work so hard? Tie Guanyin said that she must be strong enough to make everyone who has bullied her kneel down.

On the other side, Onion Tou showed Li Ruosheng the new drugs made by his team. He wanted to work with Li Ruosheng to bring down Tieguanyin and Mu Qing. Under Onion’s persuasion, Li Ruosheng pretended to agree to cooperate with him.

In the evening, Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng met. Li Ruosheng said that the onion had been hooked, and Mu Qing said that he had made many deals with Tie Guanyin, but Tie Guanyin still did not trust him. Li Ruosheng took out the drugs given by Onion, and Mu Qing speculated that Onion had already planned for it, and now there is only a lack of opportunity.

Li Ruosheng said that Mu Qing now wants money and money, and status and status, so why is he working so hard now? Li Ruosheng said that he and Mu Qing had been brothers for so long, but Mu Qing never revealed what he wanted. Mu Qing said that he wanted a warm home and a stable life. Li Ruosheng said that whether Mu Qing wants to be an angel or a devil, he will always support him. Mu Qing was very moved after hearing this. So they both drank together to celebrate this small victory.

Huang Boyuan sent Kexin home and said that he was looking forward to meeting Kexin for the second time. Kexin said that everything depends on her mood.

The 84 team found out that Huang Baiyuan’s family used to resell medicinal materials overseas. The police speculated that Huang’s family might be the raw material supplier of methamphetamine. At this time, Zheng Ke had a look on his face.

Mu Qing said that Tieguanyin was very scheming. She had just played a parting scene with Ou Kexin, and she sent Huang Baiyuan to take advantage of it. Ou Kexin said that she would continue to deal with Huang Boyuan, and she believed that she would find out the relationship between Huang Boyuan and Tie Guanyin. Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing to appear jealous in front of Huang Boyuan.

At the police station, Zheng Ke was at work. Suddenly, he received a call from the hospital. The doctor said that Zheng Ke’s daughter Zheng Yixiao was in critical condition and needed to find a suitable kidney source as soon as possible. Looking at his child, Zheng Ke looked distressed. And helpless. Zheng Ke laughed and went for a walk in the park.

Zheng Ke smiled comfortingly and he would get better. He smiled and said that when he grows up, he will go to the 84th group like his father to fight drugs. And these words were heard by a strange man. Later, the man came to report the situation to Mr. Ou. The glasses said that Zheng Yixiao had not found the kidney source until now. Mr. Ou happily said that the 84 team finally had a crack, and he immediately asked the glasses to find out.

Ou Kexin went to connect with Honor, and Honor gave Huang Boyuan’s information to Ou Kexin. Ou Kexin said that Onion Head already had a very strong productivity, and he wanted to replace Tie Guanyin. Ou Kexin asked whether the action to destroy Tieguanyin would continue. Glory means that when Tieguanyin collapses, the onion head will take her place.

This is a big change for the current situation. Glory says that he cannot be the master. Let Ou Kexin go back and wait for the news. When Ou Kexin was about to leave, Glory suddenly called Ou Kexin as Rongyu. The two of them finally recognized each other. Ou Kexin cried with excitement. Glory comforted Kexin and said that when the mission is over, he will pick up his sister. Going home, Ke Xin said that she would not tell Mu Qing the truth for the time being.

After Ou Kexin came out of the library, he met Huang Boyuan. Huang Boyuan said that he had just seen Ou Kexin in the bookstore. At this time, Onion Head’s men took pictures of Ou Kexin and Huang Baiyuan’s every move. Onion said that Tieguanyin not only used Huang’s fodder to squeeze himself, but also wanted to marry the Ou’s family. Li Ruosheng said that he would solve Huang Boyuan by himself, but Onion said that for the time being, don’t worry.

Linda gave Mu Qing a sum of money, and Mu Qing said that she wanted to cooperate with Tie Guanyin, not as her hire. Linda advised Mu Qing to stop worrying and take his time. Linda asked if Mu Qing really separated from Li Ruosheng. Mu Qing said that Li Ruosheng was usually reckless and impulsive, and she was unwilling to cooperate with him. Linda asked Mu Qing if it was because of herself. Mu Qing said that he saved her at the time but didn’t want her life to be in danger. Mu Qing rejected Linda’s suggestion that she wanted to be with him.

Huang Boyuan asked Ou Kexin why she cried in the bookstore, but Kexin said that she didn’t want to confide in her unfamiliar people. Huang Baiyuan said that he did not offend Kexin in any way, but why does Ou Kexin always resent him so much? Ou Kexin said that she did this to people she didn’t like, and she didn’t want the other party to misunderstand. Huang Baiyuan said that Ou Kexin liked the man standing next to her in the bookstore?

Ou Kexin was immediately alert. She didn’t know how much Huang Baiyuan knew today. She immediately sent a text message to Mu Qing to help herself out. When Ou Kexin was about to leave, Huang Boyuan stopped her. At this time, Mu Qing came, and he pushed Huang Boyuan away. Ou Kexin took the opportunity to kiss Mu Qing and said that she and Mu Qing had reunited. . Huang Boyuan said that he would not give up Kexin.

Ou Kexin showed Mu Qing the information about Huang Boyuan found by the police. Mu Qing said that Tieguanyin is planning a big picture. He should design to put Tieguanyin in a pot. Ou Kexin said that this is a major event and needs to wait for the bureau. action. After talking about business, Mu Qing wanted to leave angrily. Ou Kexin said that he had just kissed him, but Mu Qing said that he had no reason to match with Ou Kexin.

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