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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 19 Recap

At the beginning of the next game, Lu Yue also changed his previous dispatch and actively cooperated with ZGDX’s teammates. After one wave of teamfights, Heiyao team was defeated, and finally, ZGDX team successfully pushed Heiyao away. The team’s crystal won the victory. Everyone who had won the game returned to the lounge, and the nursery rhyme stepped forward to praise Lu Yue for playing well. The two began to quarrel again. Finally, under the strong pressure of Lu Sicheng, the two stopped fighting.

A group of ZGDX people walked out of the base and faced the reporters’ questions. The nursery rhyme was obviously at a loss. At this moment, Lu Sicheng stood up to defend the nursery rhyme. His unique aura and deterrent words instantly made a group of reporters choke. .

At the end of the game, everyone came to the restaurant for dinner. In the restaurant, the nursery rhyme met a group of people from the DQ team. After a brief chat, the nursery rhyme impressed the DQ team’s Tyron deeply. At the dinner table, the nursery rhyme still obsessed with Tyron, remembering something all the time. Suddenly thinking of something, the nursery rhyme was shouted excitedly, and it caught everyone’s attention. At this moment, Lu Sicheng intimately handed over a piece of meat for the nursery rhyme to eat.

After eating and drinking, the ZGDX people returned by bus. On the way, Lu Sicheng decided to get off midway because of something. Before getting off the bus, Lu Sicheng looked back at the sleeping nursery rhyme with tenderness in his eyes.

Xiaopang, who returned to the base, was about to feed the flatbread. Suddenly, he found that Lu Sicheng’s goldfish had been missing. When Xiaopang and the nursery rhyme were discussing what to do, Lu Sicheng suddenly came back. The nursery rhyme with a guilty conscience hurriedly played sloppy, and Xiao Pang was also adding to the flames, but it was quickly stopped by Lu Sicheng’s simple eyes and movements. Lu Sicheng, who had learned of his son’s tragic death, had a bad face and stared at the nursery rhymes for a long time without saying a word, then took out the band-aids bought for nursery rhymes and handed them to them. After the episode, the two went back to their rooms.

I was speechless all night, worried about the nursery rhyme of pie, got up early and ran downstairs to check. Found that Lu Sicheng was sleeping on the sofa, the nursery rhyme worried that Lu Sicheng would catch a cold was kindly put on the quilt, but Lu Sicheng mistakenly regarded it as a pie and hugged it tightly. The two lay on the sofa in this embarrassing posture. At this time, the early chubby went downstairs and saw everything he hurried back to send a message to his teammates.

Lu Sicheng, who woke up slowly, was shocked when he saw the nursery rhyme Lu Sicheng, and the two chatted briefly. So he decided to go to Huaniao City. After returning to the room, Lu Sicheng and the nursery rhyme both dressed up carefully, as if they were going on a date. Xiao Rui and Xiaopang downstairs were surprised to see the bright and beautiful two, and a group of people watched curiously.

After going out, the two came to the flower and bird market. At this moment, people passing by accidentally bumped into the nursery rhyme, and almost turned over the nursery rhyme that had not been worn a few times. Lu Sicheng quickly grabbed the nursery rhyme with his eyes and hands, and the two were among the petals flying. Look at each other. The nursery rhyme that felt embarrassed left first, and Lu Sicheng smiled knowingly as he looked at the shaky back of the nursery rhyme.

The two came to the goldfish booth and watched the two quarrel. The boss counted Lu Sicheng off as someone who came by, and asked Lu Sicheng not to be angry with his girlfriend. The nursery rhyme who had paid the money turned around and found that Lu Sicheng was missing. At this moment, Lu Sicheng suddenly took the nursery rhyme’s hand.

After the nursery rhyme was simply stupefied, he was dragged away by Lu Sicheng. The two came to watch the cat in front of the cat stand. They accidentally broke through Xu Tailun’s cheating, but Lu Sicheng disagreed. Afterwards, Lu Sicheng took the nursery rhymes to dinner. After the meal, Lu Sicheng took the nursery rhymes to the cinema. When the two were chatting, Xu Tailun and his cheating partner also came to the cinema.

At the end of the movie, the two going out faced the besieged fans, and the nursery rhymes hid behind them shyly. Faced with the fans’ inquiries, Lu Sicheng was about to say something, but was preempted by the nursery rhymes. Perhaps he was dissatisfied with the nursery rhyme’s reply, and Lu Sicheng was a little unhappy.

Back in the base, Lu Sicheng looked at the newly bought fish with a happy expression. Faced with Xiaopang’s question, Lu Sicheng did not conceal all of it. The nursery rhyme returned to the seat looked at Xu Tailun’s various defenses when facing the fans’ doubts, and was not angry.

Subsequently, a live broadcast of nursery rhymes was played, and in the face of questions from fans, Xu Tailun also had a nutritious connotation. Lu Sicheng, who was next to him, frowned slightly as he watched the behavior of the nursery rhyme.

Soon the game time began, Xu Tailun, who was unhappy with the nursery rhymes, began to target the nursery rhymes with his teammates, and the teammates were also curious.

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