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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 15 Recap

If Lin Biao retreats to Changchun, it will definitely provide the Kuomintang with a chance to attack the Communist army. At this time, Lin Biao is hesitant. Gu Zhutong and Chiang Kai-shek agreed to send a team to stab Lin Biao’s rear. Since the Northeast People’s Liberation Army captured Siping, Changchun has become an isolated city. The Kuomintang Army’s commander-in-chief Zheng Dongguo commanded 100,000 people to station in Changchun in an attempt to contain the main force of the Northeast People’s Liberation Army. The three-pronged approach of political offensive and economic blockade caused the Changchun Kuomintang defenders to become distracted, war-weary, and surrender and surrender.

Zheng Dongguo went out alone, seeing the real situation in Changchun, feeling helpless. Subsequently, Zheng Dongguo took the order of Chiang Kai-shek to discuss with the commander of the 60th Army Zeng Zesheng. In the end, Zeng Zesheng had to agree to make a certain degree of breakthrough and hard work with the New Seventh Army.

At the same time, he should also pay attention to the Communist Party activities in the military and do a good job in the Communist Party. The party’s cleanup action. The enemy corps on the two fronts have set off one after another, and Zheng Dongguo’s counterattack in Changchun has greatly increased the defensive pressure of the Communist Party. Even so, Liu Yalou still believed that the orders of the Central Military Commission should be resolutely implemented, but Lin Biao felt that if they persisted, they would just throw themselves into the net.

Lin Biao asked them to call the central government, requesting to withdraw from the Jinzhou front. When the central authorities learned of Lin Biao’s telegram, they quickly held a meeting to discuss it. Liu Shaoqi yelled angrily when he learned that Lin Biao wanted to go back to Changchun. This was just nonsense. Zhou Enlai analyzed Lin Biao’s psychology and suggested that he write a letter to Lin Biao to persuade him. Mao Zedong sternly said that there is no need to write a letter. The Northeast Field Army must take Jinzhou within ten days of the order. Lin Biaozheng was discussing the route of returning to Changchun with various officers and soldiers. Liu Yalou and Luo Ronghuan thought about it all night before they decided to persuade Lin Biao to attack Jinzhou. Lin Biao still hasn’t made up his mind, he needs time to think about it.

Outside the city of Yixian, Zhao Xingyuan told the comrades of the first battalion that they had performed well when attacking Yixian, and they were praised by Han Xianchu. The next one was to take the lead in the first battalion of Jinzhou. When not at war, Zhao Xingyuan would personally teach the soldiers to learn words and even teach them a poem. Zhu Rui’s artillery troops failed to find some newly built dark fortresses outside the city of Yixian, which resulted in the loss of many artillery and soldiers in the battle of Yixian. For this reason, he became angry with the soldiers. Han Xianchu persuaded him not to make such a big fire. During the battle of Yixian, After all, the performance of Pao Zong was praised by the central government.

Liu Yalou and Luo Ronghuan were worried, for fear that Lin Biao would really return to Changchun. After the war, Zhu Rui and Han Xianchu looked at the place where the city wall of Yixian County was pierced. This is the main attack direction of the 9th Division. However, the gunnery failed to discover the fortresses and fortifications built in the city wall in time, resulting in a lot of sacrifices during the attack. The soldiers, Zhu Rui can’t wait to lie here for those soldiers. Han Xianchu squatted down silently and put a smear of loess in his pocket. Regarding combat and education, Zhu Rui believes that artillery faces a huge challenge to face the enemy’s all-round counterattack, so it is necessary to combine combat and learning.

He hoped that Han Xianchu could go to his artillery school to do a good job of education, and Han Xianchu readily agreed. Zhu Rui inspected the impact point in Yixian Town, but unfortunately stepped on an anti-infantry mine and died heroically. Liu Yalou and Luo Ronghuan told Lin Biao the unfortunate news. Lin Biao learned the reason for his sacrifice and said nothing, so they turned around and grabbed a handful of soybeans and threw them into the air. When Chiang Kai-shek went to Peking for a meeting, he heard the Kuomintang officers celebrating the sacrifice of the communist artillery commander. He severely accused these people and pointed out that Zhu Rui was a good opponent worthy of their respect.

Zhu Rui’s sacrifice made Liu Shaoqi and Zhou Enlai very sad, and the battle of Yixian would never have been beaten in such a short period of time without Zhu Rui’s artillery cooperation. Mao Zedong said that the central government originally wanted to order Zhu Rui as the deputy chief of staff, but Zhu Rui said that he was obsessed with artillery and did not care about fame and fortune. He established artillery in the Northeast and provided great help to the Eastern Army. Zhu Rui is a true communist fighter, and his sacrifice is a great loss to the Communist Party. Zhu Rui’s death dealt a huge blow to Lin Biao, and at the same time it also awakened him.

Lin Biao declared to the central power generation that the electricity before it was abolished, and all the soldiers in the east field will spare no effort in the battle against Jinzhou. The Communist Party completely surrounded Jinzhou, and Chiang Kai-shek mobilized before the war in Tianjin’s Pugu military port to encourage the soldiers to join forces successfully. The Northeast Field Army headquarters temporarily settled in Manniutun. The battle was about to come. Liu Yalou saw Lin Biao’s nervousness, but Lin Biao said he was not nervous.

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