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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 24 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan and Shangguan Boyao had to act if they didn’t agree with each other. Zou Siqi hurriedly pulled He Qunfei out and persuaded him not to abandon himself as a waiter, but He Qunfei insisted on his choice.

Du Maokai had been absent-minded after seeing Shao Kaixuan. Du’s wife Ruohua had prepared the food, but Du Xiaosu had not returned. Ruohua couldn’t help complaining, and Du Maokai didn’t hear a word. Du Xiaosu came home very late. Ruohua couldn’t help but complain about her and persuaded her not to help a prisoner to take care of her father. Du Xiaosu didn’t want to explain. Du Xiaosu talked to Du Mao and persuaded him and Shao Kaixuan to explain clearly when he was young, so as to avoid misunderstandings. Du Xiaosu went to coax her mother again, telling everything Lei Yuzheng had done to her, and her mother saw that she liked Lei Yuzheng.

Lin Xiangyuan sent Xie Li to book two air tickets back to his hometown. He wanted to take Jiang Fanlu home to see his mother. Unexpectedly, Jiang Jin returned from abroad. Lin Xiangyuan came to ask Jiang Jin for advice. He wanted to take Jiang Fanlu back to his hometown for the New Year. Jiang Jin was full of words. But Jiang Fanlu refused to do it and asked Lin Xiangyuan to take his mother to Shanghai. Lin Xiangyuan repeatedly emphasized that there are customs in his hometown. The new wife must return to her mother-in-law’s house for the New Year in the first year, otherwise her mother will be laughed at. Jiang Fanlu just doesn’t let go. Jiang Jin had to make concessions and let Jiang Fanlu buy more gifts for her mother-in-law to take back.

Du Mao opened an appointment with Shao Kaixuan to meet and explained in detail the reasons for the missed appointment. Back then, Du Mao drove to the station to meet Shao Kaixuan in a tractor. He ran into a car accident on the way. Ruohua was injured. Du Maokai sent her to the hospital to settle down. The doctor revealed Ruohua As an orphan, Du Maokai had to stay to take care of Ruohua, so he broke his trust in Shao Kaixuan. Afterwards, he tried to contact Shao Kaixuan, but there was no news. Du Maokai married Ruohua. Shao Kaixuan forgave him when he learned of the circumstances. Du Maokai.

Seeing that the New Year is about to come, Du Xiaosu and He Qunfei discussed with everyone to accompany Lei Ting to have a New Year’s Eve dinner. Du Xiaosu also specially invited Shao Kaixuan to come. Du Maokai and Ruohua came to Lei’s house in advance. They both prepared a lot of meals carefully, Shao Kaixuan Shanshan Come late, everyone toasted and drank together and happily had New Year’s Eve dinner.

The more Lin Xiangyuan wanted to get worse, his mother had told him to take Jiang Fanlu home for the New Year. He couldn’t even satisfy this wish, so he drove to the riverside by himself, watching the fireworks, his heart was mixed, and Lin Xiangyuan beat him. Called his mother, lied that he would not be able to go home if he wanted to go abroad. The mother insisted that he bring Jiang Fanlu back. Lin Xiangyuan hurriedly found an excuse to hang up.

Lin Xiangyuan came to a restaurant alone to drink alcohol. The lady boss was anxious to go home to have a New Year’s Eve dinner with her husband, and urged him to drink quickly. Lin Xiangyuan heard that the lady boss was also from Guizhou, so he vomited bitterness to her, and said all the years of misery and grievances accumulated in his heart When he came out, the lady boss envied everything he had in Shanghai, but Lin Xiangyuan envied those who were waiting for her to return home. After saying this, Lin Xiangyuan said goodbye to the lady boss.

Lei Yuzheng called his father to pay New Year’s greetings. With tears in his eyes, Lei Ting asked Du Xiaosu, He Qunfei and Shao Kaixuan to talk to Lei Yuzheng. Jiang Jin and Jiang Fanlu had a New Year’s Eve dinner together. Jiang Jin called Lin Xiangyuan. Lin Xiangyuan lied that he had just got off the plane. Jiang Jin gave Jiang Fanlu the phone. Jiang Fanlu heard that the phone was quiet. Lin Xiangyuan excused that people were very busy during the Chinese New Year. Young, Jiang Fanlu asked him to say hello to his mother-in-law.

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