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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 23 Recap

Jiang Fanlu listened to Lin Xiangyuan’s sweet words, gave up the decision to abort, and promised to marry Lin Xiangyuan immediately. The two of them came to confess Jiang Jin. When Jiang Jin learned that Jiang Fanlu was pregnant, he closed his mouth happily and urged Lin Xiangyuan as soon as possible. To prepare for the wedding, Lin Xiangyuan will hold it at the largest Riverside Hotel in Shanghai.

Lin Xiangyuan was intensively preparing for the wedding, calling his mother and friends one by one. Jiang Fanlu didn’t want Lin Xiangyuan’s mother to come to the wedding. Lin Xiangyuan was very angry. He went to the bar to get drunk. Xie Li kindly persuaded him, but he just couldn’t let go.

Early in the morning, Lin Xiangyuan drove Jiang Fanlu’s car to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register. Jiang Jin was going to see Mr. Xu, but his car broke down, so he took Lin Xiangyuan’s car instead. Lin Xiangyuan walked in a hurry and left his cell phone in the car. Xie Li suddenly called him and Jiang Jin took it. Xie Li couldn’t wait to report to Lin Xiangyuan.

Mr. Yu made a lot of money through Lin Xiangyuan. Jiang Jin learned that Lin Xiangyuan had stolen company secrets. , Took the opportunity to raise Yutian’s share price and made a fortune, and then planted Lei Yuzheng. Jiang Yingyi gritted his teeth and immediately called Jiang Fanlu. He was dumbfounded when he learned that Jiang Fanlu had obtained a marriage certificate with Lin Xiangyuan.

Jiang Fanlu took Lin Xiangyuan home for dinner, Jiang Jin then rushed back, paid Jiang Fanlu, and returned the phone to Lin Xiangyuan. He exposed Lin Xiangyuan’s conspiracy to his face. Lin Xiangyuan immediately knelt down and begged for mercy. He tried his best to separate himself from the matter. Jiang Jin didn’t believe it at all. Lin Xiangyuan threatened Jiang Fanlu and the child in her stomach. Jiang Feng was speechless. Lin Xiangyuan vowed to treat Jiang Fanlu kindly, and he would return Yutian to him when Lei Yuzheng was released. , Jiang Jin had no choice but to give up.

During the meal, Jiang Jin repeatedly instructed Jiang Fanlu not to be blinded, and reminded Lin Xiangyuan to do it for himself. Jiang Fanlu felt that Jiang Jin was weird today, and Jiang Jin had to divert the topic. Shao Kaixuan came to the detention center to visit Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng couldn’t wait to ask her about his father’s situation. Shao Kaixuan took out the photo Du Xiaosu gave her and lied that Lei Ting was on vacation abroad, and Lei Yuzheng was a little relieved.

There is still half a month before the Spring Festival. Du Xiaosu’s studio keeps orders. She called her parents to explain that she can’t go home for the New Year. Lin Xiangyi was obedient to Jiang Fanlu and cared for him. His colleagues privately praised him as a peerless husband. Jiang Jin was very pleased that he was going on a business trip abroad and gave the company full power to Lin Xiangyuan.

Lei Yuzheng looked at his father’s photo. The more he thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong. He suspected that his father was very ill, otherwise he would not stop visiting him. Liu Siyang kindly persuaded him. Jiang Fanlu pointed at Lin Xiangyuan and was picky in every possible way. Lin Xiangyuan was strong enough not to have any attacks.

He listened to her and secretly borrowed wine to pour his sorrows at night. He Qunfei was assigned to the data room by Lin Xiangyuan as a clerk. Xie Li was not happy and encouraged Lin Xiangyuan to send He Qunfei to the logistics office for cleaning. He Qunfei knew that this was Lin Xiangyuan deliberately making things difficult for him, so he quietly searched for a job on the Internet. Hearing that he and Lin Xiangyuan were at odds, they refused to accept him and persuaded him to change careers.

Shangguan Boyao took Zou Siqi to go shopping and ran into acquaintances. Shangguan Boyao lied that Zou Siqi was his cousin. Zou Siqi was very dissatisfied. Shangguan Boyao defended her in every possible way. He swore to her sincerely. He Qunfei just happened to see this when he went out. In one scene, his heart was mixed, Zou Siqi turned around and saw He Qunfei, and hurriedly picked up Shangguan Boyao and left.

Du Maokai and his wife Ruohua came to Shanghai to see Du Xiaosu. They found out that Du Xiaosu was taking care of Lei Ting at Lei’s house. The two of them hurried over to see what happened. They just saw Lei Ting tantrums Du Xiaosu and broke the medicine bowl. Du Xiaosu squatted down to pick it up. Fragment, accidentally cut his finger, Ruohua was very distressed, and hurried over to ask why, Du Xiaosu asked his parents to go back to rest first, and promised to find time to explain to them.

Du Maokai and Ruohua left Lei’s house and ran into Shao Kaixuan head-on. Du Maokai recognized her and couldn’t help but froze in place. Shao Kaixuan looked at Lei Ting with serious concerns. Du Xiaosu saw that she was on his mind. Shao Kaixuan said inconvenience and had to find an excuse to cover it up.

He Qunfei went to the bar to work as a waiter in finding a job. Shangguan Boyao brought Zou Siqi to drink, and He Qunfei calmly served them tea. Lin Xiangyuan and Xie Li also came to the bar to drink, and Shangguan Boyao exposed Lin Xiangyuan to frame Lei Yuzheng in person.

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