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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 22 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan solicited an investment for the entertainment city, and then held a staged press conference. The reporters came to the scene early, but Lin Xiang was late to arrive, and Jiang Fanlu and Jiang Jin were greatly dissatisfied. Lin Xiangyuan dressed up carefully. He was late on purpose. The reporters immediately gathered to interview him. Lin Xiangyuan publicly thanked Jiang Jin for his help.

Lei Yuzheng watched TV with Liu Siyang and others. The prisoners saw the news conference in the entertainment city and recognized that Lei Yuzheng was once Yutian’s boss. The cell boss ridiculed Lei Yuzheng and spoke badly. The other prisoners yelled at him. Lei Yuzheng wanted to teach the cell boss. Liu Siyang had a heart attack. Lei Yuzheng hurried to rescue him. Du Xiaosu and He Qunfei took good care of Lei Ting, Lei Ting finally regained consciousness. They were so surprised that they hurriedly called the doctor.

Lin Xiangyuan gave a brief speech, and then introduced Jiang Jin. Jiang Fanlu saw Lin Xiangyuan triumphant and regretted being engaged to him. Jiang Fanlu suddenly felt sick. She hurried to the bathroom and vomited. Xie Li followed closely. Then he followed, and he hid outside the bathroom door to eavesdrop. After the press conference, Jiang Fanlu had left beforehand, and Lin Xiangyuan wanted to take Xie Li to the construction site. They hurriedly bid farewell to Jiang Jin. Lin Xiangyuan learned that Jiang Fanlu was vomiting in the toilet and asked Xie Li to stare at her. Du Xiaosu and He Qunfei took Lei Ting out of the hospital. Lei Ting became moody due to the sequelae of cerebral congestion, and Du Xiaosu patiently took care of him.

Liu Siyang was sent back to the prison room. Lei Yuzheng had long discovered that Liu Siyang was deliberately pretending to be sick, so he was relieved. Liu Siyang introduced himself as a fund agent of a financial company. He and Lei Yuzheng were both sick and pitying each other. Was locked in because of the scapegoat for others. Lin Xiangyuan learned that Lei Ting was discharged from the hospital and went home, so he bought gifts to visit his house.

When he saw Lei Ting sitting in the yard enjoying the sun, Lin Xiangyuan and Xie Li walked in lightly. After pushing him away, Lin Xiangyuan lied that it was Lei Yuzheng’s colleague. Lei Ting forced him to hand over Lei Yuzheng and yelled at him. Thanks to Duan steward, who came to comfort him in time, he persuaded Lin Xiangyuan and Xie Li away.

Lin Xiangyuan saw Lei Ting’s current situation, his heart could not contain the excitement, he could finally take charge of Yutian with peace of mind. Jiang Fanlu went to the hospital to check that she had been pregnant for two months. She was dumbfounded and went directly to the detention center to see Lei Yuzheng. When Jiang Fanlu saw Lei Yuzheng, she burst into tears and couldn’t help but remember that they were together when they were young. During her happy time, Jiang Fanlu felt that fate was too tricky. Lei Yuzheng realized that she was wrong today, and promised to be her relative forever, hoping her happiness, Jiang Fanlu promised to be well.

Xie Li gave Lin Xiangyuan the report on Jiang Fanlu’s pregnancy. Lin Xiangyuan was ecstatic, and Xie Li asked Jiang Fanlu to have a baby tomorrow. Lin Xiangyuan came to see Jiang Jin and carefully prepared the food that Jiang Fanlu liked. He took the opportunity to make a marriage request to Jiang Jin, but he was worried that Jiang Fanlu would not agree. Jiang Jin asked him to prepare first.

Lei Yuzheng opened his heart to Liu Siyang and admitted that he was afraid of Du Xiaosu to see him. Liu Siyang saw that he had a deep love for Du Xiaosu. After Shao Kaixuan returned from recuperating abroad, she was stunned when she learned of a series of changes in Lei’s family from the nanny. Du Xiaosu came to see Lei Ting and bought marshmallows to coax him to drink medicine. Lei Ting happily closed his mouth from ear to ear. Duan steward told Du Xiaosu about Lin Xiangyuan’s visit to Lei Ting.

Shao Kaixuan came to see Lei Ting, but he didn’t expect Du Xiaosu to be there. Du Xiaosu made Lei Ting laugh. Shao Kaixuan saw everything in his eyes. Lei Ting didn’t know Shao Kaixuan and she was sad. Du Xiaosu asked Duan’s housekeeper to accompany Lei Ting for a walk. She introduced Lei Ting’s condition to Shao Kaixuan in detail. Shao Kaixuan worried that Lei Ting could not accept the fact that Lei Yuzheng was in jail. Du Xiaosu didn’t know what to do, so she could only take a look. In the next step, she asked Shao Kaixuan to give Lei Ting’s photo to Lei Yuzheng, so that Lei Yuzheng could go to jail with peace of mind.

Jiang Fanlu drove to the hospital for an abortion early in the morning. Lin Xiangyuan saw her leaving in the window, and came to the entrance of the hospital to intercept him in advance. Lin Xiangyuan asked Jiang Fanlu to keep the child. Jiang Fanlu was not ready yet and did not want the child for the time being, Lin Xiangyuan Begging hard and vowing that from now on, he would not fight back and curse. Lin Xiangyuan promised to leave the company immediately and leave the city. As long as Jiang Fanlu kept the child, Jiang Fanlu was moved by what he said.

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