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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 25 Recap

Early in the morning, Liu Shilan, who works in the city hospital, followed an ambulance to send a patient to the hospital for treatment. The patient lost his heartbeat. Liu Shilan, nurse Mao Xiaoyu, and Dr. Tan rescued the patient. After a while, the electrocardiogram became normal and the patient resumed his autonomous heartbeat. Dr. Zhang Zhenning just went to work and brought snacks to Liu Shilan. Mao Xiaoyu watched his thoughts on Liu Shilan and couldn’t help teasing him.

Not long after sitting in the chair, Liu Shilan heard her mother’s anxious voice. When she went out to see, her mother and village secretary Haiyang pushed the sick Uncle Yao to the city hospital for rescue. Her mother, Yang Huini, was also a doctor, and she quickly told Liu Shilan about Uncle Yao’s medical history, and Liu Shilan calmed her and sat aside.

After the patient was settled, Yang Huini said that she was going to live in the city for a few days, and by the way, she would buy some things for the villagers, and Liu Shilan handed the keys to her mother. The dean has great expectations for Liu Shilan. For this year’s Baobo quota, the person he recommends is Liu Shilan. Liu Shilan promises not to let him down.

She herself has a clear and definite plan for the future. Yang Huini invited Zhang Zhenning to eat at home. When Liu Shilan came back from get off work, she was surprised to see Zhang Zhenning at home. At the dinner table, Liu Shilan saw her mother and Zhang Zhenning looking at her childhood photos, she immediately expressed her dissatisfaction with her mother, but Yang Huini felt that she was doing her good, and the mother and daughter quarreled at the dinner table in front of outsiders. .

Zhang Zhenning felt embarrassed and immediately found a reason to leave. Yang Huini and Liu Shilan were speechless, and Liu Shilan simply went back to the room to write a thesis. The next day, Yang Huini didn’t know where to get the live poultry, and made her home turbulent. Liu Shilan was speechless. My mother once again asked her to fall in love. Liu Shilan said that she still had an emergency room and went to work hurriedly.

Yang Huini went to the hospital for CT alone. The doctor said that she had early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, but as long as she actively cooperated with the treatment, the onset of the disease could be delayed. Even so, Yang Huini still looked sad. Liu Shilan received a call from Haiyang and learned that her mother was missing and the bag was left in the store. So the boss used her mother’s mobile phone to call Haiyang.

Shi Lan asked Haiyang to pick her up. She saw that there was a medical record in her mother’s bag. After a closer look, she knew that her mother was sick. She anxiously started looking for her mother with Haiyang, and finally found her on the roadside. Shi Lan asked Haiyang to drive to the hospital. She went to the hospital to inquire about Yang Huini’s condition, and then came down to see that her mother had been driven away by Haiyang.

Shi Lan called Haiyang to question, but Haiyang said that they were almost on the highway, and Yang Huini asked him to drive the car away. Liu Shilan was very worried about her mother, and after she received her mother’s WeChat message, she told Shilan not to worry. Shi Lan thought for a while, and took time off from the dean, dragged the suitcase back to her hometown, trying to persuade her mother to go back to the city to see a doctor.

But Yang Huini was unwilling, and Liu Shilan temporarily gave up persuasion and went to take care of Grandma Long with her mother. Grandma Long has been paralyzed in bed for many years. In these years, the old man looked at Yang Huini’s care of herself and was overwhelmed. After watching Grandma Long, on the way back to the health center, Liu Shilan once again persuaded her mother to go back to the provincial capital for medical treatment. Yang Huini couldn’t help her, and said that if Haiyang agreed to go to the provincial capital, she would go with Shilan.

Later, Yang Huini and Haiyang confided that Liu Shilan and Haiyang said that her mother was sick. He thought it was a fake, so he did not intend to let Liu Shilan take Yang Huini out of the village.

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