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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 24 Recap

Seeing Liu Xishi’s figure, Director Yue worried whether he had broken his leg, and quickly asked Instructor Chen to stop it. Instructor Chen asked Liu Xishi if he could persist. Liu Xishi said nothing. He gritted his teeth and continued to sprint, and finally completed the assessment. Both the director and the chief thought he passed the review.

Director Yue went to see Liu Xishi in the dormitory. He picked up the tank that was glued up with bullets and said it was very beautiful. Director Yue said that when he met Liu Xishi in the army, he already knew who he was. Back then, he and Liu Xishi’s father were in Sichuan. Their greatest joy on the construction site was to study how tanks should stick.

Liu Xishi’s father felt that he owed his son, and the places where the engineers went were relatively desolate, and there was no way to buy toys for his son, so he glued a tank model to his son. Soon after, Liu Xishi swore an oath to join the Communist Party as a party affiliate and signed up to participate in the third mine clearance operation. Before leaving, he wrote a suicide note to his mother. If his mother received this letter, it means that he died. Liu Xishi said in the letter that he would miss his mother on the minefield, and especially wanted to call her to hear her voice. In any case, he will bring himself and his team back safely with this thought.

On the 115th day of the 1132 minefield, Liu Xishi was lying on the ground to work. Ruohua and the others were clearing mines not far away. He saw Liu Xishi lying on the ground and wanted to walk over, but was stopped by Li Xinlei. Li Xinlei said, he waited until the road opened. Later, Ruohua couldn’t help it, no matter if there were still a few steps away from mine clearance, he went straight to Liu Xishi in an EOD suit. The mine in front of Liu Xishi was the main mine. Ruohua analyzed that there were two central detonators, and the other should be at Taniguchi. The two of them decided to divide the work and each be responsible for one. If Hua arranges immediately, everyone will immediately carry out demining.

This is a landmine-intensive area, and the red flags are not enough. The sky was covered with clouds and heavy rain started. They put up rain cloths and continued their mine clearance work. Tianyou held a thunder in his hand, but his hand suddenly cramped, Liu Xishi immediately approached, telling a story to relieve Tianyou’s nervousness, and Ruohua carefully removed the thunder in Tianyou’s hand. Afterwards, Ruohua said with emotion that if the wires hadn’t been rusted, both of them would be finished. After the landmine crisis was lifted, they had time to eat. Time passed every minute and every second. Liu Xishi ordered one team to go back to rest and the other team to work in turn.

Li Xinlei asked Liu Xishi if he wanted to go down to rest, but Liu Xishi said that the booby trap would not stay overnight. When Ruohua went to deal with the thunder in Taniguchi, Liu Xishi told him through the earphones to be careful not to take risks when the visibility was very low, but Ruohua did not respond. At dawn the next day, Ruohua approached Liu Xishi after dealing with the mine on the other side of Taniguchi. He carefully took out the booby mine and lay on the ground too tired. Ruo Hua took out the juice he had secretly kept and gave him a sip. Liu Xishi recovered some energy and asked about the situation of God. Ruo Hua was confident that the soldiers under his hand were nothing major.

If Hua sang with great interest, Liu Xishi couldn’t help laughing. After 44 hours of continuous work, Ruohua said that he would take a five-minute rest, and immediately lay down on the spot to fall asleep. Liu Xishi was wearing an EOD suit and holding a cell phone to call his mother. He said that the troops sent them to the scenic area to play, and they were free day by day. Mother Liu was relieved, but she did not know that Liu Xishi had been experiencing the test of life and death during this period. The demining work was finally coming to an end, everyone put away the small flags, Ruohua took a selfie with everyone, and sang together afterwards. The singing echoed in the mountains, loud and exciting.

The two teams went down the mountain and saw that folk activities were being held on the street. They stopped and took a look and then left quietly. Mia looked at the back of them leaving with tears in her eyes, moved by the efforts of these soldiers. This mine-clearance operation has so far cleared more than 400 square kilometers of minefields, cleared more than 2.2 million mines, destroyed more than 700 tons of discarded ammunition, opened up more than 290 border trade channels and ports, and restored arable land, pastures and lands. 60,000 hectares of mountain forest.

On the 119th day of 1132 minefield demining, the delivery ceremony of the Gaodi Dashan minefield was officially completed. They walked through the mine-cleared place hand in hand, making the people believe that there are no more mines here.

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