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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 23 Recap

Liu Xishi took off the helmet that could no longer supply oxygen, bit the edge of the EOD suit, and carefully cut off the fuse. When Liu Xishi celebrated the Chinese New Year at home, because his stepfather and mother disagreed with him learning to search and explode, Liu Xishi quarreled with them on the New Year’s Eve in desperation and left home with anger. The next day he helped Bai Yan go to buy goods. He accidentally saw the car without the handbrake slipping backwards. There was a little girl crying in the car. Liu Xishi didn’t even want to run into the car and turn the steering wheel. The car behind him did not collide, but the truck fell down as a result. Liu Xishi suffered a comminuted fracture of his calf and was sent to the hospital for treatment.

Instructor Chen specially sent Ruo Hua to see him, and then instructor Chen took some time to see Liu Xishi in the hospital and conveyed the orders of his superiors. In view of Liu Xishi’s merits in saving people this time, the army plans to apply for second-class merit for him, but can it be approved? In addition, the chief also decided to send him to the military academy for further training. Hearing that the smile on Liu Xishi’s face disappeared, he was unwilling to go to the military academy for further training. He wanted to go to the front line of EOD. Instructor Chen didn’t want to say anything more, and talked to Mother Liu in private. Mother Liu saw that his son was ignoring his own safety in order to save people.

When Mother Liu said this, Instructor Chen was finally relieved. Liu Xishi always said in the army that he was afraid that his mother would disagree. In the days that followed, Ruohua kept guarding Liu Xishi, taking care of him like other nurses. Thinking that he could not go back, Liu Xishi made a lot of trouble in the hospital. Ruohua carried him back to the ward and pressed him on the bed to scold him. Liu Xishi wrote a letter to the army every day, and finally received a reply from the army. When his mother heard it, she was distressed and angry. Liu Xishi softened her voice and begged her mother to agree to return to the army for retraining. He knelt and said that they were mother and son. Let’s make peace, Mother Liu cried loudly.

When Liu Xishi returned to the army, he met instructor Hou and asked about the review. Instructor Hou said he did not know. During the period when Liu Xishi was injured and hospitalized, the previous class was discharged and was named an excellent class collective. The class leader sent the badge to Liu Xishi with a letter. The letter written by the squad leader is very simple, and every word tells his heart. In fact, he is very reluctant to leave the army. Later, after he was discharged from the army, the squad leader opened a Chuan Chuan shop on the side of the street. He hoped that one day he could see Liu Xishi when he looked up. Liu Xishi followed the address in the letter to find the monitor on the street, and the two of them hugged each other after a long time.

It has been a while since Liu Xishi returned to the army, but he could not participate in normal work and study. Instructor Chen had been hiding from him. For this reason, Liu Xishi went to Director Yue, and Director Yue asked him to find Instructor Chen. Point out that his current state is not suitable for EOD training. Liu Xishi said that if he still could not see Instructor Chen, he would continue to write to the army, and Director Yue had to order the instructor Chen in Hainan to come back. Liu Xishi asked about the review. Instructor Chen wanted to persuade him to accept his fate with his brother and just go to the military school to study, but Liu Xishi was unwilling to live and die.

Later, Liu Xishi asked Ruohua to help, and instructor Chen finally let go, and gave Liu Xishi another week of training time before conducting a review. On the day of the assessment, Liu Xishi once again emphasized that after removing the steel nails, he could become an EOD again. Instructor Chen also thought that Liu Xishi could. Soon, Liu Xishi wore a heavy EOD suit for a 400-meter run and a 60-meter sprint test. There was no lack of staggering moments on the way, and everyone’s hearts followed his staggering figure tightly.

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