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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 22 Recap

On the 44th day of the 1132 minefield, Liu Xishi sat and waited for everyone to come back. The sound of the explosion last night has been affecting his heart. If Hua and others came back, Liu Xishi asked what happened last night. Ruohua said that he accidentally bumped into a thunder last night, and Liang Bo was the nearest and was injured by shrapnel and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Ruohua’s voice hasn’t fallen yet, Liu Xishi was so angry that he punched him in the corner of his eye. Li Xinlei and everyone hurriedly grabbed Liu Xishi and explained to Ruohua that Liang Bo was indeed slightly injured. They also took out the medical records to prove that Ruohua’s statement was true. Liu Xishi was relieved after reading the medical records.

He ordered Ruohua to write an accident report and conduct a public review in the afternoon meeting. During the meeting, Liu Xishi asked Ruohua to conduct a review in front of everyone. Everyone proposed to shoulder this responsibility together. Liu Xishi and Ruohua, as squad leaders, resolutely shouldered this responsibility.

Later, Liu Xishi took everyone to a place in the mountain where there were two stone tablets with the names of martyrs written on them, and I don’t know if they were moved to the martyrs cemetery. He warned everyone that there was his brother’s blood flowing here, and they were all watching. The demining team must understand that this is not a mission, but a lifelong career for everyone.

On the 61st day of the 1132 minefield, they continued their EOD operations, and there was a problem with the fourth explosion point. Ruohua called Liu Xishi over and he wanted to go and see what the problem was. Liu Xishi was a little worried. Putting on the EOD suit, he wanted to look forward with Ruo Hua, but Ruo Hua refused to let him go forward.

If Hua went all the way, Liu Xishi communicated with him through communication tools. The fog was heavy and the visibility was less than half a meter. Ruohua came to the slightest explosion point step by step, and Liu Xishi repeatedly urged him to act in accordance with the rules and regulations. Ruohua retorted that Liu Xishi was still counting beans when he was learning the process.

While speaking, Ruohua accidentally fell down and rolled into the minefield. It was a thunder when he turned over. Ruohua was immediately vigilant and careful. When he was about to detonate, he found that the detonator was missing. He slowly fumbled forward with his hands and finally found the detonator. He put the discarded detonators together, intending to detonate them together.

The visibility here is very low. Liu Xishi came to meet him. Ruohua had just walked through the gate of life and death, and his breathing was heavy. After a day of homework, they received a decision from the party committee as soon as they returned to the camp. Liu Xishi was warned once, and Ruohua was sentenced once.

The party committee also brought another decision. What they want to eat can be written on the list, and he will buy it together. Everyone cheered, and the food was finally improved. That night, everyone ate dumplings and talked about tomorrow’s work. The more thunder went up, Liu Xishi and Ruohua decided to let them take the lead, and everyone took turns to rest. Before dawn the next day, they began to go up the mountain to clear the mines. The slope was too steep. They carried their equipment. Liu Xishi reminded everyone that anti-tank mines and anti-infantry mines are usually deployed jointly. They need to be more vigilant. Be cautious and then cautious.

When going up the mountain, Liu Xishi suddenly thanked Ruohua for helping him come back here. Ruohua didn’t know why. At that time, Liu Xishi’s mother had always disagreed with him learning to search and explode. Instructor Chen knew that he had been emotionally fluctuated recently and asked instructor Hou to enlighten him. Knowing that Liu Xishi was affected by his mother, instructor Hou suggested that he go back and explain clearly to his mother.

Later, Liu Xishi went to the hospital to apologize to his stepfather, and then hoped that his mother would not call the army again. On the 113th day of the 1132 minefield, Liu Xishi found a booby trap. Since he had not figured out the route, he asked Ruohua to wait for him to find it out before he came up to find himself.

The line of the booby mine discovered by Liu Xishi was complicated, and the extension of the line was very long. He continued to check the line, his feet slipped and rolled down from the mountain. When he stood up, he discovered that he had strayed into the minefield with thunder entangled in his body. The lead wire, if you are not careful, it will be blown to pieces.

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