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Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 Episode 18 Recap

The nursery rhyme called a good girlfriend to talk about the promise of Lu Sicheng. Chen Jinyang immediately heard it like chicken blood, and his voice was several decibels high. The two began to discuss, and the two of them discussed more and more farther away.

After hanging up the phone, the nursery rhyme went downstairs to see Lu Sicheng sleeping, and then approached to ask about the blind date. After hearing the voice, Lu Sicheng opened his eyes to respond to the nursery rhyme. After the two chatted for a few words, the nursery rhyme found that Lu Sicheng did not leave. Because of myself. While chatting, the team manager Xiao Rui came over and interrupted the chat between the two. The nursery rhyme took the opportunity to leave immediately.

After dismissing Xiao Rui, Lu Sicheng went out to go on a date with Su Luo. He happened to meet the Pope and a group of people. When everyone saw Lu Sicheng, they couldn’t help but start joking about today’s loss of solo. But everyone’s Lu Sicheng strode away. At the gate of the base, Lu Sicheng and Su Luo decisively left after expressing their intentions indifferently. Even though Su Luo kept lowering his posture repeatedly during the period, Lu Sicheng still did not change his attitude.

In the base, a group of ZGDX people were still waiting for Lu Sicheng to return. Seeing that Lu Sicheng had not returned, everyone complained. Seeing the nursery rhymes in the base, they took the opportunity to go out and find Lu Sicheng, and the two happened to meet outside the base. Lu Sicheng was also taken aback when he saw the nursery rhyme rushing over. After the two chatted for a few words, Lu Sicheng took the nursery rhyme to buy crayfish.

The two came to the crayfish shop with electric shocks. When paying the money, the clerk and Lu Sicheng talked about nursery rhymes. When they heard the nursery rhyme look at Lu Sicheng, the corners of Lu Sicheng’s mouth were upturned and he was secretly delighted. Lu Sicheng, who came to the door of the store carrying the crayfish, had to take a break because of his injury.

After learning about the nursery rhyme, he immediately snatched the crayfish and walked to the car alone. Lu Sicheng, who was lagging behind, looked at the nursery rhyme with a beautiful heart. Hearing the call of the nursery rhyme, Lu Sicheng hurried to catch up, and then gave the nursery rhyme a touch. I was stunned by the nursery rhyme I was touching my head.

On the way back, the nursery rhyme asked Lu Sicheng about solo in the car. After the two chatted for a few words, the nursery rhyme was a little bit unhappy because Lu Sicheng said that he did not have a girlish heart. Seeing the nursery rhyme changed his face, Lu Sicheng hurriedly changed his words, and at the same time sent a sweet touch to kill.

This time, the nursery rhyme did not froze, but grinned happily. Afterwards, the nursery rhymes seemed to have something to say to Lu Sicheng, but they couldn’t say anything when they came to the lips. Lu Sicheng watched the nursery rhymes nervously, and then turned on the music to persuade the nursery rhymes to relax.

The two who returned to the base brought crayfish to their teammates. The people in the base sat around and started eating shrimps. Xiaopang turned on the phone to broadcast the event to the fans. On the other hand, the nursery rhyme saw that Lu Sicheng hadn’t moved for a long time, so he dialed one and passed it to Lu Sicheng, but Lu Sicheng took it directly with his mouth. Crayfish, the teammates who were onlookers began to chuckle quietly. Just as Lu Sicheng was arguing with the nursery rhyme, Xiao Rui came over and called Lu Sicheng to discuss the matter.

After a brief discussion, Lu Sicheng agreed to participate in the comic exhibition. A group of ZGDX people flew to the event location early in the morning. Xiaorui thoughtfully gave everyone breakfast. When the group was eating happily, a bunch of fans suddenly swarmed in asking for autographs. Lu Sicheng and the nursery rhyme were also embarrassed.

If you refuse, you agree. But this is a trap if it fails. One of the fans went back and forth to find someone from ZGDX for autographs, recognizing that the nursery rhyme of the same person called Rui Ge to report the situation, and then Rui Ge issued an eviction order. Fans who were rejected posted this on the Internet, and all of a sudden negative news about nursery rhymes was spread. At this moment, everyone began to find that the content of the activities on the list was not very reasonable, and everyone asked questions.

But the person in charge who had just been rejected was not happy anymore. Not only did he verbally refuse, but he also complained strangely. The group of people couldn’t bear it, and conflict broke out. The grumpy nursery rhyme couldn’t help but stepped forward and pushed forward with the organizer. The last piece of Lu Sicheng came forward to stop this incident.

Because of this conflict, the nursery rhymes were left alone in the locker room, and the more aggrieved nursery rhymes became crying alone. At the event site, while the teammates were playing, Lu Sicheng used his mobile phone to quietly record some clips. On the other side, the female person in charge also started to cheer on the live broadcast, and netizens who didn’t know the truth suddenly began to denounce nursery rhymes.

Things got worse and worse, and finally the nursery rhyme was interviewed by the board of directors. Unexpectedly, Wang Dong is actually Lu Sicheng’s mother. As soon as Wang Dong arrived at the office, he punished Xiao Rui. At this moment, Lu Sicheng rushed in after receiving the news. The mother-child meeting was not too harmonious. In the end, after a group of people negotiated, they decided to impose a one-game ban on nursery rhymes. At that time, Lu Sicheng stayed alone to discuss with Lu Mu.

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