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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 13 Recap

The Kuomintang shouted with a loudspeaker in order to make the Communist Party surrender. Qiao Sanben persuaded the company commander to surrender. Chen Xueliang led all the soldiers of the 1st company to refuse. Qiao Sanben collapsed and said that they were crazy. The Kuomintang continued to invest its forces in combat. One company suffered heavy casualties. Qiao Sanben was seriously injured. Du Guangsheng buried the body on his body and told him to lie down. Du Guangsheng died in this battle. His subordinates advised Fan Hanjie not to invest his troops in Bai Laohu, otherwise there will be loopholes in Jinzhou’s defense line. Fan Hanjie compromised and no longer increased his troops, but he demanded that Bai Laohu must be taken down.

1 Even with serious casualties, many people died. Their hiding place was blown up by Jiang bandit army tanks, and many more people were injured at once. When they were desperate, they heard the horn of the communist army and immediately lifted their minds. Only a few people left rushed out to fight the Jiang bandit army to the death. All the officers and men of the 1st company braved the three-dimensional fire net composed of enemy aircraft, artillery, and tanks to fight for 16 hours. From day to night, they repelled 15 offensives of a regiment of the Kuomintang, creating favorable conditions for the liberation of Jinzhou. After the battle, the 37 comrades who survived the 1st company were known as the 37th Warriors of the White Tiger Company.

Qiao Sanben crawled out of the dead pile and found Du Guangsheng’s body. No matter how he called him, Du Guangsheng didn’t respond. Zhang Wanxin met with Lin Zhiwen after a long time. She heard that the school would organize a winter training camp. She discouraged Lin Zhiwen from participating in this winter training camp. Because the Northeast is going to fight a big battle, the government wants to send young students to the battlefield as cannon fodder, so Lin Zhiwen Never go. Lin Zhiwen’s heart was ashamed. He knew where Zhang Wanxin was going to take him, but he said sorry to Zhang Wanxin. He refused to leave with Zhang Wanxin. He didn’t even have the courage to leave now.

Lin Biao got off the special train and joined Luo Ronghuan. Chiang Kai-shek arrived at Shenyang Dongta Airport by plane and learned that many generals failed to arrive in time because of the late notice. Chiang Kai-shek understood that the Northeast was going to be purged. Zhou Enlai analyzed that Wei Lihuang had just returned to Shenyang and Chiang Kai-shek followed closely behind, indicating that Jiang Jieshi might want Wei Lihuang to send troops to open up the Shen-Jin line and leave a way out for the Jiang army. If Wei Lihuang withdraws from Jinzhou west, For the East Field decisive battle, it was indeed a big trouble. Chiang Kai-shek understands that Shenyang is now facing pests, and the grain of the General Headquarters of Suppression is allocated from Jinzhou.

Even so, Wei Lihuang still believes that defending Shenyang means holding the hope of the party-state in the northeast. He is unwilling to withdraw his troops. If Chiang Kai-shek finds that he can’t take on this task, he can change people, he is no different. Jiang Jieshi glanced at him, sighed deeply, and said nothing. When meeting with many generals, Chiang Kai-shek read the “Manuscript of Suppression Bandit” to the generals who did not bring the “Manuscript of Suppression Bandit” aloud. I know that not many people are listening, but Chiang Kai-shek still read it sentence by sentence. Before he left, Chiang Kai-shek said to them earnestly, if you don’t listen to him, the Northeast will be over, and the whole situation will be reversed.

Han Xianchu went to the artillery regiment to find Zhu Rui, and wanted to work with him about the rifle coordination. When Fan Hanjie learned that Chiang Kai-shek was giving instructions in Shenyang, he came here specially. He proposed a bold plan to Chiang Kai-shek. Since the Communist army is determined to fight, why not wipe out the Communist army’s more than 700,000 troops in Jinshen. Chiang Kai-shek immediately understood that Fan Hanjie was talking about the Battle of Jinchen. Han Xianchu told Zhu Rui that Fan Hanjie is a veteran of defensive warfare. Yixian not only has a large number of bunkers, bunkers, traffic trenches, and even moats, it must be very difficult to fight. What Han Xianchu said is indeed reasonable, but Zhu Rui said that this also happens to be a testing ground for their rifle coordination.

In the past, there were few artillery, and they were weaker than their opponents in artillery firepower. Now it’s different. They can first crush their opponents on artillery firepower. From artillery as an offensive and defensive supplement for infantry, they will use stronger firepower first. Destroying the enemy’s fortifications, and then cooperating with infantry’s attacks in depth to minimize the casualties of our army, this is a more modern way of warfare. Fan Hanjie understands Lin Biao and Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong does not want to think about what will happen if he loses. Lin Biao is different. He is very cautious. If Jinzhou fails in World War I, Lin Biao’s legacy in the Northeast will be gone. Lin Biao’s caution is their fighter. .

Fan Hanjie said that holding Jinzhou for half a month to a month would be no problem. At that time, Shenyang’s main force would move westward to cut off the Communist army’s back road, and Fu Zuoyi’s main force would attack the west again. Jinzhou broke through from the center and formed a three-sided encirclement. All combat power in the Northeast was wiped out. Chiang Kai-shek thought that his blueprint for the battle between Jin and Shen was very good, but Chiang Kai-shek also had difficulties. Fu Zuoyi refused to fight, and Wei Lihuang refused to leave Shenyang. Fan Hanjie reminded that the entire force of Shenyang is not completely in the hands of Wei Lihuang.

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