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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 12 Recap

Lin Biao stared out of the window in a special train at the front-line command post of the Northeast Field Army. At the beginning of September, the Central Military Commission and the Northeast Field Army reached a consensus to implement a siege of Changchun. The main force of the East Field went south to attack Jinzhou first and seized the Beining Line.

The first shot of the Great Three Battles is about to fire. A small Kuomintang army was guarding the old Baihu in the outskirts of Jinzhou. The Northeast Field Army quietly approached and caught them by surprise. Du Guangsheng, a soldier from the 1st Company of the 74th Regiment of the 25th Division of the 9th Column of the Northeast Field Army, was indeed a sharpshooter and killed all the four Kuomintang troops who wanted to drive away.

Qiao Sanben had become a soldier of the 1st Company of the 74th Regiment of the 25th Division of the 9th Column of the Northeast Field Army, and turned his gun to the Kuomintang. Wei Lihuang’s delay in quitting Shenyang as required made Chiang Kai-shek helpless and angry. Wei Lihuang believed that Lin Biao’s main attack direction must be Changchun, not Jinzhou.

Even if the trail of the Communist Army appeared outside Jinzhou, he still believed in his own judgment. Hearing that Wei Lihuang said that Lin Biao and his headquarters had been on the train, Chiang Kai-shek also began to doubt his own judgment. Liu Yalou asked Lin Biao if he had already begun to attack Jinzhou, whether they still needed to hide their traces.

Early in the morning, Fan Hanjie learned that Bailaohutun, Liangjiashan and other front lines had been breached by the Communist Party. He ordered his men to figure out the main direction of the Communist army. 1 Company cleaned the battlefield in Bailaohu Village on the outskirts of Jinzhou and seized a lot of weapons and ammunition.

One of the trucks was full of ammunition. Company commander Chen Xueliang immediately arranged for artillery shells and mines to be placed at the front of the position, and heavy machine guns were set up on the left and right in the middle of the position. One, forming a crossfire, they will make the final defensive position in the village. When building the fortifications, Qiao Sanben sang Du Guangsheng, and Du Guangsheng was very resistant and quarreled with Qiao Sanben.

The two quarreled very fiercely. Du Guangsheng even raised his gun at Qiao Sanben. Later, under the beating of the instructor Tian Guangwen and the company commander Chen Xueliang, the two talents disappeared. Tian Guangwen told Qiao Sanben that Du Guangsheng’s sister was defiled by the Jiang bandit army.

At that time, they sang Duo Renzhuan. His sister jumped into the well unbearably insulted, which became a wound in Du Guangsheng’s heart that could not be mentioned. Qiao Sanben immediately understood why Du Guangsheng’s reaction was so big, and apologized to Du Guangsheng when he was about to withdraw. Fan Hanjie learned that there was only one sharp knife company in Bailaohutun, and he ordered a strengthening camp to level down Bailaohutun within an hour.

The fortifications built in the early stage of 1st Company were very tight. They repelled a round of offensive by the Kuomintang army, but the other side sent planes to carry out air attacks, and 1st Company instantly turned from advantage to disadvantage. Zeng Yongya, commander of the 25th Division of the 9th Column of the Northeast Field Army, received a call and stepped up to send a battalion to rescue the company.

At this time, the Bailaohu village was fighting fiercely, and the tank rushed into the first line of defense. A soldier carried an explosive kit and died with the tank. Qiao Sanben was not far away, and he was baffled by the bombing. Standing still, Du Guangsheng raised his gun at Qiao Sanben’s back and killed a Jiang bandit army who was about to shoot at Qiao Sanben.

Fan Hanjie reported the battle to Chiang Kai-shek. He confidently said that the company in Bailaotun had been wiped out, but he was not sure whether it was Lin Biao’s main force that attacked Jinzhou. Jiang Jieshi had to let him end the battle as soon as possible tonight, and strive to capture more prisoners. Confirmed by multiple parties.

At this time, the 1st company retreated to the last line of defense in the village, and the battle was still very anxious, mainly because the offensive of the Jiang Bandit army was really fierce. They sounded the explosives buried in the village, and once again repelled the Jiang bandit army. Fan Hanjie was very angry when he learned that he hadn’t been able to destroy a company of the Communist army after a day of fighting. He increased his troops again and razed Bailaotun to the ground at all costs.

1 Even from the morning until now, they have used flesh and blood to prove their determination, but Lin Biao has no confidence. He is worried that he will lose his roots in the northeast. Liu Yalou tried to persuade him, but he didn’t know if Lin Biao had wavered. 1 Even for a temporary rest, Qiao Sanben said that he wanted to eat his mother’s cakes, and Du Guangsheng also suddenly said that he also missed the pancakes his sister had baked him. As soon as he said this, anyone who understood would understand, and there was a silence all around. .

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