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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 13 Recap

Lin Haolai was looking for Xiaolei to understand Xia Yan’s situation, and learned that Xia Yan had returned to Bizhong Technology and had nothing to do with Xu Chengyi. It was a misunderstanding that night. Now Xia Yan went back to Bizhong Technology for work. Yan’s father was also ill, but Xia Yan digested all the negative energy by herself. Xiao Lei blamed Lin Hao for hurting Xia Yan and let Xia Yan go through the most difficult years. Lin Hao begged Xiao Lei for help to find Xia Yan, but Xiao Lei refused Lin Hao, and Lin Hao blamed all his mistakes. On Hao Jie, he accused Hao Jie of destroying everything.

After Mark came to Uncle Pai to study, he bought the coffee shop of Pai. Uncle Pai was worried that Han Shuang would leave after he knew it. On the contrary, Mark knew it well. He came for Han Shuang so he would not let Han Shuang leave. Mark understands deeply. Han Shuang’s temper.

He deliberately showed that he was the new boss in front of Han Shuang, and threatened to expel Han Shuang. Han Shuang deliberately insisted on staying, and even took out the signed contract to say something. Uncle Pai asked Mark to keep Han Shuang in accordance with the agreement, and he couldn’t dismiss employees at will. Mark was very proud.

Han Shuang used this to offer to drink with Uncle Pai to see off Mark. Han Shuang had already seen the tricks of Uncle Pai and Mark, and knew that they were using the aggressive method to get her into the bait. This shop is Han Shuang’s long-awaited attention. Yes, she wouldn’t give it to Mark easily, so she just deliberately left the plan to make Mark proud, and sooner or later he would regret it. Uncle Pai suddenly felt that the pair of Mark and Han Shuang was really ridiculous and cute.

Xiaojun thinks that Lin Hao and Hao Jie are separated and have a fortune, so he deliberately asks Xiao Lei to go and persuade Xiao Lei to see Lin Hao more, not to contact Fei Tianming, and think that Fei Tianming Having children is a burden, and I also dislike Fei Tianming and don’t care about people. After seeing Fei Tianming several times, Fei Tianming doesn’t know what it means. This made Xiaolei a little surprised. Before Xiaojun praised Fei Tianming for having children, it’s okay to be outstanding. Talent is the most important thing. Xiaolei accidentally discovered that Xiaojun had sold the books in Fei Tianming’s book bar and could not help but started running against Xiaojun. The army was speechless for a while.

Xiaojun failed to make a plan and tried another plan. He deliberately asked Xiaolei to go out of the hotel. He also claimed that Lin Hao is very poor now. After ordering a large table, he didn’t eat a bite of the food, and he was losing weight. Can I persuade you. After all, Xiao Lei couldn’t bear to go upstairs to see Lin Hao. Lin Hao sat there with a sluggish expression. It was indeed a bit pitiful to me.

Seeing Xiao Lei coming, Lin Hao blamed himself for hurting Xia Yan, and now it was his retribution to lose Xia Yan, but he really couldn’t let go of Xia Yan in his heart, and his love for Xia Yan had never changed. Lin Hao blamed himself unreasonably, claiming that he loved Xia Yan but couldn’t do anything for Xia Yan, and he couldn’t let Xia Yan follow him.

Xiao Lei comforted Lin Hao to believe that they could still be together if they persisted. Lin Hao was full of sadness and felt that he had worked very hard, but living in this world was not as good as the words of those capable people. No matter how hard he tried to get into graduate school, he thought he would be able to stand out, but he did nothing. No. Some people don’t need to do anything. A single sentence is worth ten times his effort. Perhaps these words pierced the tears in Xiao Lei’s heart and she wept.

Lin Hao is the only graduate student in the village, and the pride of his parents, even the pride of the whole village, but this pride is worthless in this real life. Xiao Lei felt that Lin Hao was also the pride of Xia Yan before. Lin Hao used to think so, but later found out that she couldn’t give Xia Yan anything. Xia Yan wanted something that others could easily give, but he couldn’t.

Lin Hao said that when he was in the company, he knew that Hao Jie had something to do with him, but in order to give Xia Yan a warm home, he could only choose to submit. So far, he has not given anything, but lost the most beautiful summer. Yan. Xiao Lei was shedding tears and smiling, and she seemed to be thinking about her little bit, thinking that life is not going smoothly. Only through troughs and adversities can she walk towards the most beautiful scenery. And these words were what Lin Hao had said to Xiao Lei when he was in college. Xiao Lei felt that Lin Hao was still Lin Hao before, and tears flowed down the cheeks of the two of them.

Xiao Lei was finally moved by Lin Hao, so she lied that she was looking for Xia Yan. When Xia Yan came down, Lin Hao was waiting outside. Xia Yan wanted to avoid Lin Hao, but after all, she wanted to make it clear. Xia Yan didn’t think of the person she had been looking for and waiting for, but finally got Lin Hao’s lighthearted break up. Lin Hao held Xia Yan’s hand and apologized. Xu Chengyi saw Xu Chengyi turning and leaving. Xia Yan cried and broke free of Lin Hao’s hand. Recalling what Lin Hao had said before, Lin Hao said that he would not say sorry, because he would not do anything to be sorry for Xia Yan, and would not make Xia Yan sad. Xia Yan now heard Lin Hao say a few words of sorry.

Xia Yan put away the tears she shed, and also said that the reason why she wanted to talk to Lin Hao was to make it clear that Lin Hao didn’t believe her and Xu Chengyi’s innocence when they broke up, but just wanted to make her own peace of mind. I now come back and believe that Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi’s innocence is because Hao Jie has left, and Lin Hao has no better choice. Xia Yan calmly said that she would not want to say more, she only hopes that Lin Hao will have a bright future, and she will do it again. No longer had anything to do with Lin Hao.

Han Shuang learned that Fei Tianming is a well-known but low-key person in the field of design, but Xiao Lei didn’t know everything about Fei Tianming, and the two of them had never said this in their daily life. This made Xiaolei suddenly feel that maybe Fei Tianming concealed these things because she didn’t want her to plot something, but Han Shuang thought it was love, because Fei Tianming was originally a very low-key person, and Xiaolei had no self-confidence anymore. She always felt that she and Fei Tianming had something. gap.

Xiaolei took Fei Tianming’s things back and apologized. Fei Tianming believed that Xiaolei was Xiaolei and Xiaojun was Xiaojun. No matter what he did, Xiaojun was responsible for his actions, and he was already an adult. Fei Tianming knows that Xiaojun is very much loved at home, and also understands that Xiaolei’s favorite books have been sold by her parents, but Xiaolei said that she can understand this, because in the eyes of her parents, girls are useless, and there is no reading. use. These words made Fei Tianming very distressed, and it was difficult for Xiaolei to grow up in such a family.

Fei Tianming originally wanted to invite Xiaolei for dinner, but Xiaolei refused. When Xiaolei left, she happened to see her ex-wife bringing her children to see Fei Tianming. Fei Tianming was extremely fond of the children. Seeing the family together, Xiaolei revealed The smile left silently.

Lin Hao’s company encountered some financial difficulties. The secretary proposed to resign. Lin Hao wanted to stay, but he didn’t expect that the secretary had a lot of reasons to leave. Lin Hao had no choice but to agree. Lin Hao’s money for investing in stocks has been falling, which makes Lin Hao a headache.

Fei Tianming’s ex-wife Wang Meng came to find Xiaolei and gave her a gift, telling Xiaolei that she and Fei Tianming divorced when Doudou was three years old. Doudou is now growing up and always asks why Parents cannot live together, Doudou hopes that Fei Tianming can be with him. Wang Meng once thought about remarrying, but many things seem impossible. Wang Meng hopes that in the future Xiaolei and Fei Tianming can take care of their children’s emotions. These words made Xiao Lei feel uncomfortable and hurriedly got up and left.

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