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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 36 Recap

Feng Ran frowned when he returned from Tiangong. Hou Chi knew Feng Ran’s intentions for Jing Jian, so he said something about Feng Ran. Jing Jian is not only Jing Yang’s younger brother, but also Tian Hou’s son, but also a Jing with his own thought and soul. Jian, he is upright and has maintained Qingchi Palace many times. Feng Ran should give him a chance and give himself a chance. With the help of Houchi, Feng Ran came to see Jingjian happily, but Jingjian hesitated and did not reveal his feelings. Feng Ran took Jingjian to the market now.

After visiting the market, Feng Ran took Jing Jian to watch the sunset together. Jing Jian knew his love for Feng Ran, but because of his identity, he had to suppress this love. The sunset is beautiful, but short-lived. It is like a long life, and it is just a drop in the sea in the boundless world. Feng Ran and Jing Jian drink together at the sunset, cherishing the beautiful moments in front of each other. After watching the sunset, the two parted. Feng Ran has never liked going around, and now she showed her thoughts about Jing Jian, and let Jing Jian give her an answer at the wedding banquet in Houchi tomorrow.

She has Jingjian in her heart, and she also knows that Jingjian has her in her heart. If the two want to be together, they will have to go through many difficulties, but as long as the two are together, she is willing to accompany Jingjian to face the difficulties together forever. If the two cannot get together, she is also willing to become a good friend of life and death with Jing Jian.

Qingmu bought the people from Qingchi Palace, and he hurriedly brought his gift to Houchi. The Shenyin Mountain was dead and dangerous. Qingmu prepared medicines and magic charms for the back pond, and also gave the god dog donated by Donghua to the back pond. In order to coax Ho Chi to be happy, Qing Mu brought Ho Chi to Dibei City. He has been teaching Bai Shuo Kungfu to make Bai Shuo smile again. This gift touched Ho Chi very much.

Qing Mu only kissed the corner of his mouth slightly. With the forehead of Houchi, as long as Houchi is happy, he will be willing to go through fire and water. Today, I walked through the Imperial City, Houchi also had a new idea for the wedding ceremony. She wanted to salute the sun and the moon with human couples, and only friends and relatives who sincerely wished them were all around her. Listening to what Houchi said, Qingmu agreed to Houchi without saying anything, and prepared to do everything in accordance with Houchi’s requirements.

Wu Huan came to Jiuyou, where she wanted to release and absorb the devilish energy with the refining bow to break through the top of the upper god, and reach the strength enough to match the true god, otherwise when the true god awakens, she is afraid that she will not have the life to enjoy the blessing of the queen. . In the palace, Jing Zhao accompanies Twilight obediently. Donghua comes to see Twilight. Twilight asks Dongdong to check the loss of evil spirit in the world. He thinks this is strange. These words happened to be heard by Jing Zhao, who also knew that Wuhuan ordered Jingyang to do the evil spirit.

After Houchi and Qingmu went to the world to get married, Gu Jun secretly sighed in his heart, now that all this is not what Bai Jue wished, for these sixty thousand years he has obeyed Bai Jue’s words, but this is the only thing he still violated Bai Jue’s wishes. Before he knew it, he regarded Houchi as his own biological daughter, so he did not want to watch Houchi and Qingmu live unhappy. This is because they owe Houchi. If Baijue is to blame in the future, he will be blamed. It’s good.

Houchi and Qingmu married in the world, Qingmu came to welcome the bride, Jingjian claimed to be her family and blocked Qingmu’s door, allowing Qingmu to marry Houchi through many difficulties. When Qing Mu was about to see Houchi, a happy apocalypse came and stopped Qing Mu. He did not allow Qingmu to marry Houchi. Today, he came to snatch relatives.

When Houchi came out and saw Tianqi, she frankly told Tianqi that she was not ancient, but Houchi. Today was her wedding to Qingmu. She didn’t want to be unhappy with Tianqi, so she asked Tianqi to move to the side hall to eat. Wedding wine. Tianqi did not embarrass Houchi. He stood among the crowd, and watched the wedding of the two with Gu Jun, and then left lonely.

Jing Zhao tells Jing Yang about Twilight’s doubts about the evil spirits in the world, and advises Jing Yang not to make mistakes again and again, but Jing Yang decides to kill the tourmaline. Helpless, Jing Zhao had no choice but to find Jingjian, but accidentally ran into the marriage ceremony between Houchi and Qingmu. She secretly told Jingjian about Jingyang. Jingjian wanted to take the first step, but Houchi knew something was wrong.

The guests moved to the side hall for a drink first, and after hearing what Jingjian had said, the group went to the underground palace to stop Jingyang. Jing Yang wanted to kill the tourmaline, but was stopped by a group of people from Houchi. Jing Jian wanted to take Jingyang back to Tiangong, but Jing Zhao let Jingyang go. She was afraid that Wuhuan would be involved in this matter. Not only did Jing Jian want to hide it.

Regarding this matter, Jing Jian persuaded Houchi and Qingmu to keep it secret. Jing Jian had great righteousness in his heart, he refused to agree to this matter, and broke up with Jing Zhao, while tourmaline was a fate. Although he believed that he was not suffering from the world and colluded with the queen, he deserved it, but he died. , The evil spirits of the world are no longer guarded. Listening to this, Houchi promised tourmalines that during these hundred years, she would surely wash away her evil spirits and protect the world.

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