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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 35 Recap

Feng Ran stayed in Rakshadi to play a chess game with Jingjian. After the chess, Fengran wanted to return to Qingchi Palace, but the Demon Realm led his army to Rakshadi. The leaders of the demon world this time are Sen Jian and Sen Yu. The two want to retrieve the Ju Yao banner. Don’t say that the Ju Yao banner is not on Feng Ran. Even if it is on her, the Ju Yao banner is borrowed by Apocalypse. Sen Jian again Why bother to force each other. Sen Jian didn’t believe that Apocalypse would loan out the treasure regardless of the demon clan.

He provoked a battle between the fairy demon and wanted to win Fengran. Jing Jian protects Feng Ran with all his heart, and Gu Jun just purified the evil spirit of the Raksha Di and came to stop the battle. He is quite famous among the Three Realms, and even Sen Jian has to respect him a bit. Today’s matter He promised Sen Jian that Qingchi Palace would give the Demon Realm an explanation in the future. Hearing what Gu Jun said, Sen Jian no longer forced each other bitterly, and only sold Gu Jun’s face.

Jing Yang rushed to the underground palace before Houchi and Qingmu. He secretly released the evil spirit from the underground palace, and the evil air flowed into the world for a while, and the current cultivation base of Chi and Qingmu could not easily block the evil energy. The suffocation was caused by the back pond. Today, even if the suffocation is dissipated, the back pond will still be trapped. Qingmu can’t bear the injury to the back pond. He only draws the suffocation to himself. After the suffocation has improved, he lets the back pond return. The Tiangong reported, staying alone in the Tiangong to resist the evil spirits.

In the Tiangong, Jingyang insisted that the back pool of Qingchi Palace provoked the battle of the fairy demon because of the Ju Yao flag. Gu Jun and Jing Jian explained that the Ju Yao flag was borrowed by the apocalypse, but the immortals did not believe it until Zihan offered the apocalypse. The order came to convey that the Ju Yao banner was borrowed by the Yao Clan, and this calmed the speculation of the immortals.

Unexpectedly, Jing Yang questioned the relationship between Houchi and Tianqi, thinking that Qingchi Palace had been in collusion with the demon clan for a long time, and the ancient monarch walked upright and sat downright. Both he and Qingchi Palace were not afraid of these rumors. Just when Gu Jun wanted to leave the Heavenly Palace, Xianjun reported that the evil spirits of the underground palace fell into the world, harming the people of one party.

This happened because of the back pond. Gu Junhu wanted to protect the back pond, but at this time, the back pond came to the main hall. She knew that she was rarely punished by the gods, and now she is willing to cut off the throne of God by herself and enter the hidden mountain for a hundred years. Eliminate evil spirits. Hou Chi’s self-punishment was not clear. Twilight asked Hou Chi to think clearly. Seeing that Hou Chi’s expression was firm, Twilight responded to Hou Chi’s mention and exempted Qing Mu from punishment as she requested.

The evil spirit in the underground palace has been suppressed, and Houchi has also asked for punishment. Gu Jun still feels distressed for Houchi. After Houchi has experienced all these things, she has grown up and is willing to bear her fault for saving Baixuan, even if Baixuan After awakening, it is no longer the same Bai Xuan, and she has no regrets. When Qingmu came to the Temple of Heaven, he learned from Jing Zhao that Houchi had asked for punishment once, and he hurried to find Houchi.

He was willing to accompany Houchi into the Shenyin Mountain for a hundred years. Houchi wanted to face his own mistakes alone. She and Qing Mu made a 100-year agreement. After a hundred years, she will live with Qing Mu for life and life, but within this century, she and Qing Mu can only be separated from two places. Reluctant to part with the two, Qingmu made a vow of non-separation of the white head to Houchi. He was pleased with Houchi and only wished to stay with Houchi for a lifetime.

Mori Yu had a lot of opinions about Apocalypse’s repeated maintenance of the back pond. Apocalypse tried to teach Mori Yu, and Mori Jane pleaded for Mori. Apocalypse looked at Mori Jane and spared Mori Yu, but he asked Mori Jane to remember the reason for the demon world. He is the master, if anyone dares to hurt or injure the back pond, he will never be merciless.

When Wuhuan went to Jiuyou, she told Jingyang that he must kill the tourmaline, and no one knew about the evil in the world. In Qingchi Palace, Houchi gathers spiritual consciousness for Bai Xuan. She believes that Bai Xuan will be able to meet her in a hundred years, but Qing Mu on the side only hopes that Bai Xuan can stay in the three treasures for thousands of years. Give him time to spend day and night with Houchi.

Qingmu and Houchi are about to get married. Gu Jun ordered the two to not see each other before they were newly married. Qingmu wanted to send a gift to Houchi, but he was worried about it. Under Jingjian’s suggestion, Qingmu decided to send the living creature and the back pond, so as to accompany the back pond godly mountain for a hundred years. After solving Qingmu’s affairs, Jing Jian also has a sad look between his eyebrows. Qingmu is much luckier than him. Although he admires Fengran, there is nowhere to say his heart and sincerity.

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