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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 21 Recap

Lin Xiangyuan went to the bar to get drunk, Xie Li came to him and wished him an early appointment as the president of Yutian. Lin Xiangyuan wanted to face Lei Yuzheng to show off his strength. Now he can’t realize the joy of victory at all. Lin Xiangyuan persuaded Jiang Jin to take over the entertainment city project in an all-round way. Jiang Jin did not want to mix up the mess.

He took Lin Xiangyuan to open the board of directors. Lei Ting and Lei Yuzheng were not there. The directors lost their backbone. Jiang Jin suggested the election of an executive director, and everyone unanimously recommended it. He, Jiang Jin had no choice but to agree, and he solemnly recommended Lin Xiangyuan to be in charge of the entertainment city project.

Lei Yuzheng was sentenced to eight months in prison. He came to the cell holding the bedding. The prisoner Liu Siyang in the same room greeted him on the initiative, but Lei Yuzheng remained silent. Du Xiaosu learned that Lei Yuzheng had been sentenced to prison. She felt very sad. She regretted that she couldn’t help Lei Yuzheng. He Qunfei considered repeatedly deciding to break up with Zou Siqi. He felt that he had harmed Lei Yuzheng, and Lei Ting was unconscious, and he had no face. Talking about love, just wanting to make atonement silently, Zou Siqi angered and agreed to break up with him.

At night, Lei Yuzheng tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. Liu Siyang persuaded him to speak, otherwise the two of them would be suffocated. Lei Yuzheng remained indifferent. Liu Siyang ridiculed Lei Yuzheng and spoke badly. After the fight, the prison guards rushed to stop him upon hearing the news. Jiang Fanlu reported to Jiang Jin that He Qunfei had beaten Lin Xiangyuan. Jiang Jin suspected that Lin Xiangyuan had planted Lei Yuzheng.

Lin Xiangyuan defended him in every possible way and tried his best to clear himself. Jiang Fanlu didn’t believe it at all. Lin Xiangyuan vowed to show that he did not harm Lei Yuzheng, but instead complained. Jiang Fanlu should not pour dirty water on him. Lin Xiangyuan was angry about going to jail for Lei Yuzheng. Jiang Jin believed in him deeply and persuaded Jiang Fanlu to believe in Lin Xiangyuan. Jiang Fanlu went back to his room with anger.

Liu Siyang and Lei Yuzheng were sent to the infirmary to bandage their wounds. The prison guards asked them hard to do the first thing. Both of them were silent. The prison guards revealed that they had committed similar crimes. It also showed that Liu Siyang had serious problems. Heart disease, remind Lei Yuzheng not to be impulsive.

Du Xiaosu came to the detention center to see Lei Yuzheng, but Lei Yuzheng refused to see him. He just wanted to know his father’s situation, so Du Xiaosu had to ask the prison guard to give the book and food to Lei Yuzheng. Afterwards, Du Xiaosu asked He Qunfei about the hospital where Lei Ting was staying, and came to see him directly and saw Lei Ting still unconscious. Du Xiaosu stood by Lei Ting’s bed, tightly holding his hand, begging him to wake up as soon as possible, otherwise Yutian would change his dynasty and Lei Yuzheng would go to jail for nothing.

Lin Xiangyuan became the general manager of Yutian as he wished. He dismissed He Qunfei as soon as he took office. He Qunfei came to Lin Xiangyuan for theory. Lin Xiangyuan confessed to this. He Qunfei asked the board of directors to discuss an explanation. Jiang Fanlu came to him in time. After the siege, Lin Xiangyuan was forced to withdraw the dismissal order, otherwise she would beg the old shareholders, and Lin Xiangyuan had to make concessions.

When he was letting go, the head of the cell was rude to Liu Siyang and fought. Lei Yuzheng couldn’t stand it, so he gave the head of the cell a severe lesson. Du Xiaosu asked He Qunfei to take her to the detention center. She must see Lei Yuzheng today. Lei Yuzheng learned that Du Xiaosu was here and he didn’t want to see him, but Captain Liang tried hard to persuade him, and Lei Yuzheng had to bite the bullet and come to see Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu felt sorry for Lei Yuzheng and encouraged him to cheer him up. Lei Yuzheng didn’t want to see her, and he deliberately said something cruel to her. He Qunfei spoke kindly to Du Xiaosu on the sidelines. Lei Yuzheng reminded Du Xiaosu not to be affectionate and don’t bother him again. Du Xiaosu knew him. To be angry, promised to wait for him.

Du Xiaosu asked He Qunfei and Lei Yuzheng to have a good chat. She left the interview room with tears. He Qunfei advised Lei Yuzheng not to treat Du Xiaosu like this. Lei Yuzheng admitted that he deliberately pushed Du Xiaosu away because he didn’t want Du Xiaosu to have illusions about him as a prisoner. .

Lei Yuzheng returned to the prison room with serious thoughts. Liu Siyang saw what was on his mind and took the initiative to chat with him. Lei Yuzheng didn’t want to say more. After the lights were turned off, Liu Siyang lit a candle and continued to watch the original English versions of “Rescue Wall Street” and “Money Game.” Lei Yuzheng couldn’t help but become curious about him, but Liu Siyang didn’t say a word.

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