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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 20 Recap

Ohm was moved by Lei Yuzheng’s sincerity. Not only did he open the door to meet him, he also promised to follow him to Shanghai to meet Du Xiaosu. Lei Yuzheng was very happy. Ohm loved his dead wife Anna very much. He also saw that Lei Yuzheng liked Du Xiaosu very much and was willing to fulfill him. A painstaking effort. Du Xiaosu was deeply moved when she learned the whole story. Ohm felt that Lei Yuzheng loved her very much, just like he loved his wife Anna.

After the meal, Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng strolled in the street. Du Xiaosu sincerely thanked him, but did not understand why Lei Yuzheng was so kind to her. Lei Yuzheng felt that Du Xiaosu was different from others. He never believed in the unforgettable love until When he met Du Xiaosu, he finally understood the true meaning of love. Du Xiaosu did not dare to accept this feeling. She felt insecure. Lei Yuzheng admitted that since meeting Du Xiaosu, he couldn’t help but want to be nice to her and was willing to do everything for her. Du Xiaosu temporarily Not knowing what to do, Lei Yuzheng promised to give her time to think about it.

Yutian’s stock suddenly went high. Shareholders speculated that Lei Yuzheng was going abroad to make a big move. As soon as Lei Yuzheng came back, he convened a board of directors and announced that he would sign a contract with SG company tomorrow. The shareholders were very happy and praised him. Lei Ting carefully selected clothes and wanted to wear it when he went to sign the contract tomorrow. Lei Yuzheng gave him a tie.

Early the next morning, He Qunfei accompanied Lei Yuzheng to the Binjiang Hotel to sign a contract. This signing ceremony attracted many reporters to follow up the interview, as well as many friends from the industry. The signing ceremony between SG company and Yutian officially began. Just as Lei Yuzheng wanted to sign, the police suddenly broke into the venue and wanted to arrest Lei Yuzheng on charges of illegal transactions. He Qunfei desperately blocked him, and Jiang Fanlu did not allow Lei Yuzheng to follow them. Lei Yuzheng was also at a loss when he left. He insisted on sending out to make it clear and ask He Qunfei to help take care of Lei Ting.

Lei Ting watched Lei Yuzheng being taken away. He suddenly fainted due to the sudden fire. He Qunfei hurriedly sent Lei Ting to the hospital for rescue. Jiang Fanlu and Jiang Jin asked Lin Xiangyuan to find out why Lei Yuzheng was arrested. Lin Xiangyuan learned that Lei Yuzheng used the opportunity of the upcoming cooperation with SG to raise the stock price to make huge profits. Jiang Fanlu didn’t believe it and wanted to find out the matter himself.

The police carefully questioned Lei Yuzheng if he had disclosed any information about his cooperation with SG. Lei Yuzheng concealed that He Qunfei knew about it. Although the medical staff tried their best to rescue, Lei Ting was still unconscious and might not wake up forever. He Qunfei was very anxious. He learned from his colleagues that Lei Yuzheng was suspected of using the opportunity of SG cooperation to short the company’s stock to make huge profits. He Qunfei suddenly After understanding everything, regretted that after drinking, he revealed to Lin Xiangyuan about the cooperation with SG.

He Qunfei came to Lin Xiangyuan to inquire about the crime. Lin Xiangyuan argued in every possible way. He Qunfei believed that he was behind the scenes, and then planted Lei Yuzheng and beat him severely. Lin Xiangyuan repeatedly claimed that he would buy him a house for 1 million yuan, and that he had harmed him. Lei Yuzheng was not him but He Qunfei, and He Qunfei was immediately dumbfounded.

Du Xiaosu bought a lot of gifts in one go, and wanted to send them to Ohm, but Ohm couldn’t get through on the phone, and Du Xiaosu was puzzled. He Qunfei braved the heavy rain to find Zou Siqi and asked Zou Siqi to refund the deposit of the house. At this moment, the news that Lei Yuzheng was taken away was broadcast on the TV. He Qunfei admitted that he had revealed the company’s secrets to Lin Xiangyuan. Du Xiaosu was stunned when Lei Yuzheng was framed and framed. Jiang Fanlu asked Jiang Jin to find someone to rescue Lei Yuzheng, but Jiang Jin could do nothing.

Du Xiaosu firmly believed that Lei Yuzheng would not do opportunistic things, and wanted to help him remove the suspicion. Due to the lack of conclusive evidence, Du Xiaosu was desperate, and Zou Siqi could only persuade her kindly. Du Xiaosu pulled out the recorder and decided to stand up and go to see Lin Xiangyuan. Lei Yuzheng was detained at the police station, and he reviewed the causes and consequences of the incident again.

Lawyer Fang and He Qunfei came to see Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng learned that there was no evidence to excuse him and immediately decided to bear all guilt. As long as the Yutian and the entertainment city project were kept, He Qunfei repeatedly confessed to Lei Yuzheng. He wanted to go to the police to surrender. Putting Lei Yuzheng in jail, Lei Yuzheng desperately stopped him, only begging He Qunfei to help take care of Lei Ting.

When Xie Li saw Lei Yuzheng being arrested, he immediately called Lin Xiangyuan. Lin Xiangyuan reminded him that he must remain calm and never reveal any flaws. Du Xiaosu called Yuelin Xiangyuan to meet and sent a message to He Qunfei. Lin Xiangyuan guessed that Du Xiaosu came because of Lei Yuzheng. Du Xiaosu suspected that Lin Xiangyuan had planted Lei Yuzheng, but Lin Xiangyuan denied it.

He Qunfei returned the one million bank card to Lin Xiangyuan, and fell on his knees and begged him to save Lei Yuzheng. Lin Xiangyuan tried his best to disassociate himself from this matter. He Qunfei became angry and rushed to fight Lin Xiangyuan. He watched Lin Xiangyuan swagger away.

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