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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 21 Recap

There was a small landslide last night, and mines buried in the surface of the soil will sink with the mud. Liu Xishi ordered everyone to return according to the footprints just now. They began to take the equipment and walk forward while detecting mines. Both Liu Xishi and Ruohua are party members, and they are the first to take the lead.

However, in this case, they can also make fun while clearing mines, which seems to have a strong psychological quality. Instructor Hou learned that Instructor Chen would not allow Liu Xishi to take the exam, and went to instructor Chen to reason for Liu Xishi’s injustice. Finally, he followed Instructor Chen’s words and asked him to agree to allow Liu Xishi to take the exam.

Li Xinlei knew that Old Chen was unreasonable, so he persuaded Liu Xishi not to take the exam, and Ruohua also came to persuade him not to compete with Old Chen and honestly did not take the exam. But if Liu Xishi wants to take the test, he will definitely support him. Liu Xishi seemed to stay up all night. The next day his comrades all got up to prepare for the exam.

Li Xinlei asked Liu Xishi if he was going. Liu Xishi shook his head, but when he was preparing for the exam, he still went. Instructor Chen did not expect that he would really dare to come. Liu Xishi said that he would rather die on the battlefield than be a deserter. Instructor Chen was not good at blasting him away in front of everyone, so he had to let him return to the team.

The first stumbling block that Instructor Chen gave him was a tool box. Everyone had a tool box, but Liu Xishi’s No. 75 did not. Liu Xishi keeps in mind the EOD rules. You can never enter the examination room without a toolbox. Once you enter, you will be regarded as abstention. Instructor Chen didn’t expect his mind to be so flexible, but in the end he still didn’t have a toolbox. Instructor Chen vowed that Liu Xishi would never pass the exam. But Ruohua ran over, and he brought Liu Xishi a toolbox to solve Liu Xishi’s urgent need. Instructor Chen was choked and couldn’t say a word, and ordered Ruohua to run the lap.

After Liu Xishi checked the toolbox, he entered the examination room. The time for the explosion removal was ten hours, which was not short, but not long, especially for Liu Xishi, who had never learned booby traps. If Ruohua hid a mobile phone in his toolbox, Liu Xishi used this to contact Ruohua, and Ruohua provided him with off-site support. Liu Xishi’s examination room was very dark, and there were so many guiding cables, it was impossible to see which one was the main mine. They couldn’t learn booby traps in the first year. Ruohua ran to the library to look for materials. While looking through the materials, he told Liu Xishi not to move.

A red light had obstructed Liu Xishi for an hour. He ignored Ruohua’s obstruction and started to do it, only to realize that one of them was just a blindfold. Walking along the cable, Liu Xishi found that the house was arranged like a birdcage, including bombs used in terrorist attacks, and multiple booby mines that used the same lines. After consulting the information, Ruohua believes that these bombs do not have a main mine, they are all seven dirty bombs, and if there is a leak, they will be completely finished. At the end of the exam, all the soldiers came out, but Liu Xishi did not come out.

Instructor Chen called Liu Xishi on the walkie-talkie for a long time before Liu Xishi replied that he planned to coexist and die with the seven dirty bombs. Instructor Chen was very embarrassed. He didn’t expect this result. Director Yue frustrated and left. Instructor Chen had to announce that Liu Xishi had passed the exam. Ruohua was happy for Liu Xishi from the heart.

When Liu Xishi returned to the dormitory, his comrades applauded and congratulated him. He found that his tank model had become better, and there was glue beside it. Obviously, it was instructor Chen that helped him stick it. In the minefield of 1132, Ruohua took Liu Xishi’s class to bathe in the river, but Liu Xishi refused to go. Not long after everyone went out, Liu Xishi heard a huge bomb and hurried out to shout for Li Xinlei and Ruohua.

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