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Jinsei Iroiro (2021) 人生いろいろ

Jinsei Iroiro (2021)
Other Title: 人生いろいろ, Various Life

Genres:  Drama, Family
Kazuhiro Teranishi
Kazuhiro Teranishi
Tokyo MX
Release Date: 
July 9, 2021
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  • Teranishi Yuma as Kishida Ryutaro
  • Yagami Ren as Kishida Ichiro
  • Takamatsu Aloha as Kishida Takeshi
  • Mabuchi Erica
  • Muto Tomu
  • Nakajima Saki

There is a long-established Japanese sweets shop in Tokyo that has been around for 100 years. The Japanese sweets shop “Kishida” was succeeded by Haruhiko Kishida and Yuko, the third son of the couple, Ryutaro. Ryutaro was in the process of devising a [new Japanese confectionery] that would be popular among young people, apart from the Japanese confectionery that has been made with “Kishida” for generations.

One day, five brothers gather at the wedding of the eldest son, Ichiro. Haruhiko’s older sister, Mitsuko Oka, also came on this day, but this Ichiro’s wedding unfolds into an unexpected situation. When there were five male brothers, I brought in some kind of “incident”, and Yuko and Haruhiko had no time to relax.

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