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Decisive Victory 大决战 Episode 9 Recap

On July 22, 1847, the Party Central Committee held a meeting in Xiaohe Village. Zhou Enlai asked everyone to conduct in-depth discussions and express their opinions. Everyone talked about the issue of land reform, and Mao Zedong made a concluding speech. Hu Zongnan’s troops discovered that there were several forces gathered in Xiaohe Village.

They wanted to see if Mao Zedong was there, but when they received a telegram from Chiang Kai-shek, they had to send some troops to defend Chiang Kai-shek. As for Xiaohe Village, Some armed forces can only be sent over to do their jobs. At this time, the Xiaohe Conference came to an end, and Mao Zedong stated that their main force would be transferred to the outside and the internal streamlined and economical.

The Xiaohe Meeting was an important meeting at a turning point in the War of Liberation. This meeting created conditions for the formation of a strategic offensive posture of “the central government breaks through the containment of the two wings.”

On August 7, 1947, Liu and Deng’s army marched southward and began the feat of leaping thousands of miles into the Dabie Mountains; Chen Yi and Su Yu led the East China Field Army Corps to advance into Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu; Chen Geng and Xie Fuzhi Group marched into the west of Henan, and the three armies responded to each other. The formation of a pattern-shaped strategic posture in the vast area between the Yellow River and the Yangtze River turned the Central Plains area from the enemy’s important rear of the liberated area into a forward base for the People’s Liberation Army to win the country’s victory.

Chiang Kai-shek arrived in Yan’an by plane, but the people here did not welcome him, so Chiang Kai-shek said that Hu Zongnan’s ideological education here is still inadequate. Mao Zedong and others quickly received the telegram and found that Chiang Kai-shek was walking around in Yan’an, and they all felt amused. When Chiang Kai-shek saw Mao Zedong’s spinning wheel, he heard the peasants talk about Mao Zedong and some communist officers and soldiers here.

He suddenly wanted to use this spinning wheel. Afterwards, Chiang Kai-shek asked Song Meiling and the others to leave, and he himself wanted to stay here for a while. When Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai talked about Chen Cheng, they thought that although he did not value wealth, he valued fame and wealth.

At the same time as the three-way army strategy on the outer line, the People’s Liberation Army launched counter-offensive operations on various battlefields on the inner line. The Northwest Field Army held the Shajiadian Campaign, the East China Field Army Shandong Corps carried out the Jiaodong defense battle, and the Jin-Hebei Lu-He In the battles of Shijiazhuang and Yuncheng, the Northeast Democratic Alliance launched an autumn offensive.

The close coordination of the internal and external battlefields constituted the overall situation of the PLA’s strategic offensive, marking a fundamental transition in the strategic structure of the War of Liberation. Luo Shunchu analyzed the situation and decided to adopt a steady and steady style of play, but Han Xianchu believed that he had to take a step forward and eat up one division of the enemy in one bite.

Luo Shunchu retained his opinions and eventually reported both plans to President Dong. Du Yuming called Chen Cheng and told him to deal with it carefully and not to underestimate the enemy. The newcomer Han Xianchu is a stubborn mistake. Chen Cheng said he can rest assured that he is ready. Du Yuming also mentioned that his anti-corruption incident has already moved some unmovable figures, which may cause turmoil in the Northeast.

What Du Yuming said was from the bottom of his heart, but it was extremely harsh in Chen Cheng’s ears, and then Chen Cheng found a reason to hang up. The hand came down to report that someone had defected, and that the team leader was at odds. It was serious enough to fire a gun.

Chen Cheng is very big-headed, and he didn’t expect what Du Yuming said would be so fast. He discussed with other people and decided to win the battle at this moment. The Jiu Company, where Fang Tianjing was located, was a sharp knife company and began to attack the resident of the 116th Division of the 53rd Division of the Kuomintang Army. On the other side, the battle against Tianwangfeng was underway, and Han Xianchu understood that if Tianwangfeng was not taken at this time, they would be trapped here.

Han Xianchu personally picked up the gun and went to the battlefield, and then Zhu Rui also brought the artillery regiment to support. Fierce battles broke out on various battlefields, and the Sharp Knife Company finally won the 53rd Division and the 116th Division. Song Meiling sent Chiang Kai-shek something to eat and saw Chiang Kai-shek fall asleep on the sofa reading documents.

When Chiang Kai-shek woke up, he said that he was looking at the tactics written by Lin Biao. He wrote tactics according to local conditions. It is with these tactics that he is like a fish in water in the Northeast. And Chiang Kai-shek was very worried that his men would only make mechanical methods and would not study this tactic thoroughly. Chen Cheng is in the Northeast at the moment, and he is attacked by the enemy.

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