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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 34 Recap

Houchi saw through the formation laid by the soul-relief tower, and also found that the tourmaline had been integrated with the tower, and he did not leave the tower. The Soul Calming Tower was right in front of her, and Houchi wanted to break through this formation.

The tourmaline released the unique evil spirit here, but found that there were many ordinary graces on the Houchi body to remove the evil spirit for her. The enlightenment of Houchi came from the Emperor Beicheng. The tourmaline knew that Houchi was the upper god rear pond of Qingchi Palace in the guardian north city. He lent the tower to Houchi. On the day Houchi Jize was born, he did so. It is thanks to Houchi’s charity.

Feng Ran asked Changque for an elixir to heal his injuries, and prepared to give it to Jing Jian. When Qing Mu found Feng Ran, he planned to go to the Heavenly Palace to fetch other two treasures from the Demon Race. The two places are far apart. Feng Ran is more familiar with the Demon Race. Lingzhu can be.

Wu Huan came to Twilight’s side, and was quite upset when she saw Twilight miss Yuemi again. Twilight had already suspected Yuemi’s death, Wuhuan shed tears in front of Twilight pretendingly, and pushed Yuemi’s death on Tianqi. Twilight felt soft, but comforted Wuhuan.

Feng Ran came to the monster clan and saw Sen Yu struggled with Chang Qin, but was rejected by Chang Qin. After the two of them left, Feng Ran broke the barrier of the secret room and took out the soul gathering banner. Zi Han came to express his condolences. It turns out that Feng Ran got into the secret room because of Apocalypse’s care.

Apocalypse is giving everything for the back pond. Zi Han’s heart Secretly sighed, if Sen Jian knew that Tianqi had even lent the Demon Race’s most treasured soul gathering banner to Qingchi Palace, she would not know whether it would give birth to an alien heart. Feng Ran got the soul-gathering flag and rendezvous with Houchi.

After knowing that Qingmu was fetching the spirit-gathering beads from the Tiangong, Houchi hurriedly rushed to the Tiangong to rendezvous with Qingmu. In the Tiangong, Wu Huan found Qing Mu’s trace. Wu Huan only thought that Qing Mu had come for the Sun Moon Halberd. She took Twilight to the Treasure Pavilion and caught Qing Mu who had just picked up the Ju Lingzhu.

Feng Ran came to look for Jingjian, but unexpectedly discovered that Jingjian had her Ling Yu on her body. When Feng Ran wanted to inquire, Jing Jian was unwell due to being overwhelmed by the evil spirit. Feng Ran hurriedly gave her spiritual power to Jing Jian, and also took out the fairy medicine she had prepared for Jing Jian.

At the same time, Feng Ran informed Jing Jian that he had gone to the Demon Race to gather the demon flags. They had found Bai Xuan and were preparing to reshape their spiritual consciousness for Bai Xuan, and Hou Chi and Qing Mu had also gone to the Tiangong to borrow the Spirit Gathering Orb. Spirit Gathering Orb is not a rare treasure. Twilight has always been grudges and grudges. He believes that Twilight will not embarrass Qingmu and Houchi.

Houchi was stopped by Fengnv from the first day of the Nine Heavens. Fengnv wanted to take the Houchi, but the gods of Houchi said that the gods could not allow the Fengnv to show off his might, but saw that Houchi poured spiritual power into the bracelet, her spiritual power was greatly increased, and she went straight to it. Tiangongtang. In the Heavenly Palace Hall, Qing Mu has explained that he came to the Heavenly Palace this time to borrow the Spirit Orbs, but Wu Huan is pressing against Qing Mu.

Qing Mu does not understand why Wu Huan always wants him to follow Qing Chi Palace. The monsters are linked together. Wuhuan hopes that Qingchi Palace will become a vassal of the monsters, rather than the help of the heavens. Wuhuan only said that Qingmu’s betrayal is the first, and the refuge of Qingchi Palace is behind. Now he wants to talk about her. She was wronged, but she wanted to ask where the three-day period had come, where was the sun and moon halberd.

Listening to Wu Huan’s words, Houchi, dressed in a black robes of gods, sneered. Why Sun Moon Halberd must have understood Wu Huan best. Today, she wanted everyone to see what the Queen of Heaven was like. On the seabed of the North Sea, the three fire dragons designed to sneak attack, taking the sun and the moon halberd, everything was done by Wuhuan, fighting at the Rakshasa, the fairy demon saw Wuhuan abducting the three fire dragons.

Chi Gong, not to mention that the Heavenly Emperor is here today, even if the true God Lord is here, if there is injustice, she will have to argue to the end. When the words are over, Houchi tries to force Wuhuan, and Wuhuan has shown the Sun Moon Halberd in order to protect himself. All the facts are self-evident. This time even Twilight no longer protects Wuhuan and only fines Wuhuan to exile for ninety years .

The matter of Wuhuan has been settled, and Twilight also decided to borrow the Spirit Gathering Orb to Houchi regardless of the predecessors, but Jingyang brought the tourmaline to the Tiangong at this time. It turned out that Jingyang turned the tourmaline upside down on the condition that the immortal world would not send troops to the world for thousands of years. It is black and white, saying that Houchi abruptly snatched the soul-suppressing tower.

The soul-suppressing tower suppresses the evil spirit in the world, which is not an ordinary thing. Twilight asks Houchi to return the soul-suppression tower. Houchi wants to save Bai Xuan, and only meets the conditions with Twilight. She is willing to purify the evil spirits in the world for a hundred years with her own spiritual power. Guang temporarily borrowed the Soul Town Tower from the back pond, and after the matter was over, he would liquidate the back pond for this time.

Wuhuan was fined and exiled to Jiuyou for a hundred years, but before leaving, he ordered Jingyang to go to the underground palace to release his evil spirits, so as to deepen the sins of Houchi. On the other side of the demon clan, Sen Jian had discovered that the Ju Yao banner had been stolen by Feng Ran. He angrily rebuked Sen Yu, who was not able to take care of him, and asked Sen Yu to lead his troops to the Raksha area to consolidate the army and retrieve the Ju Yao banner.

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