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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 33 Recap

Wuhuan returned to the temple. She was furious because Twilight was still thinking about the Apocalypse God Realm. Now her practice method has been effective, so she is going to continue to provoke the battle of the fairy demon to raise her divine power and step on the gods. Underfoot. In this battle of the Rakshasa Land, Wuhuan captured three fire dragons, and she imprinted the three fire dragons on their bodies, making the three fire dragons loyal to her.

Gu Jun ordered Feng Ran to find Qing Mu, and Qing Mu must return the Sun Moon Halberd within three days. Qingmu brought Houchi to the North Sea. He explored Bai Xuan at the bottom of the North Sea, and Tianqi also followed the two of them. He laughed at Qingmu’s nonsense and followed them into the North Sea. Wuhuan learned that the three were in Beihai. She attached the power of the gods to the three fire dragons and gave him the darts of the eagle clan so that the three fire dragons went to Beihai to regain the sun and moon halberd.

When Qingchi and his party came to the bottom of the sea, Qingmu broke through an icy gate. This icy gate was the 10,000-year-old ice left by the ancient gods, and Bai Xuan was sealed in it. Qingmu and Tianqi couldn’t solve the seal together, so Qingmu had to come forward alone and broke the seal with the Taicang spear. He opened the ice coffin, and Bai Xuan appeared in the eyes of the three, but saw a divine sense enter Qingmu’s body. At this moment, the cave was about to collapse, and Qing Mu called out an apocalypse, telling him not to underestimate the enemy.

This is the octagonal trapping formation. The apocalypse is very unexpected and Qing Mu’s call, and he also knows that this formation is set by three fire dragons. Tianqi and Qingmu worked together to retreat. The three fire dragons have the power of God. He wounded Tianqi during the battle and took away the sun and moon halberd. Tianqi’s face was pale, but in order not to worry Houchi, he forced his body, Feng Ran also found a few people at this time, ready to take Qingmu and Houji back to Qingchi Palace.

Three fire dragons won the sun and moon halberd and presented them to Wuhuan. Hou Chi took Bai Xuan back to Huajing Pond, and Gu Jun came to see Hou Chi and had a happy relationship with Hou Chi Hua. After seeing Bai Xuan, Gu Jun sighed in his heart, Bai Ju was still suffering from the original tearing for the sake of ancient times. He only told Hou Chi that Bai Xuan injured his spiritual sense and fell into a deep sleep while crossing the thunder tribulation, waiting for the spiritual sense to make up for it.

Will wake up. After that, Gu Jun saw Qing Mu alone and solved Qing Mu’s confusion. Bai Xuan was Bai Jue. After he repaired his consciousness, he would wake up, and Qing Mu would disappear after he woke up. Qingmu insisted on guarding Houchi. Gu Jun asked about the Sun and Moon Halberd, and only then learned that the Sun Moon Halberd had fallen into Wu Huan’s hands.

Although Wuhuan was domineering, but he was not an enemy of Qingchi Palace for this trivial matter. Gu Jun could not guess what Wuhuan did everything for, and after Houchi absorbed the spiritual power of the pilgrimage hall, Mu Everyone knows that Houchi must be connected to the ancients, but Wuhuan rushes to kill the ancients. How much loyalty is Wuhuan to the ancients. Back then, Wu Huan said that Apocalypse killed Yuemi, and even Bai Ju took the initiative to kill Apocalypse after hearing Wu Huan’s words. He was afraid that Wu Huan’s words back then were false.

Bai Xuan’s spiritual power collapsed, and his body began to freeze. Hou Chi worried about Bai Xuan, and Feng Ran brought up the method of gathering spiritual power. He needed to gather the three treasures of Soul Calming Tower, Spirit Gathering Orb, and Demon Gathering Flag, and then put his body together. Only when it is nurtured can we reunite spiritual power and save the world.

The Spirit Gathering Orb is a heavenly object, and the Demon Gathering Banner is in charge of the evil beasts of the monster race. The Soul Resurrection Tower is to suppress the evil spirits of the world and protect the peace of the world. The three treasures are not easy to obtain. Now the ancient monarch heads to the Tiangong, and Qing Mu hopes that the back pond will wait for the ancient monarch. Come back and decide to take the Three Treasures.

Gu Jun came to see Twilight. He mentioned the relationship between Yuemi and the four true gods. He thought that Yuemi’s death had another destiny, and he suspected Wuhuan to lie. Now that the demon gods and the four great artifacts have been born, they will reopen the god realm one day. Gu Jun hopes that Twilight can find out the truth about Yuemi’s death before then, and he will go to the world to cleanse the battle between the two races. The evil spirit coming. The matter of Gu Jun seeing Twilight in private reached Wu Huan’s ears, and the two also mentioned Yue Mi. Wu Huan was very angry in her heart. She summoned three fire dragons and learned about Bai Xuan from the mouth of the three fire dragons. This person.

Hou Chi has a deep affection for Bai Xuan, she has decided to take the Sambo to save Bo Xuan, Qing Mu is willing to help Ho Chi to retrieve the Sambo, but this is a dangerous act, he is willing to bear all the crimes for Hou Chi. The two hugged each other tightly, but when Qing Mu was unprepared, Hou Chi sealed Qing Mu’s spiritual power with a sacred talisman, and she did not want Qing Mu to take risks. Houchi came to the underground palace of the earthly imperial mausoleum alone. The Soul Resurrection Tower is in the underground palace, but there is a tourmaline immortal guarded by it. After Houchi and tourmaline start hands, she will get the Soul Resurrection Tower at all costs.

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