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Tears in Heaven 海上繁花 Episode 19 Recap

Lei Yuzheng quietly stroked the hair of Du Xiaosu’s temples, and then left silently. Du Xiaosu woke up and saw a bag of food on the table. She guessed that Lei Yuzheng had brought it, but Lei Yuzheng had already left.

Du Xiaosu brought Ye Shenkuan to inspect and accept the decoration project of the office building. Ye Shenkuan was very satisfied, and also revealed that someone had asked him to find Du Xiaosu for decoration in advance. Du Xiaosu received a large sum of money, she immediately called Lei Yuzheng and invited him to dinner.

Lei Yuzheng came to the appointment on time. Du Xiaosu wanted to invite him to a big meal. Lei Yuzheng not only ordered Xiaolongbao, but also ordered it. Du Xiaosu complained about the salmon. Lei Yuzheng casually said that Du Xiaosu took over the work in an office building. Du Xiaosu suspected that he was taking the job for himself. Lei Yuzheng denied it, and Du Xiaosu didn’t think much.

Lei Yuzheng is going on a business trip abroad tomorrow. Du Xiaosu really wants to study abroad to meet his idol, Dr. Ohm. After the meal, Du Xiaosu went to checkout and found out that Lei Yuzheng had already secretly settled it. Lei Yuzheng sent Du Xiaosu home. He mustered up the courage to confess to Du Xiaosu, but he swallowed it again.

Finally, Lei Yuzheng begged Du Xiaosu tomorrow. To see him off at the airport, Du Xiaosu did not answer directly, and Lei Yuzheng was willing to wait for her. He Qunfei’s father came to Shanghai suddenly, and He Qunfei brought Zou Siqi to see him. He’s father opened the door and explained his intentions. He Qunfei’s second brother was going to get married, but the woman insisted on buying a house. Father He bit his head and came to He Qunfei to borrow money, and He Qunfei promised to raise money as soon as possible.

Zou Siqi did not allow He Qunfei to lend money to her second elder brother. He Qunfei expressed gratitude to her second elder brother for his college education and insisted on subsidizing the second elder brother. Zou Siqi was immediately frustrated and furious. They also urgently needed money to buy a house and get married. He Qunfei asked her to wait a little longer. Zou Siqi was determined. He didn’t agree, and left without looking back.

Lei Yuzheng came to the company early in the morning and gave He Qunfei a thousand warnings before rushing to the airport by car. Lin Xiangyuan saw Lei Yuzheng leaving from the window, so he quietly inquired about his whereabouts, but found nothing. Lin Xiangyuan decided to ask He Qunfei to ask. . Du Xiaosu received a call from Teacher Sun early in the morning, and Teacher Sun sent her the video of the bonfire party. After Du Xiaosu watched it carefully, she remembered that Lei Yuzheng was going abroad today. She hurried to take a taxi to the airport.

After Lei Yuzheng arrived at the airport, he waited patiently for Du Xiaosu’s appearance. At the moment he was about to board the plane, Du Xiaosu finally arrived at the airport. Lei Yuzheng couldn’t help being happy. He gently hugged Du Xiaosu and thanked her for coming to the airport. Lei Yuzheng We waved goodbye to Du Xiaosu, and boarded the plane under Du Xiaosu’s gaze.

Lin Xiangyuan found that He Qunfei was uneasy, so he invited him to drink and relax. He Qunfei explained the reason to him. Lin Xiangyuan took out a bank card on the spot and deposited one million in it, asking He Qunfei to buy a house for Zou Siqi to get married. He Qunfei was too drunk, and soon became unconscious. Lin Xiangyuan took the opportunity to inquire about Lei Yuzheng’s purpose of going abroad. He Qunfei used the wine to tell about the cooperation between Lei Yuzheng and SG to build an entertainment city. Lin Xiangyuan one by one In mind.

Lei Yuzheng came to the headquarters of the SG company and quickly negotiated the cooperation intention with Linton, the project leader. Linton agreed to return to Shanghai with Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng asked him about the situation of Dr. Ohm. Jiang Fanlu hid from Lin Xiangyuan every day. She and her girlfriends went for a drink. Lin Xiangyuan came to pick her up at the bar early. Jiang Fanlu admitted that she was hiding from Lin Xiangyuan on purpose. The two of them had to get engaged. Lin Xiangyuan hurriedly interrupted her and promised that she would be as usual. Treat her well.

He Qunfei took Zou Siqi to pay a deposit to buy a suite. Zou Siqi was happily closing her mouth, feeling like a dream. She promised to raise 30,000 to 50,000 yuan to lend to the second brother He Qunfei and buy some gifts for his father, He Qun Flying naturally can’t ask for it. As soon as Lei Yuzheng returned to China, he asked Du Xiaosu to meet. Du Xiaosu arrived at the appointed place on time. Unexpectedly, his idol, Dr. Ohm, was also there. Du Xiaosu was so excited that he couldn’t wait to ask Ohm for a lot of knowledge on architectural design. The two people talked more and more speculatively.

When Lei Yuzheng went to the bathroom, Ohm told Du Xiaosu how Lei Yuzheng went to find him. Since the death of his wife, Ohm was in a bad mood, so he closed the door to make a design at home. Lei Yuzheng came to see Ohm, and Ohm rejected him. Outside the door, Lei Yuzheng waited at the door every day. After waiting for a whole day, Ohm was finally moved. He opened the door to see Lei Yuzheng. Lei Yuzheng explained his intentions. Ohm was moved by his sincerity and promised to come to Shanghai. Ohm felt that Lei Yuzheng really loved Du Xiaosu, otherwise he would not be so persistent to help her.

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