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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 20 Recap

Liu Di told her mother that Liu Xishi was studying the field of search and explosive disposal for engineers. After hearing this, Liu’s mother left the auditorium. At the end of the exam, Liu Xishi won the first place in this group, but he did not see his mother in the audience. Afterwards, Liu Xishi ran to the guest house and found that his mother and sister had left without saying goodbye. He called Bai Yan and asked her to ask them what they meant.

Ruohua told them that the result of tomorrow’s lottery is that their red team will conduct a search and explosion contest against the blue team. On the day of the competition, Liu Xishi decided to clear mine with Li Xinlei, forcing Ruohua to come out and confront them head-on.

They entered the command room of Ruohua’s team and began to clear mines, but they ignored a strange water bottle followed by the line. Ruo Hua and his group came, and he suddenly asked Liu Xishi how he understood the explosion.

This question was so nonsensical that Liu Xishi subconsciously thought whether Ruohua was ill. Liu Xishi thought that after they had dismantled all three bombs in the command post, it would be fine, and Ruohua would not win the game. Ruo Hua smiled happily. He glanced at his watch and said that there were forty-five seconds left. The explosion he understood was the sum of all the objective conditions that could produce an explosion.

If the two wires are not connected, it may not explode. The water in the bottle is the best conductor. Liu Xishi suddenly reacted and wanted to make his teammates withdraw from the command room, but it was too late. Their blue team was wiped out and the captain Liu Xishi was captured. Liu Xishi was furious, and punched Ruohua.

The two wrestled with each other and were locked up in the confinement room together. Liu Xishi really wanted Ruohua to teach himself, and honestly apologize to Ruohua, Ruohua simply began to teach him how to arrange. The director called instructor Chen to the office and said that Liu Xishi’s father was a martyr, and Liu Xishi was now the only seedling, and instructor Chen could not let him pass the assessment.

Instructor Chen has a way to let Liu Xishi not pass, but he feels it is a pity, because he thinks Liu Xishi is learning this material, but Director He has decided. Instructor Chen went to the dormitory to look for Liu Xishi, and saw him lying on the bed reciting knowledge points with a serious expression. Liu Xishi told Liu Xishi of the news and considered sending him back to the original army, demobilized and transferred home to take good care of his mother. Liu Xishi understood this as soon as he heard this. He couldn’t help but begged instructor Chen to stay behind with a red eye, but instructor Chen had to do so. Even if Liu Xishi threatened to sue him, instructor Chen still had that attitude.

Anguished Liu Xishi picked up the broken tank models on the ground one by one, crying as he recites his knowledge. On the 39th day of the 1132 minefield, there was a heavy rain in the sky, and the EOD work could no longer be carried out. Liu Xishi arranged for everyone to prepare to go down the mountain with their equipment, but the rain was very heavy.

If they went down the mountain, it was extremely dangerous, but the equipment should not be thrown away. Later, someone said that there was a piece of land to the west, and they moved the equipment there. Liu Xishi ordered the equipment to be moved to the west mountain to fix it. After all this was done, Liu Xishi counted the number of players, and found that everyone was still here, and no one was left behind, so he was relieved.

Mia’s father was worried that they would be in danger, so he asked Mia to go up the mountain to take a look, and at the same time brought them rain cloth. Mia is very familiar with the mountain roads here and finds them soon. Everyone sang loudly under the raincloth to resist the cold and rain. The next day it was fine, and they returned to the place where they were stationed. Ruohua ran to look at his refrigerator, but suddenly felt something was wrong and immediately told everyone to stay still.

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