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New Generation 我们的新时代 Episode 19 Recap

Ruo Hua saw Liu Xishi being punished for running by instructor Chen, so he went to tease a few words, Liu Xishi was angry with him. On the playground, instructor Chen told everyone that if someone can pass through ten needles like Liu Xishi, they are qualified to sing in front of them. The next training was a game of moving beans. They used the chopsticks in their hands to pick up the beans and put them in the big lunch box. If Hua deliberately interfered with the crowd playing around, Li Xinlei almost clashed with him, and Liu Xishi took pains to stop it. Later, I heard Li Xinlei said that Ruohua was the most irritating person in the entire special operations base, because of his good professionalism, instructor Chen spoiled him alone.

The interference of the kick passed, and the instructor Chen ordered people to sprinkle them with water, and they were all very tired. In the evening, Liu Xishi borrowed Li Xinlei’s earphones to listen to. Li Xinlei simply gave him the earphones. He said that if he couldn’t keep it, he might as well leave a earphone for him.

The next day, everyone dug the pit by themselves, and instructor Chen told them to either continue to pick beans in the pit, or they would walk up and leave. Between these words, Instructor Chen threw every stick at everyone’s pit. Everyone had to continue to concentrate on picking beans under the order of Instructor Chen, and at this moment, there were continuous cannons ringing around.

They were so frightened that they immediately stood up from the pit, and were criticized by Instructor Chen again. As time passed by, and the sky got dark, instructor Chen said that chopsticks are the extension of their hands, and chopsticks are their eyes, and they should use chopsticks to perceive beans. Talking about that, instructor Chen came to Liu Xishi’s pit, Liu Xishi shook his hand, and a bean fell outside. Liu Xishi had to start all over again under the instructor Chen’s intent. On the way, some people couldn’t help but choose to give up, until the sky was overwhelming, Liu Xishi, Li Xinlei and others finally checked the beans, and each of them had more than 10,000 beans.

Instructor Chen asked everyone to gather, and spoke calmly about his previous experience in the engineering brigade. After speaking, he said sincerely to those who persisted to the end that they had worked hard. At the current time, Liu Xishi and Ruohua were demining together. He told Ruohua that since talking with Mia, he felt that his soul had returned. Instructor Chen introduced the crawler robot to everyone. Its biggest role is to climb stairs and protect the life of the EOD to the greatest extent. It was invented by an Englishman in 1972. Today’s lesson is to control the robot, hold the tomatoes back to the dormitory, and eat them all once they burst.

They squeezed countless tomatoes, and in the end they had to eat them all, until the back was almost nauseous. Everyone came out and saw that there was a large truckload of tomatoes outside the door. Only then did they understand why Instructor Chen didn’t eat tomatoes just now. Liu Xishi took the time to write to his former company.

He said that he had been in this special warfare base for so long, in addition to learning professional knowledge, he also learned special warfare techniques such as shooting targets. He was most afraid of going to chemistry class because he couldn’t understand anything in class. He only scored 24 points in his chemistry exam. Instructor Chen told him to do well in the exam within three months, or he would get out of the way.

Because of this, Liu Xishi’s heart was extremely contradictory. He had an idea of ​​retreat. After learning about this, the class wrote back to Liu Xishi. The squad leader decided to give up his shop, in fact, he wanted him to rush forward without hesitation and become a better person. Liu Xishi collected the flowers from the base, left two hundred yuan and ran away, and the garden workers behind him chased him.

Liu Xishi took the flowers to the library and gave it to Instructor Hou, hoping that she could help herself make up the chemistry. Instructor Hou was so entangled by him that he promised to help him make up the lesson. But instructor Hou also said that she would take the exam the day before, and if she made a mistake, she would not teach it anymore.

Liu Xishi spent 100% studying hard and asked Li Xinlei to ask himself questions at night. Liu Xishi became the team leader. Instructor Hou said that now he could invite his family members to the army to observe the exam. Liu Xishi was very happy and invited his mother and sister to the army. Liu Di learned that she was studying explosives and explosives, and her face instantly changed. Her father died as an engineer. She couldn’t bear to watch her younger brother also become another martyr in the family.

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