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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 23 Recap

Mr. Ou said that Tie Guanyin and Mu Qing had been too close recently. He asked his glasses to stare at Tie Guanyin. If the money from Tie Guanyin’s transaction goes to the group, then stop making a statement. Let’s talk about it separately.

At this time, Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng also came to Mr. Ou’s house, and they still pretended to be at odds. Mr. Ou asked if Mu Qing had been awkward with Ke Xin recently. Mu Qing said that he did not. Li Ruosheng on the side deliberately said that Mu Qing and his old friend were going to rekindle their old relationship. The two of them kept quarreling. Mr. Ou also believed in Mu Qing. There is a real contradiction with Li Ruosheng. The glasses found Linda’s information. He told Mr. Ou that Linda had been rescued by Mu Qing before, but the woman is currently from Tie Guanyin. Mr. Ou feels that Tieguanyin and Mu Qingneng have been in close contact from the beginning of the fire and water to the present, and there may be some tricks in this.

In the onion bar, Li Ruosheng pretended to be depressed and was drinking alone. Onion asked why Li Ruosheng was so depressed. Li Ruosheng said that if he did not have himself, Mu Qing would be just a security guard, and Mu Qing now took away his favorite Kexin. And Linda, ready to fly solo. Onion asked curiously who Linda was. Li Ruosheng said that Linda was Tie Guanyin’s subordinate, and Mu Qing must have seen Tie Guanyin’s processing plant and wanted to join forces with Tie Guanyin. Onion said that Tie Guanyin is a very cautious person, but Li Ruosheng said that everything is possible if wealth is in danger.

Onion was half-believing Li Ruosheng’s words, and he immediately sent Lily to follow Li Ruosheng’s words. In the hotel room, Li Ruosheng deliberately said in front of Lily that his brother had robbed the woman he liked, and now he has to unite others to deal with him. Li Ruosheng said sincerely, so the onion who was eavesdropping gradually believed. After Lily left, Li Ruosheng found a bug in the room. He secretly called Mu Qing and said that Onion had not stated his position. Mu Qing said that he needed to plan the next thing.

Mu Qing told Ou Kexin that Onion’s attitude is unclear, and Kexin said Onion may have some other ideas. Mu Qing said that he is now Mr. Ou’s cash cow, and they shouldn’t do anything to him. Ou Kexin reminded Mu Qingyi that he must open the “emergency plan” when encountering an emergency.

Ou Kexin was very angry and said that Mu Qing would not answer his phone, but Tie Guanyin was going to her shop the next day, but he didn’t even have the clothing materials. Ou Kexin said that Tieguanyin wanted to introduce himself a Thai Chinese to help him.

The irritable Ou Kexin chopped up Mr. Ou’s watermelon. He said that Mu Qing ignored her now. Mr. Ou remembered that the glasses had said to himself that this was very likely to be Tieguanyin’s beauty trick.

Mr. Ou said that he was going to have a family dinner on Saturday. At that time, he would invite Mu Qing and Tie Guanyin to dinner together. Ou Kexin said happily that everything will be arranged by Mr. Ou.

Tie Guanyin came to Mu Qing’s house. She told Mu Qing that Li Ruosheng and Onion Tou had a night of drinking in the bar. Mu Qing pretended to be unhappy and continued to drink with Tie Guanyin. Tie Guanyin asked whether Mu Qing had really broken up with Ou Kexin. Mu Qing said that Kexin did not want to believe in himself, and he had nothing to do.

On the other hand, Onion Tou was still listening to the surveillance recording of Li Ruosheng, Onion Tou said that he would let Mu Qing and the others end their good lives. A handsome man came to Ou Kexin’s clothing store to customize a dress. The man said that his name was Huang Boyuan, who was introduced by Tie Guanyin. He said that the person he wanted to customize the dress was Ou Kexin. Huang Boyuan said that he was very interested in Ou Kexin. Ou Kexin said that he was not suitable for blind dates. Huang Boyuan asked Ou Kexin to give him a chance so that they could start with friends first. At this time, Mu Qing came.

In order to make Mu Qing jealous, Ou Kexin deliberately said Huang Boyuan was her new boyfriend, but Mu Qing calmly wished Kexin happiness. Ou Kexin pretended to be angry, but Huang Baiyuan said that Kexin was very good and Mu Qing didn’t know how to cherish it. He took the opportunity to invite Ou Kexin to dinner, and Kexin agreed. Tie Guanyin asked Mu Qing if he was going to see Mr. Ou. Mu Qing said that Mr. Ou wanted to find out, and he didn’t want to hit Mr. Ou’s gun, so Mu Qing got out of the car.

Mr. Ou received a call from Kexin, who told Mr. Ou about his current situation and his decision not to go home for dinner. The glasses said that Mu Qing would not come to eat anymore, but Mu Qing would personally visit the door to apologize later. Mr. Ou asked the glasses to find out what is the relationship between Huang Boyuan and Tie Guanyin.

Mr. Ou’s family banquet came to Tie Guanyin alone. Mr. Ou and Tie Guanyin went back to the days when they struggled together. Tie Guanyin said that he had a friend from Thailand and he introduced him to Kexin. Mr. Ou said that Kexin and Mu Qing had asked Tieguanyin. Onion asked his subordinates to bring Li Ruosheng to see him. Li Ruosheng said that he wanted to deal with Mu Qing, but he was very curious why Onion had to wade through the muddy water. Onion said that Li Ruosheng was still too hard-tempered. Tie Guanyin told Mu Qing that Mr. Ou’s original words were to drag her to take care of Kexin and Mu Qing. Tie Guanyin said that she could understand taking care of Kexin, but now she added another Mu Qing, she didn’t understand what Mr. Ou meant.

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