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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 22 Recap

Ou Kexin successfully brought Honor and Zhao Ran out. Zhao Ran was very puzzled. What was going on? Honor said that he would return to the game first. Tie Guanyin was very angry by Mu Qing, she changed hands and shot Linda. Mu Qing went to help Linda, but Linda said to ignore her and left stubbornly.

Ou Kexin and Mu Qing fooled Li Ruosheng together. They said that Li Ruosheng had admitted the wrong person, that person was not a policeman at all, and they had confirmed that Linda’s online was Tie Guanyin, and Tie Guanyin injured Linda in a fit of anger. Mu Qing said that to deal with Tieguanyin, it must be hit with a single hit, so they have to put a long line to catch the big fish. Now they need to pretend to cooperate with Tieguanyin, and then wait for an opportunity to take her down. Ou Kexin praised Mu Qing for his playfulness.

Tie Guanyin was bandaging Linda. Tie Guanyin said that Linda caused a big disaster for herself this time, so Linda should have received this shot. Tie Guanyin hoped that Linda would learn to be smarter in the future, and then complete the future transaction with Mu Qing. Linda returned to Tieguanyin after completing the transaction with Mu Qing. Tie Guanyin said that Mu Qing had rescued Linda twice. Tie Guanyin asked if Linda would be liked by Mu Qing. Linda said it was impossible. Tie Guanyin then said whether he could win Mu Qing this time, it all depends on Lin. Da’s performance.

Li Ruosheng reminded Mu Qing that cooperating with Tie Guanyin was playing tricks under Mr. Ou’s hands. Mu Qing said that this was the most suitable way to bring down Tie Guanyin.

Tieguanyin took Linda to Li Ruosheng’s casino. Mu Qing pretended to be close to Linda, and Li Ruosheng also deliberately got angry. He said that both Tie Guanyin and Linda ignored that they were the master and Mu Qing was the servant. Mu Qing said that Tieguanyin’s goods could be sold through his dark web. Tieguanyin questioned the safety of Mu Qing’s dark web, but Mu Qing said that if Tieguanyin did not interfere this time, his dark web would be absolutely safe. Tie Guanyin wondered whether he was cooperating with Mu Qing or Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng. Mu Qing said that Li Ruosheng was only in a moment of emotional disturbance.

At this time, a younger brother came and reported to Mu Qing that Li Ruosheng was getting angry in the room, and Mu Qing went to persuade him. Unexpectedly, the two pretended to make a big noise in the room. Mu Qing asked Li Ruosheng to hit her on the head. Sure enough, Linda who was hiding outside believed that there was a conflict between Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng. Linda took Mu Qing to the hospital to see a doctor. She persuaded Mu Qing that there was no need for her to have a conflict with Li Ruosheng. She also embraced Mu Qing very moved.

At this time, Ou Kexin also came to Mu Qing. Ou Kexin asked whether Mu Qing was really unusual with Linda, and Mu Qing said that everything he did was acting. Ou Kexin said that she shouldn’t be too close to Mu Qing now. Tie Guanyin wants to trade with Mu Qing. She is afraid that Mr. Ou will suspect that Mu Qing will be full of private pockets, and she has to beware of going to Mr. Ou’s ears to blow a hair with her glasses. Ou Kexin asked Mu Qing if he was a bit disappointed when he said that he was working, and Mu Qing said no.

Linda told Tie Guanyin that she was very happy to see Mu Qing and Li Ruosheng fight with her own eyes. To be safe, Tie Guanyin asked Linda to put some drugs on Mu Qing first. After that, the transaction between Mu Qing and Tieguanyin began in full swing.

Li Ruosheng deliberately took people to smash Mu Qing’s factory, and Mu Qing, unwilling to show his weakness, sent someone to smash the windows of Li Ruosheng’s house, and the two pretended to have conflicts in this way. The glasses and the onion head gathered together. The glasses said that Mu Qing and Tie Guanyin had walked very close recently. The onion head was very jealous of Tie Guanyin’s income, but he said that all of this has something to do with Mr. Ou.

Mr. Ou asked Ou Kexin how to come back to show her courtesy when she had time, and Ou Kexin said that she just missed her father. Mr. Ou noticed that Ou Kexin was in the wrong state. He asked whether Kexin was bullied by Mu Qing. Ou Kexin said that it was not rash to fall in love. She decided not to meet with Mu Qing these days. Ou Kexin said that Mu Qing’s ex-girlfriend came out to disrupt the situation, and this ex-girlfriend was still the person next to Tie Guanyin. Ou Kexin said that this ex-girlfriend is not a simple character.

She was taken by Li Ruosheng, but she was very close to Mu Qing. Now, that ex-girlfriend has also caused conflicts between Li Ruosheng and Mu Qing. Ou Kexin said that Tie Guanyin had been wooing Mu Qing recently, and she asked Mr. Ou to judge whether the ex-girlfriend was a troublemaker. Mr. Ou asked Kexin if he wanted to retreat. Kexin said that Mu Qing was liked by so many people because Mu Qing was good enough and he had a vision. Ou Kexin said that he planned to leave Mu Qing in the air for a few days first, and give him a bitter attempt.

Mr. Ou asked the glasses for not telling him about Mu Qing’s ex-girlfriend. He said that Kexin was angry and went home. The glasses quickly said that it was all his own negligence. However, Mr. Ou said that Mu Qing’s ex-girlfriend is not simple.

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