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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 21 Recap

After the rigorous deployment of the police, members of the 84 team began to meet Linda to discuss the transaction, and the police performed their duties. Among them, Zhao Ran and a businessman dressed in glory met with Linda to buy goods. Li Yimeng voluntarily applied to join the team, and she dressed as Zhao Ran’s secretary. Later, Glory they came to the private room to meet Linda.

Li Yimeng deliberately said that Linda was insincere not to bring her boss, but Linda was very cautious. She did not disclose the information of her boss. Zhao Ran expressed that he was willing to pay half of the funds in advance, but Linda still insisted not to mention her boss. At this time, Li Ruosheng followed Linda’s position to the door of the negotiation scene.

Li Ruosheng began to eavesdrop on Linda and their conversation. However, Li Ruosheng’s actions were discovered by policeman Zhao Ke. He used headphones to convey to Li Yimeng that someone was eavesdropping outside the door. Li Yimeng immediately quarreled with Honor acting, and then, pretending to be angry, Honor hurried out to hunt for Li Ruosheng. But Li Ruosheng hid himself in a garbage dump and eventually escaped the police.

Glory told Liu Bureau that it was Li Ruosheng who was monitoring and eavesdropping outside the door. After analysis, they ruled out the possibility that Li Ruosheng was sent by Mr. Ou. Liu Ju asked Honor to confirm whether this was a round made by Mu Qing. Mu Qing said that he had indeed asked Li Ruosheng to follow Linda, but he did not expect that it would ruin the police affairs.

Mu Qing planned to find out with Li Ruosheng first, to see how much Li Ruosheng knew, and then inform the future of Honor’s actions. After Mu Qing’s temptation, Li Ruosheng said that when he looked at Glory, he always felt familiar with him, but he did not remember who Glory was. Mu Qing and Ou Kexin were worried that Honor would be exposed as a result, and Honor said that the substitution at this time would arouse Linda’s suspicion. He insisted on taking out the mission with danger and continued trading with Linda.

Mu Qing asked Li Ruosheng to take a vacation and follow Linda for him. Li Ruosheng was very happy to learn that he could rest. Mu Qing also ordered Ou Kexin to hold Li Ruosheng first to prevent him from ruining the glorious event. Glory will meet Linda for the second time.

The police deployed everything in the hotel, but Linda herself did not come. She sent two big guys to check on her behalf. The two big guys carefully checked the whole body of Glory and Zhao Ran. As a result, all the equipment on Honor was unloaded. Afterwards, Glory and Zhao Ran were taken away by putting on their headgear. The police and Mu Qing who were guarding outside the hotel hurriedly pursued them. But the gangsters were too cunning. They used two identical cars to confuse their eyes. Now, both the police and Mu Qing lost their glory.

Mu Qing immediately called Li Ruosheng to send Linda’s location. Subsequently, Mu Qing also told Liu Bureau of Linda’s location, and the police immediately went to rescue Glory, but Liu Bureau only allowed the police to wait for opportunities and could not act rashly until a dangerous moment.

Glory and Zhao Ran insisted on meeting Linda’s boss. At this time, Tie Guanyin came. It turned out that Linda’s online was Tie Guanyin. Tie Guanyin planned to eat black, she wanted money and didn’t want Honor to leave them alive. On the other side, Li Ruosheng suddenly remembered that Glory was the policeman who designed to frame Da Kun last time. He felt that Mu Qing was in danger now and he wanted to rescue him immediately. After learning about the situation, Ou Kexin on the side insisted on saving Mu Qing. Ou Kexin said that it is safest for Li Ruosheng to show his face on the police station list. Li Ruosheng agreed to Ou Kexin’s decision.

Mu Qing succeeded in coming to Tieguanyin’s fishing grounds based on Li Ruosheng’s positioning. Mu Qing entered the fishery strongly. At this time, inside the fishing ground, Tie Guanyin was about to blast Zhao Ran’s head with a gun, and Mu Qing suddenly appeared to stop Tie Guanyin’s actions. Mu Qing said that he was alone. Before, Li Ruosheng installed a locator in Linda’s mobile phone case, and he followed Li Ruosheng’s location all the way.

Mu Qing said that he honored them as his younger brothers, and his purpose was to test Tieguanyin. Mu Qing said that Tie Guanyin is now carrying Mr. Ou privately, which is very dangerous. But Tie Guanyin said that if Mu Qing can’t prove that they are his own little brothers, then no one can leave here alive today.

At this time, Ou Kexin came, and Tie Guanyin’s attitude immediately became very kind. Ou Kexin said that she thought Mu Qing and Linda were dating privately, so she forced Li Ruosheng to tell the location of Mu Qing and chased it all the way. Ou Kexin opened the drug box. Ou Kexin threatened Tie Guanyin and said that he had discovered these private transactions. If Tie Guanyin could drive away Yingying Yanyan beside Mu Qing, he would never tell Mr. Ou these things. Mu Qing said that he hadn’t changed his mind, but was just discussing business here, and he asked Ou Kexin to take Honor and leave them first.

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