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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 20 Recap

Mu Qing is recalling the scene when he rescued Linda. When he rescued Linda, he didn’t want her to be infected with drugs, but Linda still took the drugs of no return.

Mu Qing called Liu Ju and said Linda was the girl he had saved, but now he doesn’t know who led Linda on this road of no return. Mu Qing said that now the enemy is in the dark, he is in the light, and it is not convenient for the police to come forward, so this matter will be handed over to him.

Mu Qing told Li Ruosheng that Linda was taking drugs and that Linda’s drugs were very similar to Scorpion’s drugs. Li Ruosheng was very confused because Scorpion had already died. Mu Qing asked Li Ruosheng to deliberately approach Linda, and then clarified the truth. Afterwards, Li Ruosheng went to teach Linda to play golf and took Linda to the movies. In the evening, Li Ruosheng sent Linda home. He wanted to sit at Linda’s house, but Linda said that she could not give what Li Ruosheng wanted, so she refused to invite Li Ruosheng upstairs.

In the police station, Glory is reasoning with everyone that Linda is just a front vest, and the real behind-the-scenes murderer may be a ghost. Glory asked Xiaochang, one of the arrested persons, to call Linda, but the cautious Linda immediately hung up. Xiaochang told the police that they called meth a stage suit, and the unit was a piece. Glory immediately texted Linda that he was a new buyer, and now he needed 1,200 stage costumes. Linda called Xiaochang after seeing the text message, and Linda asked Xiaochang to video with her three minutes later. Glory immediately asked his teammates to dress up Xiaochang, and then asked Zheng Ke to use computer technology to replace the background of the police station with a high-rise building.

Linda agreed to a deal with Xiaochang’s friend Zhao Ge after seeing the status of Xiaochang’s identity. Xiaochang met Linda to talk, Linda agreed to Xiaochang’s request. After that, Linda called Tie Guanyin and said that she had taken a big deal, and she had confirmed that the identity of the other party was correct. Linda promised that if something went wrong, it would never be a drag on Tie Guanyin. Tie Guanyin asked how the task he gave to Linda was progressing. Linda said that Li Ruosheng had taken the bait, and Ou Kexin was also jealous and had trouble with Mu Qing.

Mu Qing said that Ou Kexin didn’t know what was going on recently, and she was awkward with herself. Li Ruosheng said that Ou Kexin was jealous because of Mu Qing’s recent thoughts on Linda. Li Ruosheng asked Mu Qing to help him fetch flowers. Ou Kexin also asked Mu Qing to deliver the fabric to his studio within ten minutes. Ou Kexin found that there was a bunch of flowers in Mu Qing’s car and thought it was for her, and she was very happy. But Mu Qing didn’t mean to give Kexin flowers, Ou Kexin quarreled with Mu Qing jealously, and Mu Qing left with a look of confusion.

Mu Qing delivered the flowers to Linda’s door for Li Ruosheng, and then Linda called Li Ruosheng to ask him to put away the flower intestines, and she said she didn’t eat that set. Mu Qing ridiculed Li Ruosheng’s tricks did not work, but Li Ruosheng said that he still had a trick. It turned out that Li Ruosheng had installed a locator in Linda’s phone case when Linda was not paying attention, and now he knows wherever Linda goes.

In the evening, Mu Qing came to Ou Kexin’s studio, and he found that Linda was also here. Linda deliberately thanked Mu Qing for the flowers she sent, and she also took the initiative to invite Mu Qing to dinner. Ou Kexin on the side immediately said that Mu Qing had no time recently, she deliberately hugged Mu Qing, as if this was my man. Linda also left when she saw this. Ou Kexin said angrily that Mu Qing was too fat, and if he didn’t have dinner, he would eat apples. Mu Qing recalled that Rong Yu once said that he was fat and let himself eat only apples.

Glory received a call from Linda, and the better they could meet. Later, Honor let his teammates pretend to meet Linda. On the other side, Li Ruosheng detected Linda’s location, and then he rushed to the hotel where Linda was. Li Ruosheng was surprised to hear that Linda was going to ship a lot of goods recently.

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