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Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 Episode 19 Recap

This fashion week is Serena’s first show, and he is still a little nervous. At this time, Linda came to encourage Serena, and Linda said that she was optimistic about Serena. Serena asked others that Linda was a gold-medal agent in the fashion industry. Sister Guanyin told Linda to fix Li Ruosheng tonight.

Afterwards, Linda took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Li Ruosheng. But Li Ruosheng’s thoughts were all on Ou Kexin. He was very uncomfortable watching Mu Qing and Ou Kexin’s sweet interaction, so Li Ruosheng got up and left the catwalk, and Linda also followed Li Ruosheng out. Linda took the initiative to introduce herself to Li Ruosheng, but Li Ruosheng wrapped Linda’s wrist with a silk scarf. At this time, a bunch of Linda’s sisters also came, and Li Ruosheng took them to play together.

After the catwalk, Serena seemed to notice something was wrong with Linda, so he took a taxi to catch up with Linda and the others. Linda brought Li Ruosheng to her site, where many men and women gathered to take drugs, and Linda also took Li Ruosheng to taste the latest drugs. Serena had been following Linda. Serena found that someone seemed to be falling from the height of the house, so he immediately called the police. The police arrested a large number of drug addicts here. Linda and Li Ruosheng had already escaped from the stairs, but the police surrounded the entire building.

Li Ruosheng had the idea to take Linda into the trash can. They temporarily avoided the police. After searching, Mu Qing dressed as a cleaner and took away the trash can containing Li Ruosheng and Linda. Glory discovered Mu Qing’s actions on the surveillance cameras, but he did not reveal them, but instead let them go. Linda was shocked when she saw Mu Qing, it turned out that they had known each other before.

Mu Qing took Li Ruosheng and Linda into Ou Kexin’s studio. Linda thanked Mu Qing for saving her again. Mu Qing said that he was only trying to save his brother. Li Ruosheng asked about the story between Mu Qing and Linda. Mu Qing said that Linda used to be Liu Qingqing. At that time, Linda was forced to take drugs by a group of gangsters. Mu Qing happened to run into this scene, and then he rescued Linda, he also specifically asked Linda not to touch drugs in the future. At this time, Linda in the bathroom began to look blurred and unable to stand firm. It turned out that it was Linda’s drug addict. Linda hurriedly took out the drugs from her bag to take drugs.

When Glory was about to eat instant noodles, Li Yimeng came. It turned out that Li Yimeng and Zhao Ran deliberately changed their duty hours. Li Yimeng satirized the various disadvantages of eating instant noodles. Glory finally compromised and had dinner with Li Yimeng. . Li Yimeng said that she cooked the food herself, and praised Li Yimeng for his good craftsmanship. Li Yimeng thanked Glory for saving her master Zhao Nan, and at the same time she apologized to Glory for her unreasonable behavior. Glory means that all this is what he should do.

Mu Qing left early in the morning, and Li Ruosheng was making breakfast for everyone. Ou Kexin found Linda’s drug tool last night in the trash can. Ou Kexin praised Li Ruosheng for making a good breakfast. At this time, Linda came. Linda said that she was leaving now. Ou Kexin said that now that Mu Qing is not here, let Linda go alone, everyone is not at ease. Ou Kexin said that she could see that Linda was worried. Linda said that Mu Qing should not save herself from start to finish. She said that she was willing to fall for herself. Ou Kexin said she could help Linda, but Linda said it was far from that simple.

Liu Ju suggested that Glory should not be too impatient. He said that Glory can still discuss with his teammates when he has something to do. However, Mu Qing is often in a difficult situation and is helpless. Therefore, Glory can only catch the “ghost” by cooperating with Mu Qing. Later, Liu Ju called and told Mu Qing that all the drug addicts caught last night had confessed that Linda was the messenger behind the scenes.

Ou Kexin was waiting for Mu Qing at the bottom of the room. She said that she had spent a lot of effort today to keep Linda behind, and she also handed Linda’s drug use tools to Mu Qing. Mu Qing recalled the scene when he rescued Linda. He specifically asked Linda not to get drugs, but Linda still went this way.

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