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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 12 Recap

Lin Hao went home very late, and sprayed a few breath fresheners at the door, fearing that Hao Jie could smell alcohol, but Hao Jie knew that Lin Hao was drinking, and told Lin Hao not to meet with the old party in the future. Now, he is a person who loves to persuade people to drink, don’t ruin yourself for the sake of business. But Lin Hao felt that Mr. Fang was very famous in the industry and couldn’t give up. But Hao Jie still felt that it was not easy to deal with Mr. Fang, and they were not short of money. Lin Hao was very angry at Hao Jie’s words, but he didn’t dare to show it. He told Hao Jie not to say that. He didn’t want to use Hao Jie’s resources all the time.

He is a man who always needs to do a good job in his career, but Hao Jie said that if he finds a man who does his career, he will not get divorced, so Lin Hao quickly said that he would accompany Hao Jie to play. Hao Jie asked Lin Hao to go home to see her parents, but Lin Hao still didn’t want to take her home. The two quarreled because of the incident, and Lin Hao had to agree against Hao Jie’s fear of offending. But Lin Hao was a little upset when he saw the prenuptial agreement on the coffee table. Hao Jie said that it was sent to her by the lawyer, and he hadn’t revised it, so he would show it to Lin Hao after the revision was completed.

However, Lin Hao didn’t understand that the shoe print should be decided by two people, but Hao Jie said that her decision was Lin Hao’s decision, and that Lin Hao had promised her before. Lin Hao knew that Hao Jie wanted him to accompany him and didn’t want Lin Hao to make her career rich. He just wanted to make her happy. Lin Hao was very angry and his eyes were full of anger, but he could not express any dissatisfaction in his mouth, because He didn’t dare to offend Hao Jie before he achieved his goal.

Xia Yan told everyone that after signing the agreement, Xu Chengyi never disturbed her again, and that she also wanted to kick out a career in the company. At this time, Han Shuang’s words reminded Xia Yan, Xia Yan had an idea and hurried to work in the company, even if it was the weekend, she had to make a plan.

After that, the company took Yoyo’s and Xia Yan’s plans on the desktop for discussion. After Yoyo’s plan was finished, Xia Yan’s plan was made, and Xia Yan wanted to continue to do a good job of social software. Although there are already many social programs, there are also There are many shortcomings that need to be explored, and Xia Yan’s girlfriend planet plan can completely solve those shortcomings. After that, Director Xue asked everyone what their opinions were. Amy supported Yoyo’s plan because she was afraid of losing her status. Xu Chengyi saw that everyone was targeting Xia Yan and said that he supported Xia Yan, which also made Xia Yan’s heart hopeless. The flame ignited again.

Han Shuang had no money to spend because his parents stopped his credit card, so he had to reluctantly give up his beloved bag and sell it. At this time, Mark went and asked Han Shuang to delete the previous video, otherwise he would disrupt Han Shuang’s sales scene. As long as he went to the customer, he said that the quality of their home was not good. After that, Han Shuang asked Mark to use all his tricks, so he gave Mark a glass of wine and told him to play to his heart’s content. After Mark was drunk, he couldn’t help spraying it out, soiling the expensive bedding. The boss wore Mark and told him to pay the bill quickly, otherwise no one wanted those things.

Xu Chengyi is very supportive of Xia Yan’s work, which also makes his subordinates dissatisfied with Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi. Director Xue was very optimistic about Yoyo’s plan, but Xu Chengyi insisted on using Xia Yan’s girlfriend planet, and the two almost quarreled in the office. And Xu Chengyi also issued a military order from the chairman, personally responsible for the planet of girlfriends. As long as Girlfriend Planet is online one month to ensure that its users reach 10 million, many employees do not believe it.

Xia Yan went to report to Director Xue, but Director Xue told Xia Yan that Xu Chengyi explained that Xia Yan’s work would be reported directly to Xu Chengyi. Xia Yan was afraid that her sudden withdrawal would affect Director Xue, but Director Xue called Xia Yan Don’t worry about it, it’s all her business.

After Mark swiped his card, he heard that the boss wanted to cash out the shop.

Ma Xiangnan saw Huo Kai at her house after returning home, so she went to ask her mother what was going on. Her mother said that the impression was broken during the square dance last night, and it happened that Huo Kai arrived and helped them fix it. I felt that the character of the guy was really good, and he gave Huo Kai a bone soup to drink, and he was very close to Huo Kai, which made Ma Xiangnan feel a little weird.

Xia Yan organized her own team, and then asked Xu Chengyi to hope that the last elimination system of the operation department could be cancelled, because there are many projects that need to be carried out for a long time. If some employees do half of them, they will be eliminated and cause a certain degree of loss. There are some employees who can obviously help with the task, but they don’t help in order not to be eliminated, which will also cause a lot of Wu Gong. But Xu Chengyi said that it was brought up by Director Xue, and that it needs to be considered before deciding whether to cancel.

Amy knew that she had targeted Xia Yan before, but she was still in the team. She felt a little embarrassed, so she submitted resumes to various companies, but all the responses received were not accepted. Later, when I saw Xia Yan, I went to apologize. I shouldn’t have done that to her before, a bit too much. I feel that Xia Yan deliberately targeted her when she went later, and feared that Xia Yan would lose her status if she performed better than herself. But Xia Yan told Amy not to think too much, she will work hard with Amy next, and ask Amy to perform well in her team.

Hao Jie was boring watching TV alone at home. Lin Hao went home at this time, but Hao Jie asked Lin Hao to travel with him. Lin Hao told Hao Jie that he was going to sign with Fang Zong, and Hao Jie told Lin Haofang It’s not so easy to deal with, don’t think about eating a fat man in one breath. Lin Hao felt that Hao Jie looked down on his abilities, and Hao Jie felt that Lin Hao was too young.

Since Hao Jie called out the legal person of the company to Lin Hao, he has changed, and he has been drinking with customers all day. Sooner or later, there will be other women around just like everyone else. Ask Lin Hao to travel the day after tomorrow, if Lin Hao doesn’t go, she will go by herself. Hao Jie is not a person who likes to procrastinate. The marriage of the previous ten years is over when it is over. Lin Hao became angry, saying that Hao Jie was not for love, or just looking for an obedient pug.

Hao Jie is an old woman that no one wants to want. Now she is with Lin Hao but she doesn’t want to give him everything. As long as Lin Hao leaves Hao Jie, she will have nothing. The reason why I didn’t go home to see my parents was to show them some achievements. Lin Hao was not with an old woman for money, but with Hao Jie for love. Hao Jie asked Lin Hao if they were all paupers together. Lin Hao told Hao Jie that he was going to become a richer man than Hao Jie, and that Hao Jie could go to Europe by himself, and he could play as long as he wanted.

The next day, Hao Jie packed his luggage and looked at Lin Hao who was sleeping on the sofa, but he turned around and left. He left a letter to Lin Hao, leaving him the company’s shares, and also transferred 300,000 yuan to Lin Hao, telling Lin Hao not to look for her.

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