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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 11 Recap

When my parents heard Xia Yan’s thoughts, they were very supportive of her decision. Mom told Xia Yan that she and her father had also discussed her stay in Xinzhou. Xia Yan suddenly became excited when he heard it, but his father was still a little worried that Xia Yan would be bullied by others, because Lin Hao’s affairs had already given them a lot of attention. But knowing that Xia Yan has those good friends by his side, it can be considered relieved.

After sending Xia Yan’s parents away, everyone’s hearts were a lot more relaxed. Han Shuang wanted to go shopping to celebrate Xia Yan’s stay, but his parents had stopped Han Shuang’s credit card, but Han Shuang was still generous Ask everyone to buy it, and she is responsible for paying the bill. While everyone was shopping, Han Shuang met Lin Hao and Hao Jie was also shopping for clothes. Han Shuang went to Hao Jie and said she was an old and ugly old woman.

Lin Hao told Han Shuang not to speak badly, Xia Yan and the others saw Han Shuang arguing with Hao Jie, so they hurried over and told her not to quarrel and to take Han Shuang away. At this time, Lin Hao reluctantly said that Xia Yan was not a good thing, and still pretending to be a good person there. Xia Yan had been with Xu Cheng Yigao a long time ago. Xia Yan told Lin Hao that they were only subordinates, and told Lin Hao not to bite people, but Lin Hao insisted that Xia Yan wanted to climb Gaozhi. Sooner or later he would let Xia Yan look at Lin Hao with admiration. Angrily left.

Zhao Xiaolei said that she almost fought and was scared to death. Han Shuang is not afraid of fighting, but Xia Yan feels that the kind of person in his stomach is not worth it. But Zhao Xiaolei still thinks his senior Lin Hao is a good man, and always wants to make excuses for Lin Hao to derail. Xia Yan felt that Lin Hao wanted to do his career, and maybe Hao Jie could help him in his career. But when Xia Yan saw Lin Hao just now, she didn’t feel any uncomfortable feelings in her heart. This time she really let go, so she had nothing to do with Lin Hao after shouting loudly on the roof. The story ends here. .

But Lin Hao was thinking about the past at home, recalling the little bit of Xia Yan before, and still couldn’t let it go, perhaps in Lin Hao’s heart. Hao Jie asked Lin Hao to take a good rest and spend more time with her, but Lin Hao said that now the business is his own and should be managed well, and Hao Jie asked Lin Hao to keep his promises. Before, being with her was to let Lin Hao be able to do more. Accompany her.

After that, Lin Hao hurried over to say something nice. After all, Lin Hao’s strength is still not strong enough with Hao Jie, but Hao Jie asked Lin Hao to marry him quickly and go to his home to meet his parents, but Lin Hao felt that they were going to get married now. Some are too fast. The company has just been established and has to be busy with many things. Hao Jie also promised Lin Hao not to get married first, but Lin Hao’s parents must be aware of Hao Jie’s existence. Lin Hao quickly agreed not to make Hao Jie embarrass herself.

Xia Yan went back to work at the company. Director Xue asked Xia Yan to finish the resignation procedures and leave, but Xia Yan told Director Xue that she was going to cancel her leave and had to go through the annual leave procedures before. Director Xue was very angry and asked Xia Yan who approved her annual leave? Xu Chengyi said that it was Xia Yan’s annual vacation that he approved. Director Xue quickly changed his words and told Xia Yan to find a place to sit down for a meeting.

Director Xue called You You over and asked her to sort out a plan, otherwise their operations department would have to hand in a blank paper, but you still had no idea to come up with the plan, so Director Xue gave her a copy of the information and asked her to complete it. That is to take the initiative to feed yo-yo, and it can be regarded as not letting his subordinates behave like an idiot.

Xia Yan approached Xu Chengyi and asked him to sign an agreement, hoping that she would not be harassing her in the company in the future, and she could not have any physical contact, and could only maintain the superior-subordinate relationship for a week.

Everyone was very happy to see Xia Yan going back, but Amy was very unhappy, because Director Xue just got in Amy’s conversation, and she was the only one who ranked last in the performance appraisal. If she doesn’t work hard, she will be eliminated. However, Director Xue told Amy that Xia Yan had been taking time off and his performance was at the end. As long as Amy worked hard, there was still hope.

Xia Yan wanted to ask Amy about the company’s assessment. Originally Amy wanted to tell Xia Yan, but when I remembered that Director Xue said that she and Xia Yan would compete for the final qualifications, he did not tell her. Xia Yan felt that Amy must be there. Worried about the assessment, Amy directly told Xia Yan that she was not only smart, but Xu Chengyi supported her, and Amy was not so lucky.

Ma Xiangnan went to the bar to listen to Huo Kai singing. Many people were very happy to see Huo Kai back. Many fans were so excited to see Huo Kai and cheered along with him. This also infected Ma Xiangnan’s emotions and jumped up with the rhythm. After the performance, Huo Kai used NetEase Cloud to add Ma Xiangnan as a friend, and then he would enter his homepage if he wanted to listen to songs. On the way Ma Xiangnan drove home, he opened Huo Kai’s homepage to listen to music. It seemed that Ma Xiangnan had a good impression of Huo Kai.

Ma Xiangnan saw the picture of Mark when he was drunk at the nurse. It turned out to be Han Shuang’s dry work. Mark was very angry and went to Han Shuang’s theory, but Han Shuang told Mark not to be angry. You can go to sue her, Han Shuang is mad at Mark, but Han Shuang disagrees and looks innocent.

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