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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 32 Recap

Qingmu returned to Qingchi Palace to see the ancient monarch, and the ancient monarch mentioned to Qingmu about the demon god’s revelation. Qingmu only promised to the ancient monarch that he has now taken on the great spear, and will surely shoulder the great responsibility, and will not let the fairy demon. The two clans went to war.

After receiving Qing Mu’s words, Gu Jun was also relieved, and only let Qing Mu go with him to Optimus Prime tomorrow to get the sun and moon halberd. On the other side, Feng Ran met Jing Jian. Jing Jian said that he was here to pay for Feng Ran on behalf of his family. Feng Ran didn’t need Jing Jian’s apologize. Jing Jian had to express his own feelings. He missed Feng Ran, Feng Ran was not without affection for Jingjian, and immediately agreed to let Jingjian follow her back to Qingchi Palace.

Tianqi was about to go to the world. He told Zihan to tell Sen Jian that the battle of Rakshadi was determined by Sen Jian. Zihan knew that it was Houchi who asked Tianqi to leave the world. He only hoped that Houchi would remember the past and live up to the painstaking efforts of Tianqi. The two clans of Rakshadi fought, and the spirit fire continued to fall into the world, causing the people of Emperor Beicheng to continue to suffer disasters and suffering. Hou Chi used his own immortal barrier to prop up the spirit fire, allowing City Lord Bai to take the people away first. City Lord Bai ordered people to evacuate the people in the city, hoping to keep the people in a city safe.

Wuhuan sucked the evil spirit in the magic weapon refining the sky bow. She has now reached the realm of the top of the gods. She is no longer the little god servant back then, and she no longer fears anyone.

Gu Jun brought Qing Mu to Qingtian Residence. Apart from Zhiyang himself, only Qing Mu could take the Sun Moon Halberd in this world. Qing Mu stepped forward to obtain the Sun Moon Halberd with the power of Tai Cang. Both Sun Moon Halberd and Tai Cang Spear were taken by Qing Mu. With the emergence of Sun Moon Halberd, an ice coffin sleeping in the North Sea also broke out of the ice. There is no other person in the coffin, but the sleeping Bai Jue.

Qing Mu obtained the Sun Moon Halberd, and once again discovered that there was a demon power in his body. Gu Jun did not take it seriously, and only let Qing Mu make good use of this demon power to help his cultivation. Qingmu wanted to exchange Sun Moon Halberd for his marriage with Houchi, but Gu Jun secretly sighed and asked Qingmu to return to Beihai with Sun Moon Halberd. He and Houchi were just dewy love.

Today Qingmu has obtained the Sun Moon Halberd, and he probably guessed his own life experience. Maybe he and Houchi will be replaced by the true god in the future, but the affection between him and Houchi is sincere, and he will never give up with Houchi. Between the affection. Seeing that Qing Mu was so persistent, Gu Jun no longer stopped the two of them. He only hoped that they would not regret it in the future, and also begged Qing Mu to treat the back pool well.

Feng Ran came to look for Gu Jun and Qing Mu. Qing Mu learned that Hou Chi was in the Raksha Di to solve the immortal demon disaster, so he could not help but immediately went to the Raksha Di, and Gu asked Feng Ran to accompany him to the Heavenly Palace.

In Rakshadi, the name of the above god in Houchi wanted to stop the battle of the immortal demon, Jingyang refused to stop the fight, Houchi wanted to be oppressed by the might of the above god, but Wuhuan came to Rakshadi, she framed Houchi for colluding with the demon clan, Shot with the back pool. Apocalypse came to protect Houchi. Only then did Houchi learn that Apocalypse was actually a demon god, and Wuhuan was now the pinnacle of Shangshen. She wanted to take this opportunity to solve Apocalypse and Houchi, so her move caused a war.

The flames of war were on the verge of breaking out, but they suffered the people of Emperor Beicheng. Houchi couldn’t bear the suffering of the people from the spiritual fire. She stopped the battle, but Wu Huan ignored the lives of the people on earth, causing the flames of war again. Wu Huan’s divine power surprised Tian Qi. The true god of Tian Qi had not yet awakened. He was a little struggling to deal with Wu Huan Shang. Qing Mu arrived with two artifacts at this time.

Wu Huan was troubled by the three of them, so he had to frame Qing Mu to steal. The treasure of the fairy clan, and the people of the fairy clan left first. After Wuhuan left, Houchi didn’t want to pay attention to Qingmu and left. Qingmu chased Houchi. Tianqi took care of the affairs of the demon race, and asked Sen Jian to guard the Raksha Land in person. Order prevailed. As for the three fire dragons, he did not listen to orders to practice evil methods privately, so he would naturally suffer some hardships and lessons.

When Houchi returned to the Imperial City, he saw a panic in the Imperial City. In order to save Bai Shuo, Bai City Lord died under a spiritual fire. In an instant, three or three people in a family were separated from each other forever. Houchi wanted to rush to the Tiangong to beg for justice. Mu stopped Houchi, knowing that the people’s fate was nothing but ants for Tiangong. Hou Chi knew that what Qing Mu said was reasonable, but she blamed herself, so she came to see Tian Qi according to her appointment, and asked Tian Qi to stop the battle between the fairy and the demon, and Tian Qi should go to the rear pond.

If the immortal clan no longer invades, the demon clan Nor will it take the initiative to provoke trouble. Afterwards, Houchi begged Tianqi to help her release the seal in her body. She wanted to have strong power to protect the three realms. Tianqi agreed to Houchi, but he has not recovered the power of the true god.

If he wants to break the seal, he needs to retrieve the purple moon whip, Zi The moon whip turned into a purple moon to guard the entire demon world, and it was not a wise move to retrieve the purple moon whip before the immortal demon truce. When Houchi was willing to wait for Tianqi to retrieve the Ziyue Whip, Qingmu also came to Houchi at this time. He said that Gu Jun had agreed to the marriage between him and Houchi and wanted to take Houchi away, but Houchi was still unwilling. Regarding Qing Mu, only let Qing Mu go back to Beihai first.

In the Tiangong, Wuhuan returned to the Tiangong and beat him back, saying that Qingmu had colluded with the demon gods and asked Twilight to arrest the two. Jing Jian spoke for the two of them, but Jing Yang said that he had seen them colluding with the demon gods. When Twilight was making an order to capture them, the ancient king rushed to the heavens. He said that the two of them went to Rakshasa to be blocked by his order.

Fairy monster war. This immortal demon war has caused harm to the world. Twilight knows that the immortal clan is at a loss, but this time the two are always helping the demon clan. He gave the ancient king three days to let Qingmu put the sun and the moon halberd in three days. Return to Tiangong to show sincerity.

Qingmu caught up with Houchi, he plainly told Houchi that he likes Houchi, no matter who is in Houchi, he only loves Houchi, the reason why he stopped Houchi from letting her unlock the seal in her body , It’s just that she doesn’t want the back pool to become someone else. No matter what happens in the future, he will accompany Houchi and protect her.

Afterwards, the two came to the mourning hall of City Lord Bai. After experiencing all this, Houchi understood the true feelings of Gu Jun treating her, and she was determined to unlock the seal and protect the three realms. When the two of them were preparing to return to Qingchi Palace, Qingmu’s spiritual power was disordered, and he had an unbearable headache, and he also saw Bai Xuan who was in the depths of the North Sea.

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