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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 31 Recap

Qingmu personally cooked for Gu Jun, and Houchi kindly fed him. Gu Jun knew in his heart that he might only be able to eat this meal in his life, so he simply let go of it. Seeing Gu Jun eating happily, Houchi was also very happy, but Gu Jun gifted Qingmu with ten night pearls and asked Qingmu to leave Qingchi Palace. Qing Mu once again expressed his love for Houchi to Gu Jun. Gu Jun always disagreed with the two and only asked Feng Ran to send Qing Mu to leave Qingchi Palace.

Gu Jun repeatedly opposed the matter of the two. Hou Chi wanted to know what Gu Jun thought. Gu Jun only said that he has his own difficulties, and he can’t be the master of this matter. Houchi doubted his own life experience in front of Gu Jun. Gu Jun knew that Houchi had grown up, and he should no longer hide it from Houchi, so he informed her of her life experience.

There is a powerful divine sense hidden in the back pond, and that divine sense is hidden in the back pond. In the catastrophe 60,000 years ago, the ancient monarch desperately preserved the ancient divine knowledge with all his divine power, and only that strand of divine knowledge was too great. After being weak, the ancient monarch came to Huajing Pond for a thousand years of nurturing and gave birth to the back pond. As for Bai Xuan, he was just an ordinary fairy monarch. It was Bai Xuan who helped him seal the ancient gods back then. .

The reason why Gu Jun sealed the ancient divine consciousness was because of her last wish. She only hoped that she would no longer become a god in the next life when crossing the chaotic catastrophe. When Houchi heard this, she was only heartbroken. She thought that she was nothing more than a divine consciousness. The reason why Bai Xuan and Gu Jun treated her so well was just because of the ancient times, even if they made her the laughingstock of the Three Realms, they were indifferent. Her Houchi was just a joke from beginning to end.

Houchi cried and ran out of the Qingchi Palace. Qingmu looked at Houchi’s traumatic appearance, only thinking that Houchi was angry with Gu Jun, and couldn’t help but express comfort. Hou Chi shook her head. She already knew that Jun Gu was not her father, so she only asked Qing Mu if he liked her Hou Chi. Qing Mu agreed that he had liked Hou Chi for thousands of years. Hou Chi didn’t know that she was an ancient one, so she only pushed Qing Mu away.

She wanted to know whether Qing Mu chose her or a spirit in her body. Qing Mu couldn’t answer Hou Chi’s answer, and Hou Chi felt sad. Extremely, disappeared in front of Qingmu. Before Qing Mu could chase after him, Gu Jun appeared in front of Qing Mu. He informed the true identity of Houchi and asked Qing Mu to think clearly about her heart. When the sense of God in Houchi wakes up, she will lose everything. Memory, Houchi no longer exists, but now Qingmu can’t even figure out his true identity, and how to talk about his love for Houchi.

According to Wu Huan’s instructions, Feng Nu kidnapped the demon clan’s famous generals in the name of the fairy clan to provoke a dispute between the two clans, and then she was ordered by Wu Huan to lead troops to support Jingyang and help Jingyang counter the demon clan. In the emperor city, Hou Chi accidentally rescued Bai Shuo, the daughter of Bai Shuo, from the monster clan, and she had planted an immortal barrier to resist the monster clan’s invasion. City Lord Bai thanked Houchi for his help, but in recent days there have been many children missing in the city. City Lord Bai didn’t know how to protect the people of the city, and he hoped that Houchi stayed behind to help.

Hou Chi helped Bai City Lord guard the people in the city. Qing Mu found Hou Chi, but knew that Hou Chi did not want to see him, only secretly guarding the Hou Chi. The monsters in the city are the subordinates of the three fire dragons. Sixty thousand years ago, the Emperor of Heaven made an agreement that the immortal and demon clan should not set foot in the world. This time the three fire dragons are invading, Houchi guessed that the monster clan had an accident. She is waiting for the apocalypse in the world.

Twilight came to Qingchi Palace to see the ancient monarch. He mentioned the birth of the Apocalypse Demon God and wanted to restart the God Realm. He prevented Apocalypse from recurring blood sacrifices to the Three Realms. If you want to restart the God Realm, you must gather four artifacts. Tai Cang Spear has recognized Mu as the master, and Sun Moon Halberd cannot be opened in Optimus Prime. Twilight wants Gu Jun to take Qing Mu to Qingtian for a try. ,

Qingmu may be able to take down the Sun and Moon Halberd with the power of the Tai Spear. This time it was about the common people of the Three Realms. Even though Gu Jun and Twilight had a knot that couldn’t be solved, they still agreed to Twilight and ordered Fengran to go to the world to bring Qingmu back to the world.

Twilight learned that Wuhuan had arbitrarily increased his troops to Jingyang, and he reprimanded Wuhuan for a few words, letting Wuhuan not be an example. Wu Huan provoked a dispute between the two clans to suck the evil spirits of the war-dead fairy generals. Now it is the critical moment when her divine power is soaring, and she is unwilling to stop.

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