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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 30 Recap

Sky thunders struck Qing Mu one after another, Qing Mu stood up to resist the sky thunder, who said that he couldn’t live in a fight with the sky, he wanted to let the sentient beings of the Three Realms see him conquer the sky today. Qing Mu held the divine power to resist the sky thunder. Looking at the appearance of Qing Mu blocking the sky thunder, Wu Huan was shocked to find that Qing Mu’s divine power was the same as Bai Jue, and Twilight also discovered that Qing Mu wanted to attract thunder and lightning into his body. Reshape spiritual veins.

The sky thunders were smashed one by one, and now it was the thunder of the eighty-one true gods. Twilight was also shocked to discover that Qing Mu was Bai Jue, and only the true god could provoke the eighty-one sky thunders.

After Qing Mu crossed the sky thunder, he stepped forward to heal the back pond that was depleted of spiritual power. Wu Huan wanted to take advantage of this to hurt the two of them, and Tianqi blocked them, and Gu Jun also rushed to Qinglongtai at this time. Gu Jun warned Wuhuan not to hurt Houchi any more, he took action to restore Houchi’s spiritual power, and Wuhuan questioned Houchi’s true identity on the spot. There was no dragon pill in her body. Gu Jun’s complexion did not change. After Chi was weak since she was young, her inner alchemy was incomplete, so she had been refined by him and raised it with hard work.

Today, he also clarified that Hou Chi is not the daughter of Wuhuan, and today Wuhuan has done enough. He killed Wuhuan a hundred times, and today Houchi and Qingmu will take them away intact today. Tianhou mentioned the trace of demon power on Qing Mu just now, and refused to let Qing Mu leave. Gu Jun laughed at Tiangong too aggressively. If Qing Mu was a demon clan, how could he survive the Nine Heavens Profound Thunder, and Qing Mu had just saved Jingyang , Tiangong actually treats the savior like this.

As a god, Gu Jun has the presumptuous qualifications. In addition, Twilight always feels that he owes him, and he no longer embarrass Qing Mu. Qing Mu asks Houchi for marriage on the spot. Gu Jun did not agree to betroth Houchi to Qing. Mu, only said that starting from today, he will stay in Qingchi Palace for tens of thousands of years and then leave with Houchi. Qing Mu has a look of loss in his heart, but he also leaves Tiangong. Jing Zhao watched Qing Mu leave mercilessly, and she was discouraged and returned to the room with complete loss.

Tianqi saw everything that Qinglongtai had discovered. Wuhuan dared to hurt the back pond. He would not let Wuhuan get better. Therefore Tianqi appeared. He destroyed Qinglongtai to guard Twilight and Wuhuan. Twilight was due to Tianqi. He was very vigilant when he appeared, and hurriedly rang the blue dragon bell, calling the immortals of the three realms into the heavenly palace.

In the main hall, Twilight ordered Jingyang to lead troops to garrison the Rakshasa site, and at the same time, each immortal family should guard their own door to prevent the monsters from having a chance. After that, Twilight was furious when Wuhuan had concealed that Houchi was not her biological daughter. He wanted to know where exactly happened that year. Wuhuan cried and mentioned his painstaking efforts to take care of the palace for 60,000 years. It was precisely because of that.

Gu Jun was not in Qingchi Palace all the year round. Twilight kept coming to see her. She followed Twilight and became the mother of Houchi because of her guilt. She did not expect to have so many misunderstandings. Listening to Wu Huan’s words, Twilight felt soft and hugged Wu Huan in his arms, so that Wu Huan would not bother with Houchi and Qingmu in the future.

In the Qingchi Palace, Feng Ran explained to Gu Jun the origins between Qingmu and Houchi. Gu Jun learned that the two fell in love again, only in his heart, and he didn’t know what to do. At this moment, Houchi came to offer the medicine to Gu Jun. Gu Jun looked at Houchi indignantly and coaxed him to drink the expensive fairy medicine he had picked from the top of the snow-capped mountain.

After drinking the immortal medicine, Houchi talked to Gu Jun about Qing Mu, Qing Mu also came to see Qing Mu, Gu Jun met Qing Mu, but did not agree with the marriage between the two, and asked Qing Mu to come to Qing Mu again. Chi Palace. After hearing what Gu Jun said, Houji was the first to be the first to be anxious, but Feng Ran persuaded them to comfort them, thinking that Gu Jun was testing them.

Twilight comes to see Jing Zhao. Seeing Jing Zhao relieve his sorrow by drinking, Twilight speaks to comfort him. After experiencing this incident, Jing Zhao also saw many things clearly. Twilight only hoped that Jing Zhao would be able to cherish himself after suffering this time. Now that Jing Zhao’s spiritual power is damaged, Twilight only allows Jing Zhao to practice in retreat and recover well. On the other hand, Wu Huan knew that since Apocalypse had already appeared in this world, she would not be far from awakening the true god.

If Apocalypse used Yue Mi as an excuse to attack her again, she would not be able to resist it, so she was prepared to use magic weapons to improve her cultivation. After that, the fairy clan launched an offensive against the demon world on the grounds that the fairy generals were missing. The two sides were hostile to each other, and the Apocalypse ordered three fire dragons to garrison Raksha.

In Qingchi Palace, Qingmu personally cleaned the weapon room in order to please the ancient monarch, but the ancient monarch had no good expressions on Qingmu. For several days, Gu Jun turned a blind eye to Qing Mu’s diligence. Before Qing Mu was discouraged, Houchi began to feel sorry for Qing Mu.

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