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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 29 Recap

Hou Chi and Qing Mu looked at the stars in the sky together, they cuddled beside each other, Ho Chi mentioned Wu Huan’s birthday party, she decided to accompany Qing Mu to attend the birthday party, when the matter was over, she went back to Qing Chi Palace . Qingmu loves Houchi, and also follows what Houchi said. On the other hand, Wu Huan asked Feng Nu to faint Jing Zhao deliberately, creating Jing Zhao’s spiritual power collapsed too fast, and she was about to lose the sight of her immortal body. Twilight wanted to use her dragon pill to pass Jing Zhao. Wu Huan disagreed, she wanted Let Qing Mu go to Qinglongtai and be punished by seven or forty-nine heavenly thunders, and also appeared in the scene of Zhao Nai Dan.

Jing Jian was caught in a dilemma between Qing Mu and Jing Zhao. He was always frowning, and Feng Ran had no good feelings in her heart. Although she didn’t say anything, she still treated Jing Jian differently in her heart, and specially accompanied Jing Jian to borrow wine. Sorrow. Seeing Feng Ran drunk to sleep, Jing Jian couldn’t help but remember how he saw Feng Ran for the first time. Feng Ran did not remember that they had met when they were young. Feng Ran rescued him in Yuanling Marsh and gave Ling Yu to him. He, it’s just that the two of them have been separated for many years, and Feng Ran has long been unable to recognize him.

The next day, Houchi came to see Qingmu. Qingmu looked at Houchi and couldn’t help but think of the ancient figure. Now Houchi loves the costumes of the gods more and more. Qingmu gave her a handcarved hairpin and inserted it for her. Last, the two joined hands to participate in the birthday banquet. At the birthday banquet, Wuhuan reversed right and wrong, saying that Jing Zhao and Qing Mu were in agreement. Jing Zhao gave up the inner alchemy to save Qing Mu. Now that Qing Mu changed his heart and liked Shanghouchi, he should return the inner alchemy.

Hou Chi Xiao Wuhuan reversed right and wrong, but since Qing Mu had inherited Jing Zhao’s love, she used her own pill to return it. Houchi took the inner alchemy on the spot, but she could not get the inner alchemy. Wuhuan revealed that Houchi was not the daughter of the ancient king on the spot. Qingmu couldn’t see that Houchi was wronged. He believed in Houchi in order to return the favor of Tiangong. , Qing Mu asked to board the Qinglongtai on the spot, led forty-nine heavenly thunder into his body, and returned Longdan.

Qing Mu entered the Qinglongtai to lead the sky thunder into the body, and Hou Chi did not give up the suffering of Qingmu, but also accompanied Qingmu into the Qinglongtai and suffered the sky thunder together. Xiang Tianlei was nothing extraordinary. The incident shocked the ancient monarch, and Tianqi also came to the border of immortals and monsters, watching everything that happened in Qinglongtai.

Qing Mu and Hou Chi carried the sky thunder, and Jing Zhao cried to Qinglong Terrace. While worrying about Qing Mu, she cried and witnessed the life and death of the two. God Tianlei is not something that Xiaoxiaoxianjun can carry. Seeing Houchi’s frail appearance, Qingmu propped up a barrier for Houchi alone to block the sky thunder.

Only the last of the forty-nine heavenly thunders is left. Houchi has already made plans to die here with Qingmu. In this life, she does not regret meeting Qingmu and loves Qingmu. Qingmu will protect Houchi. Under her body, he stepped forward to Ying Tian Lei but his spiritual veins were damaged. In order to save Qing Mu, he wanted to give his divine power to him. Feng Ran couldn’t bear to see the two dead here. She cried and begged Twilight to take a hand. Rescue, coupled with Jing Jian’s plea together, Twilight wanted to help, but the sky thunder was over, but the barrier still couldn’t be opened, and he couldn’t help.

Although the sky thunder fell, there was still thunder in the air. Qingmu woke up, even Wu Huan shouted that it was impossible. Qingmu only held the back pond affectionately, and once again protected the back pond on his body. Next, he stepped forward to deal with Tianlei, and today he wanted to tell everyone that he wanted to live, and even the sky could not accept him.

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